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CategoryRF & Microwaves => Transmitters
DescriptionSmart RF Wireless Data Transmitter
Highly integrated, low-cost RF transmitter, combined with an AVR RISC Microcontroller. RF Frequency Range of 250-450 MHz
CompanyATMEL Corporation
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Features, Applications

RF Frequency Range of 264­456 MHz 6 dBm RF Output into Matched Antenna RF Output Power Adjustable over 36 dB with 1 dB Resolution Phase-locked Loop (PLL) Based Frequency Synthesizer Supports OOK Modulation Data Bandwidth to 10 Kbps Manchester 2-volt Operation 8-bit AVR RISC Microcontroller Core Minimal External Components Space-saving 20-lead TSSOP 16) of Flash Program Memory 128 Bytes of EEPROM 128 Bytes of SRAM In-system Programmable Data and Program Memory Six I/Os (Serial I/F, LED Drive Outputs, Button Input Interrupts) Low Battery Detect and Brown-out Protection Software Fine-tuning of VCO Tank Circuit


Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Transmitters Wireless Security Systems Home Applicance Control (Lighting Control, Ceiling Fans) Radio Remote Control (Hobby, Toys) Garage Door Openers Wireless PC Peripherals (Keyboard, Mouse) Telemetry (Tire Pressure, Utility Meter, Asset Tracking)


The Atmel AT86RF401 Smart RF Microtransmitter is a highly integrated, low-cost RF transmitter, combined with an AVR RISC microcontroller. It requires only a crystal, a single LiMnO2 coin cell (CR2032 or similar), three capacitors, an inductor and a tunedloop antenna to implement a complete on-off keyed (OOF) wireless RF data transmitter. Figure 1. Block Diagram

AVR RISC 2 KB Flash Program Memory 128 Bytes EEPROM Data Memory

In-system programmable, nonvolatile Flash program memory and EEPROM data storage make possible rapid time-to-market and lower inventory costs. In-system programmable, nonvolatile Flash program memory and EEPROM data storage make possible rapid time-to-market and lower inventory costs.In-system programmable, nonvolatile Flash program memory and EEPROM data storage make possible rapid time-to-market and lower inventory costs.Static current consumption is kept to a minimum with an ultra-low current shutdown mode. Normal operation resumes when a button is pressed. This activates the crystal oscillator circuit that serves as the clock for the AVR microcontroller. The RF carrier is synthesized utilizing an on-board Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO). Optimal tuning of the VCO is maintained over component tolerance through the use of a software-controlled switched capacitor array. Its accuracy is maintained with a PLL detector that compares the crystal oscillator to a frequency-scaled version (divided 24) of the RF carrier. The resulting error signal adjusts the VCO to produce a very stable RF carrier. An interrupt-based bit-timer structure, integral to the AVR microcontroller, simplifies the implementation of user-specific, data-bit encoding routines, such as PWM or Manchester, for modulating the RF carrier. Thirty-six of RF power output control is available to the user 1 dB steps and is addressable in software. The RF signal output is placed differentially on a tuned-loop antenna, which may be realized as a counterspread copper trace on a PCB. The AT86RF401 is fabricated in Atmel's 0.6 µm Mixed Signal CMOS + EEPROM process, enabling true system-level integration (SLI). Figure 2. 20-lead TSSOP



Part Number S3 U1 Switch AT86RF401 Value (Common) 100 pF Antenna Dependent Not req'd Not req'd 82 nH Not req'd Antenna Dependent Not req'd Not req'd 39 nH Not req'd Antenna Dependent Frequency Dependent Frequency Dependent Frequency Dependent Frequency Dependent Value (315 MHz) Value (433.92 MHz) Value (Ext. Loop Filter) Specification CR2032, Li Battery 10% 0603, COG, 5% 0603, COG, pF 0603, COG, 5% 0603, COG, 0.25 pF SPST 20-lead TSSOP 13.125 MHz: CrystekTM P/N 016757 18.080 MHz: Crystek P/N 016758


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2SK211 : Single Gate FETs. Vgdo VGDS (VGDO) (V) = -18 ;; Id (IC)(mA) = 10 ;; PD (mW) = 150 ;; Idss (mA) = 1 to 10 ;; YFS (Typ.) @1kHz (mS) = 9 ;; GRS(GCS)/NF(NFCS)(Typ.) (dB/dB) = 18/2.5 ;; Package = S-mini ;; Application = FM RF.

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SP202 : Power. Pout W = 8 ;; Freq MHZ = 1000 ;; Gain DB = 10 ;; Theta JC = 7 ;; GM Mho = 0.6 ;; Idsat a = 2.8 ;; Ciss PF = 20 ;; CRSS PF = 1.2 ;; Coss PF = 12 ;; Die = 2 ;; Style = Single Ended ;; PKG = ap ;; = P ;; = a ;; = S.

ZFSC-24-1 : Power Splitter. Power Splitter. C. 1. Denotes 75 Ohm model, for coax connector models 75 Ohm BNC connectors are standard. General Quality Control Procedures, Environmental s, Hi-Rel and MIL are given in section 0, see "Mini-Circuits Guarantees Quality" article. Connector types and case mounted options, case finishes are given in section 0, see "Case styles & Outline Drawings". Prices.

HMC451 : 5 - 20 GHz, 22dB Gain, +30dBm OIP3, 6dB NF, +22dBm Psat The HMC451 is a general purpose GaAs PHEMT MMIC Medium Power Amplifi er which operates between 5.0 and 20.0 GHz. The amplifi er provides 22 dB of gain, +22 dBm of saturated power and 24% PAE from a +5.0 V supply voltage. Consistent gain and output power across the operating band make it possible.

HMC-C010 : Module, 6 - 16 GHz, 8dB Ins. Loss, 800-450 Degree Phase Range The HMC-C010 is an Analog Phase Shifter which is controlled via an analog control voltage from 0 to +5V. The HMC-C010 provides a continuously variable phase shift of 0 to 800 degrees at 6 GHz, and 0 to 450 degrees at 16 GHz, with consistent insertion loss versus phase shift. The phase shift.

SKY77735 : Power Amplifier Module For CDMA (824 MHz-849 MHz) The SKY77735 Power Amplifier Module (PAM) is a fully matched 10-pad surface mount module developed for Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) applications. This small and efficient module packs full coverage of the 824-849 MHz bandwidth into a single compact package. Because high efficiencies are attained.

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