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TitleCameras (& Camera Modules)
Description3-CCD Color Linescan Camera, 1k/2k Active Pixels, 10/14 m Pixel Pitch, 30 Mpixels/s Data Rate, Cameralink Interface
CompanyATMEL Corporation
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Features, Applications

3-CCD Prismatic Color Linescan Camera High Sensitivity and High SNR Performance Linear CCD Sensors 1024 Pixels m 2048 Pixels 10 m Excellent CCD Alignment Accuracy LVDS Data Format Data Rate: or 30 Mpixels/s Dynamic Range: or 10-bit Channel Single Power Supply: to 36VDC Easy Camera Control with Programmable Settings Memory for Storing to 60 Configurations High Reliability CE and FCC Compliant


The AKYLA is a rugged, high performance, fully digital color linescan camera for demanding industrial applications. It includes a high accuracy 3-CCD architecture with a choice of either or 2048 pixel sensors at speeds to 30 million pixels per second per color channel. The AKYLA cameras are optimized for high sensitivity and precise color recognition.


Web Inspection of Natural Materials Like Food, Wood, Ore, Minerals and Lumber Recycling Quality Control in Printing Processes Texture Recognition

Parameter Sensor Characteristics at Maximum Pixel Rate Two possibilities Resolution Max Line rate in parallel mode Pixel size (square) Anti blooming Radiometric Characteristics Dynamic range Spectral range Non Linearity Typical gain range Typical peak response Red Green Blue Gmin 10 m pitch m pitch Gmax 10 m pitch m pitch 338 260 bit LSB/nJ/cm2 10 Model 20 MHz x 150 Model 30 MHz pixels kHz m Value Unit

Mechanical and Electrical Interface Size x l) Lens mount Sensor alignment Power supply Power dissipation Operating temperature Storage temperature Spectral Response

< 2 max, 0.1 typical DC, single to 35 (non condensing) to 55 (non condensing)
Read the Manual Do Not Drop Camera Keep Foreign Matters Outside the Camera Cleaning

Please read the manual carefully before using the camera for the first time. The camera is a sensitive optical device, handle with care at all times. Do not drop the camera and avoid mechanical shock to the camera. Do not spill liquids on the camera. The camera is not liquid or waterproof. Do not drop metallic objects into the camera. This might cause short-circuit and damage the camera. Keep the shade cap on the camera head when it is not in use to avoid contaminating the prism. It is recommended that the camera be serviced by Atmel, if the front surface of the prism is very dirty, since the surface area of the prism cannot be fully accessed from the front. If there are small amounts of contaminants or dust on the prism surface, use a clean lint-free cotton swab or other non-abrasive medium dipped in acetone or pure alcohol to clean the prism surface. Shake excess solvent off before touching the surface of the prism to avoid streaking. Atmel is not responsible for any scratches or damage inflicted by the customer to the front surface of the prism. To clean the exterior casing of the camera, use a soft, dry cloth. In case of severe stains use a small amount of pure alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Do not use acetone or other volatile solvents such as benzene or thinners.

Do not open camera. The warranty of the camera expires immediately upon opening. Only authorized service personnel may open the camera. Allow sufficient air circulation around the camera. If this condition is not met the camera might shut down during operation because it is designed so in order to prevent damage to the optical assemblies. Further increase of the temperature may damage the camera. Do not store the camera in a temperature over 55C. There is a permanent temperature indicator inside the camera, which is installed to ensure that if the camera is damaged due to over temperature, the warranty of the camera may be void. Do not operate the camera in the vicinity of strong electromagnetic fields (above the requirements of CE conformity). This may cause erroneous operation of the camera. Transport the camera in its original packaging. If the original packaging has been discarded, package the camera with care in a thick layer of soft, preferably anti-static material when transporting. Do not use material that allows the camera to fall to the bottom of the package while transporting. Do not transport with optics attached.


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