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Industry-standard Architecture 12 ns Maximum Pin-to-pin Delay Zero Power 25 A Maximum Standby Power (Input Transition Detection) CMOS and TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs Advanced Electrically-erasableTechnology Reprogrammable 100% Tested Latch Feature Holds Inputs to Previous Logic State High-reliability CMOS Process 20 Year Data Retention 100 Erase/Write Cycles 2,000V ESD Protection 200 mA Latchup Immunity Commercial and Industrial Temperature Ranges Dual-in-line and Surface Mount Standard Pinouts PCI Compliant


The is a high-performance CMOS (electrically-erasable) programmable logic device (PLD) which utilizes Atmel's proven electrically-erasable (continued)

For PLCC, P8, P15 and P22 can be left unconnected. For superior performance, connect VCC to pin 1 and GND 8, 15, and 22.

Flash memory technology. Speeds down 12 ns with zero standby power dissipation are offered. All speed ranges are specified over the full 5V 10% range for industrial temperature ranges; 5V 5% for commercial range 5-volt devices. The ATF22V10CZ/CQZ provides a low voltage and edge-sensing "zero" power CMOS PLD solution with "zero" standby power (5 A typical). The ATF22V10CZ/CQZ provides a "zero" power CMOS PLD solution with 5V operating voltages, powering down automatically to the zero power-mode through Atmel's patented Input Transition Detection (ITD) circuitry when the device is idle, offering "zero" (25 A worst case) standby power. This feature allows the user to manage total system power to

meet specific application requirements and enhance reliability. Pin "keeper" circuits on input and output pins eliminate static power consumed by pull-up resistors. The "CQZ" combines the low high-frequency CC of the "Q" design with the "Z" feature. The ATF22V10CZ/CQZ incorporates a superset of the generic architectures, which allows direct replacement of the 22V10 family and most 24-pin combinatorial PLDs. Ten outputs are each allocated to 16 product terms. Three different modes of operation, configured automatically with software, allow highly complex logic functions to be realized.

Temperature Under Bias.................................. to +85C Storage Temperature..................................... to +150C Voltage on Any Pin with Respect to +7.0V(1) Voltage on Input Pins with Respect to Ground During to +14.0V(1) Note: Programming Voltage with Respect +14.0V(1) 1. *NOTICE: Stresses beyond those listed under "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability. Minimum voltage is -0.6V DC, which may undershoot to -2.0V for pulses of less than 20 ns. Maximum output pin voltage is VCC + 0.75V DC, which may overshoot to 7.0V for pulses of less than 20 ns.

Commercial Operating Temperature (Ambient) VCC Power Supply 5% Industrial 10%

PAL Mode (5828 Fuses) Synario WINCUPL ATF22V10C (DIP) ATF22V10C (PLCC) P22V10 P22V10LCC GAL Mode (5892 Fuses) ATF22V10C DIP (UES) ATF22V10C PLCC (UES) G22V10 G22V10LCC

The Functional Logic Diagram describes the ATF22V10CZ/CQZ architecture. The ATF22V10CZ/CQZ has 12 inputs and 10 I/O macrocells. Each macrocell can be configured into one of four output configurations: active high/low, registered/combinatorial output.The universal architecture of the ATF22V10CZ/CQZ can be programmed to emulate most 24-pin PAL devices. Unused product terms are automatically disabled by the compiler to decrease power consumption. A security fuse, when programmed, protects the contents of the ATF22V10CZ/CQZ. Eight bytes (64 fuses) of User Signature are accessible to the user for purposes such as storing project name, part number, revision or date. The User Signature is accessible regardless of the state of the security fuse.

Symbol IIL IIH Parameter Input or I/O Low Leakage Current Input or I/O High Leakage Current Condition 0 VIN VIL (Max) 3.5 VIN VCC CZ-12, 15 ICC Clocked Power Supply Current VCC = Max Outputs Open, = 15 MHz CZ-12, 15 ISB Power Supply Current, Standby VCC = Max VIN = MAX Outputs Open CQZ-20 IOS(1) VIL VIH VOL Output Short Circuit Current Input Low Voltage Input High Voltage Output Low Voltage VIN = VIH or VIL VCC = Min, IOL 16 mA VIN = VIH or VIL VCCIO = Min, IOH mA 2.4 VOUT -0.5 2.0 Com Ind Com Ind Com Ind Com Ind Min Typ Max VCC 0.75 0.5 Units

1. Not more than one output at a time should be shorted. Duration of short circuit test should not exceed 30 sec.


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