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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Synthesizers => Dream Sound Synthesis
TitleDream Sound Synthesis
Description128-voice Integrated Sound Synthesizer
CompanyATMEL Corporation
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Features, Applications

­ Two 64-voice RISC DSP Cores ­ Two High-speed CISC Control Processor ­ Versatile Programmable Digital Audio Routing Between the Two DSPs Voices Can Be Allocated for Synthesis and/or Effects and/or Audio Processing Maximum Single-shot PCM Wavesize of 4M Samples (93 Seconds @ 44.1 kHz) Samples Can Be Stored in 16-bit Floating Point Format (20-bit Dynamic), 16-bit Linear, 8-bit Linear Standard Audio Processing Firmware Includes Equalizer, Surround, MPEG Audio Decoder (Level 2) Sophisticated Built-in Cache Memories ­ Allows Use of Standard ns 16-bit ROMs/RAMs ­ Guarantees Crisp Response Even Under Heavy Traffic Conditions GS® Sound Set(1) under License from Roland® Corporation, Other Sound Sets Available 16-channel Audio-in, 16-channel Audio-out @ 22 Bits Audio/Channel 28-bit Internal Audio Path Two Serial MIDI-In, Two Serial MIDI-Out Firmware/Wavetable Data Can Reside in ROM, DRAM, SDRAM to 256M Bytes of External Memory with Support of SIMM (DRAM) and DIMM (SDRAM) High-speed 16-bit Burst Transfer for Firmware Download or Streaming Audio Compatible with ATSAM9707, Uses Proven Design and Development Tools ­ Sound Editor, Sound Bank Editor ­ Algorithm Compiler, Assembler, Source Debugger ­ Direct Development from PC Environment, No Special Emulator Required Top Technology ­ Single Low-frequency Crystal and Built-in PLL ­ 3.3V Supply, 5V-tolerant I/Os ­ Space-saving 144-lead TQFP Package ­ Power-down Mode Typical Applications: Karaokes, High-range Multimedia, Classical Organs, Digital Pianos, Professional Keyboards, Musical Samplers 1. The GS Sound Set is subject to special licensing conditions. Not to be used for musical instruments.


The a 128-voice integrated synthesizer, integrating two PDSP blocks and a memory management unit (MMU). One PDSP block is a combination of a specialized 64-slot RISC-based digital signal processor (DSP), a general-purpose 16-bit CISC-based control processor (P16), a cache memory and an "intelligent" peripheral I/O interface. Both PDSPs are fully independent and share the same external memory through the MMU.

16-bit CISC Processor Core Includes x 16 Data RAM x 16 Boot ROM

Name GND VCC1 VCC2 Pin Count Type PWR Function Power Ground. All GND pins should be returned to digital ground. Core Power, +3.3V nominal to 4.5V). All VC3 pins should be returned to +3.3V. Pad (except Memory Pad) Power, to +5.5V. All VCC pins should be returned to +5V (or 3.3V in case of single 3.3V supply). Memory Pad Power, to +5.5V. All VCC pins should be returned to +5V (for RAM or DRAM) or 3.3V (for SDRAM or 3.3V ROM).

Function 16-bit data bus to host processor. Information on these pins is: 2 x parallel MIDI (MPU-401 type applications) 2 x high-speed burst data transfers to/from external memory Selects one of 8 internal registers: 1: MPU-401 register processor 2, 3: Burst data (16-bit) processor MPU-401 register processor Burst data (16-bit) processor #2 Chip select from host, active low. Write from host, active low. Read from host, active low. Open drain output buffer. Driven low during 16-bit burst mode transfers to synchronize host to the ATSAM9708 memory. Open drain output buffer; driven low during 16-bit burst mode transfers. Indicates to host that a 16-bit I/O is in progress. Tri-state output pin, active high. Can be connected directly to host PC_IRQ line.

1. ISA bus group pins are powered by VCC1 power rail. 2. PC_D pads have 4 mA drive capabilities; other output pads have 16 mA drive capabilities. 3. To interface with PC ISA bus, VCC1 should be connected to 5V power and PC_D bus should be buffered. Direction is given by PC_RD signal. 4. Pin Names in this document exhibiting an overbar (PC_CS for example) indicates that the signal is active low.


