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DescriptionAssp For Ism - 400 to 950 MHZ Ism Band, up to 64K-bits/second Data Rate, FSK Modulation, Single Chip Transceiver For Robust Wireless Low-cost Applications Optimized For License Free in Ism Bands.
CompanyATMEL Corporation
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Multiband Transceiver: 400 MHz to 950 MHz Monochip RF Solution: Transmitter-Receiver-Synthesizer Integrated PLL and VCO: No External Coil Very Resistant to Interferers by Design Digital Channel Selection 200 Hz Steps Data Rates to 64 kbps with Data Clock and no Manchester Encoding Required High Output Power Allowing Very Low Cost Printed Antennas: ­ +10 dBm in the 915 MHz Frequency Band ­ +12 dBm in the 868 MHz Frequency Band ­ +14 dBm in the 433 MHz Frequency Band FSK Modulation: Integrated Modulator and Demodulator Power Savings: ­ Stand Alone "Sleep" Mode and "Wake-up" Procedures ­ 8 Selectable Digital Levels for Output Power ­ High Data Rate and Fast Settling Time of the PLL ­ Oscillator Running Mode "Ready to Start" ­ Analog FSK Discriminator Allowing Measurement and Correction of Frequency Drifts 100% Digital Interface through R/W Registers Including: ­ Digital RSSI ­ VCC Readout


The AT86RF211 (aka: is a single chip transceiver dedicated to low power wireless applications, optimized for licence-free ISM band operations from 400 MHz to 950 MHz. Its flexibility and unique level of integration make it a natural choice for any system related to telemetry, remote controls, alarms, radio modems, Automatic Meter Reading, hand held terminals, high-tech toys, etc. The AT86RF211 makes bidirectional communications affordable for applications such as secured transmissions with hand-shake procedures, new features and services, etc. The AT86RF211 can easily be configured to provide the optimal solution for the user's application: choice of external filters vs. technical requirements (bandwidth, selectivity, immunity, range, etc), and software protocol (single channel, multiple channel, FHSS). The AT86RF211 is also well adapted to battery operated systems, as it can be powered with only 2.4V. It also offers a "Wake Up" receiver feature to save power by alerting the associated microcontroller only when a valid inquiry is detected.

The is a microcontroller RF peripheral: all the user has is to write/read registers to setup the chip (i.e. frequency selection) or have information about parameters such as RSSI level, Vbattery, PLL lock state. All these operations are carried out via a three-wire serial interface. The chip is set-up by the microcontroller: frequency and mode (Rx or Tx). Then it acts like a "pipe": any data entering DATAMSG is immediately radiated (Tx) or any wanted signal collected by the aerial is demodulated, transferred to the microcontroller by the same pin DATAMSG (Rx) as reshaped bits. No data is stored or processed into the chip. See Figure 1.

Note: In Rx mode, a clock recovery DATACLK is available on the digital interface to provide the microcontroller with a synchronization signal.

The chip is set in a special Rx mode called sleep mode. The chip wakes up periodically thanks to its internal timer (stand alone procedure, the microcontroller is in powerdown mode), waiting for an expected message previously defined. If no correct sequence is received, the periodic scan continues. If a correct message is detected, its data field is stored into the AT86RF211 (up to 32 bits) and an interrupt is generated on the WAKEUP pin. See Figure 2 and Figure 3.

AT86RF211 (TRX01) SLE, SCK, SDATA (for set-up) Transmit mode 3 AT86RF211 acts like a "pipe" (data is transmitted with NO processing): automatic data to frequency conversion. - DATAMSG F0 - DATAMSG = F1

AT86RF211 (TRX01) SLE, SCK, SDATA (for set-up) Receive mode 3 AT86RF211 also acts like a "pipe": data (collected by the antenna) is available on pin DATAMSG: DATACLK DATAMSG


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