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CategoryMemory => Flash
Description32M Bit, 2.7-Volt Read And 2.7-Volt Byte-write Sectored Flash, Single Plane, Bottom Boot
CompanyATMEL Corporation
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Features, Applications

Single Voltage Read/Write Operation: to 3.3V (BV), to 3.6V (LV) Access Time ­ 85 ns Sector Erase Architecture

­ Sixty-three 32K Word (64K Bytes) Sectors with Individual Write Lockout ­ Eight 4K Word (8K Bytes) Sectors with Individual Write Lockout Fast Word Program Time 15 µs Fast Sector Erase Time 200 ms Suspend/Resume Feature for Erase and Program ­ Supports Reading and Programming from Any Sector by Suspending Erase of a Different Sector ­ Supports Reading Any Byte/Word by Suspending Programming of Any Other Byte/Word Low-power Operation 25 mA Active 10 µA Standby Data Polling, Toggle Bit, Ready/Busy for End of Program Detection VPP Pin for Write Protection RESET Input for Device Initialization Sector Lockdown Support TSOP, CBGA and µBGA Package Options Top or Bottom Boot Block Configuration Available 128-bit Protection Register


The 3.0-volt 32-megabit Flash memor y organized as 2,097,152 words of 16 bits each or 4,194,304 bytes of 8 bits each. The x16 data appears - I/O15; the x8 data appears - I/O7. The memory is divided into 71 sectors for erase operations. The device is offered in 48-lead TSOP, and 48-ball CBGA and µBGA packages. The device has CE and OE control signals to avoid any bus contention. This device can be read or reprogrammed using a single power supply, making it ideally suited for in-system programming.

Pin Name OE WE RESET RDY/BUSY VPP I/O15 (A-1) BYTE NC VCCQ Function Addresses Chip Enable Output Enable Write Enable Reset READY/BUSY Output Write Protection Data Inputs/Outputs I/O15 (Data Input/Output, Word Mode) A-1 (LSB Address Input, Byte Mode) Selects Byte or Word Mode No Connect Output Power Supply

CBGA Top View (Ball Down) TSOP Top View Type 1

The device powers on in the read mode. Command sequences are used to place the device in other operation modes such as program and erase. The device has the capability to protect the data in any sector (see "Sector Lockdown" section). To increase the flexibility of the device, it contains an Erase Suspend and Program Suspend feature. This feature will put the erase or program on hold for any amount of time and let the user read data from or program data to any of the remaining sectors within the memory. The end of a program or an erase cycle is detected by the READY/BUSY pin, Data Polling or by the toggle bit. The VPP pin provides data protection. When the V PP input is below 0.8V, the program and erase functions are inhibited. When VPP 1.65V or above, normal program and erase operations can be performed. A six-byte command (Enter Single Pulse Program Mode) sequence to remove the requirement of entering the three-byte program sequence is offered to further improve programming time. After entering the six-byte code, only single pulses on the write control lines are required for writing into the device. This mode (Single Pulse Byte/Word Program) is exited by powering down the device, or by pulsing the RESET pin low for a minimum 500 ns and then bringing it back to VCC. Erase, Erase Suspend/Resume and Program Suspend/Resume commands will not work while in this mode; if entered they will result in data being programmed into the device. It is not recommended that the six-byte code reside in the software of the final product but only exist in external programming code. When using the AT49BV/LV320(T) pinout configuration, the device always operates in the word mode. In the AT49BV/LV321(T) configuration, the BYTE pin controls whether the device data I/O pins operate in the byte or word configuration. If the BYTE pin is set at logic "1", the device is in word configuration, - I/O15 are active and controlled by CE and OE. If the BYTE pin is set at logic "0", the device is in byte configuration, and only data I/O pins - I/O7 are active and controlled by CE and OE. The data I/O pins - I/O14 are tristated, and the I/O15 pin is used as an input for the LSB (A-1) address function.


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