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Description8-bit 40 Msps/50 Msps/80 MSPS Converter
CompanyAnalog Devices
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FEATURES 8-Bit, Low Power ADC: 200 mW Typical 120 MHz Analog Bandwidth On-Chip 2.5 V Reference and T/H 1 V p-p Analog Input Range Single 5 V Supply Operation 3 V Logic Interface Power-Down Mode: 10 mW Three Performance Grades (40 MSPS, 60 MSPS, 80 MSPS) APPLICATIONS Digital Communications (QAM Demodulators) RGB and YC/Composite Video Processing Digital Data Storage Read Channels Medical Imaging Digital Instrumentation

The an 8-bit monolithic analog-to-digital converter optimized for low cost, low power, small size, and ease of use. With a 40 MSPS, 60 MSPS, or 80 MSPS encode rates capability and full-power analog bandwidth of 120 MHz, the component is ideal for applications requiring excellent dynamic performance. To minimize system cost and power dissipation, the AD9057 includes an internal 2.5 V reference and a track-and-hold circuit. The user must provide only 5 V power supply and an encode clock. No external reference or driver components are required for many applications. The AD9057's encode input is TTL/CMOS compatible and the 8-bit digital outputs can be operated from 3 V supplies. A power-down function may be exercised to bring total consumption < 10 mW. In power-down mode the digital outputs are driven to a high impedance state. Fabricated on an advanced BiCMOS process, the AD9057 is available in a space saving 20-lead surface mount plastic package (20 SSOP) and is specified over the industrial to +85°C) temperature range.

Customers desiring multichannel digitization may consider the AD9059, a dual 8-bit, 60 MSPS monolithic based on the AD9057 ADC core. The AD9059 is available a 28-lead surface mount plastic package (28 SSOP) and is specified over the industrial temperature range.

TOP VIEW 16 GND (Not to Scale) BIAS OUT 6 15 VDD AIN VD 8 GND 9 ENCODE 11 D7 (MSB)

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Parameter RESOLUTION DC ACCURACY Differential Nonlinearity Integral Nonlinearity No Missing Codes Gain Error1 Gain Tempco1 ANALOG INPUT Input Voltage Range (Centered 2.5 V) Input Offset Voltage Input Resistance Input Capacitance Input Bias Current Analog Bandwidth BANDGAP REFERENCE Output Voltage Temperature Coefficient SWITCHING PERFORMANCE Maximum Conversion Rate Minimum Conversion Rate Aperture Delay (tA) Aperture Uncertainty (Jitter) Output Valid Time (tV)2 Output Propagation Delay (tPD)2 DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE3 Transient Response Overvoltage Recovery Time Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SINAD) (With Harmonics) fIN = 10.3 MHz fIN = 76 MHz Effective Number of Bits fIN = 10.3 MHz fIN = 76 MHz Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) (Without Harmonics) fIN = 10.3 MHz fIN = 76 MHz 2nd Harmonic Distortion fIN = 10.3 MHz fIN = 76 MHz 3rd Harmonic Distortion fIN = 10.3 MHz fIN = 76 MHz Two Tone Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) Differential Phase Differential Gain DIGITAL INPUTS Logic "1" Voltage Logic "0" Voltage Logic "1" Current Logic "0" Current Input Capacitance Encode Pulsewidth High (tEH) Encode Pulsewidth Low (tEL)

DIGITAL OUTPUTS Logic "1" Voltage (VDD 3 V) Logic "1" Voltage (VDD 5 V) Logic "0" Voltage Output Coding POWER SUPPLY VD Supply Current (VD 5 V) VDD Supply Current (VDD 3 V)4 Power Dissipation5, 6 Power-Down Dissipation Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR)

NOTES 1 Gain error and gain temperature coefficient are based on the ADC only (with a fixed 2.5 V external reference). 2 tV and tPD are measured from the 1.5 V level of the ENCODE to the 10%/90% levels of the digital output swing. The digital output load during test is not to exceed an ac load a dc current ± 40 µA. 3 SNR/harmonics based on an analog input voltage of ­0.5 dBFS referenced 1.0 V full-scale input range. 4 Digital supply current based 3 V output drive with <10 pF loading under dynamic test conditions. 5 Power dissipation is based on specified encode and 10.3 MHz analog input dynamic test conditions (V 5%, VDD 5%). 6 Typical thermal impedance for the RS style (SSOP) 20-lead package: = 126°C/W. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Description 100% Production Tested 100% Production Tested at 25°C and Sample Tested at Specified Temperatures Sample Tested Only Parameter is Guaranteed by Design and Characterization Testing Parameter is a Typical Value Only 100% Production Tested at 25°C; Guaranteed by Design and Characterization Testing for Industrial Temperature Range



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