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FEATURES 200 MSPS Guaranteed Conversion Rate 135 MSPS Low Cost Version Available 350 MHz Analog Bandwidth 1 V p-p Analog Input Range Internal 2.5 V Reference and T/H Low Power: 5 V Single Supply Operation TTL Output Interface Single or Demultiplexed Output Ports APPLICATIONS RGB Graphics Processing High Resolution Video Digital Data Storage Read Channels Digital Communications Digital Instrumentation Medical Imaging

The an 8-bit monolithic analog-to-digital converter optimized for high speed, low power, small size and ease of use. With a 200 MSPS encode rate capability and full-power analog bandwidth of 350 MHz, the component is ideal for applications requiring the highest possible dynamic performance. To minimize system cost and power dissipation, the AD9054A includes an internal 2.5 V reference and track-and-hold circuit. The user provides only 5 V power supply and an encode clock. No external reference or driver components are required for many applications.

The AD9054A's encode input interfaces directly to TTL, CMOS or positive-ECL logic and will operate with single-ended or differential inputs. The user may select dual-channel or singlechannel digital outputs. The dual (demultiplexed) mode interleaves ADC data through two 8-bit channels at one-half the clock rate. Operation in demultiplexed mode reduces the speed and cost of external digital interfaces while allowing the ADC to be clocked to the full 200 MSPS conversion rate. In the singlechannel (nondemultiplexed) mode, all data is piped at the full clock rate to the Channel A outputs. Fabricated with an advanced BiCMOS process, the AD9054A is provided in a space-saving 44-lead LQFP surface mount plastic package (ST-44) and specified over the full industrial to +85C) temperature range.

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Parameter RESOLUTION DC ACCURACY Differential Nonlinearity Integral Nonlinearity No Missing Codes Gain Error1 Gain Tempco1 ANALOG INPUT Input Voltage Range (With Respect to AIN) Compliance Range AIN or AIN Input Offset Voltage Input Resistance Input Capacitance Input Bias Current Analog Bandwidth, Full Power 2 REFERENCE OUTPUT Output Voltage Temperature Coefficient SWITCHING PERFORMANCE Maximum Conversion Rate (f S) Minimum Conversion Rate (f S) Encode Pulsewidth High (t EH) Encode Pulsewidth Low (t EL) Aperture Delay (tA) Aperture Uncertainty (Jitter) Data Sync Setup Time (t SDS) Data Sync Hold Time (t HDS) Data Sync Pulsewidth (t PWDS) Output Valid Time (t V)3 Output Propagation Delay (t PD)3 DIGITAL INPUTS HIGH Level Current (I IH)4 LOW Level Current (I IL)4 Input Capacitance DIFFERENTIAL INPUTS Differential Signal Amplitude (VID) HIGH Input Voltage (V IHD) LOW Input Voltage (V ILD) Common-Mode Input (V ICM) DEMUX INPUT HIGH Input Voltage (V IH) LOW Input Voltage (V IL) DIGITAL OUTPUTS HIGH Output Voltage (V OH) LOW Output Voltage (V OL) Output Coding 25C Full 25C Full 25C Full I V Temp

Full 25C Full 25C Full 25C Full 25C Full 25C Full 25C Full

Parameter POWER SUPPLY VDD Supply Current (IDD) Power Dissipation5, 6 Power Supply Sensitivity 7 DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE 8 Transient Response Overvoltage Recovery Time Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) (Without Harmonics) fIN = 19.7 MHz fIN = 49.7 MHz fIN = 70.1 MHz Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SINAD) (With Harmonics) fIN = 19.7 MHz fIN = 49.7 MHz fIN = 70.1 MHz Effective Number of Bits fIN = 19.7 MHz fIN = 49.7 MHz fIN = 70.1 MHz 2nd Harmonic Distortion fIN = 19.7 MHz fIN = 49.7 MHz fIN = 70.1 MHz 3rd Harmonic Distortion fIN = 19.7 MHz fIN = 49.7 MHz fIN = 70.1 MHz Two-Tone Intermod Distortion (IMD) fIN = 19.7 MHz fIN = 49.7 MHz fIN = 70.1 MHz Temp Full 25C Full 25C Full 25C Full Test Level V AD9054ABST-200 Min Typ Max AD9054ABST-135 Min Typ Max Unit mA mW V/V ns

NOTES 1 Gain error and gain temperature coefficient are based on the ADC only (with a fixed 2.5 V external reference). 3 dB bandwidth with full-power input signal. 3 tV and tPD are measured from the threshold crossing of the ENCODE input to valid TTL levels of the digital outputs. The output ac load during test 5 pF (Refer to equivalent circuits Figures 5 and 6). 4 IIH and IIL are valid for differential input voltages of less than V. At higher differential voltages, the input current will increase to a maximum of 1.5 mA. 5 Power dissipation is measured under the following conditions: analog input is 1 dBFS at 19.7 MHz. 6 Typical thermal impedance for the ST-44 (LQFP) 44-lead package (in still air): 7 A change in input offset voltage with respect to a change in V DD. 8 SNR/harmonics based on an analog input voltage of 1.0 dBFS referenced 1.024 V full-scale input range. Specifications subject to change without notice.

IV. Parameter is guaranteed by design and characterization testing. V. Parameter is a typical value only. VI. 100% production tested at 25C; guaranteed by design and characterization testing for industrial temperature range.

I. 100% production tested. II. 100% production tested at 25C and sample tested at specified temperatures. III. Sample tested only.


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