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TS80C51RD2EMB : 8-BIT, 40 MHz, MICROCONTROLLER, PDIP40 Specifications: Data Bus: 8 Bit ; Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Clock Speed: 40 MHz ; Supply Voltage: 4.5 to 5.5 volts ; I/O Ports: 32 ; Package Type: CDIP, Other, PLASTIC, DIP-40 ; Operating Range: Commercial ; Pin Count: 40 ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F) ; Features: PWM

TSXPC603RVGS6LC : 32-BIT, 233 MHz, RISC PROCESSOR, CQFP240 Specifications: Architecture: RISC ; Data Bus: 64-Bit ; Supply Voltage: 2.5V ; Package Type: Other, CAVITY UP, CERQUAD-240 ; Pin Count: 240 ; Clock Speed: 67 MHz ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F)

5962-0250502HXX : 128K X 8 STANDARD SRAM, 40 ns, DFP32 Specifications: Memory Category: SRAM Chip ; Density: 1049 kbits ; Number of Words: 128 k ; Bits per Word: 8 bits ; Package Type: 0.400 INCH, DFP-32 ; Pins: 32 ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Supply Voltage: 3.3V ; Access Time: 40 ns ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 125 C (-67 to 257 F)

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5962-9675901QYA : Color Palettes. ti TVP3010, Video InterfacE PALette. IMPORTANT NOTICE Texas Instruments (TI) reserves the right to make changes to its products or to discontinue any semiconductor product or service without notice, and advises its customers to obtain the latest version of relevant information to verify, before placing orders, that the information being relied on is current. TI warrants performance of its semiconductor.

AD9048SE : Monolithic 8-bit Video A/D Converter.

CH7017 : Display Controller Device Which Accepts Two Digital Graphics Input Data Streams.

HS-9008RH : Radiation Hardened CMOS 8-Bit Flash Analog-to-digital Converter. Radiation Hardened CMOS 8-Bit Flash Analog-to-Digital Converter itle S08R bt adian rded it sh a-toginrter) utho ) eyrds terrpoion, inctor, dian rded, , d The Intersil is a CMOS 8-Bit Flash Converter designed for space applications where relatively low power, exceptional accuracy and very fast conversion speeds are a necessity. The HS-9008RH design differs.

M62498FP : Switch/Controls. Digital Sound Controller With Surround. The is an optimum digital sound controller IC for home audio. It has a 5ch input selector,input volume,surround(3 variation),tone control(3 band),loudness and 2ch master volume. It can control all of these functions with serial data. Built-in 5ch input selector. Built-in input volume step/3bit) IC for Dolby-pro-logic Interface Built-in Surround (ON/OFF,High/Middle/Low(3.

MM1422 : I2C BUS Video Switch. av Switch For I2C Bus Control,4-input,3-output And CANal Plus Compatible.

NJM2207 : Video Super Imposer.

NJM2570A : Video Amplifier With Y/c Mix And Filter. s GENERAL is a video amplifier included LPF in Y and C system. Adjustable LPF characteristic with external resistor and output with 75ohm driver optimize the TV monitor system. Also, it can discriminated the aspect ratio TV by internal DC interface for S terminal. NJM2570A includes power save circuit to suitable for portable video application. s PACKAGE.

NJM3357 : Low Power Narrow Band FM if.

PCM2903E : ti PCM2903, Stereo Audio Codec With Usb Interface, Single-ended Input/output And Spdi/f.

S1D2506A01 : Display & Video. = S1D2506A01 Iic Bus Controlled R/g/b Video Amplifier For Monitors ;; Function = Video Pre-amp(175MHz) ;; = 3-Channel RGB Video Pre-amp,Half-tone,80MHz Osd Input,bright Uniformity ;; Package = 28DIP ;; Production Status = Mass Production.

SAA4970T : Encoder/Decoder. SAA4970T; Economical Video Processing ic (ECOBENDIC).

SDA9188-3X : Display Controller->PIP/On-Screen. Picture-in-picture Processor With On-chip PLL.

TDA6621 : Audio. Tv-stereocoder. The TDA is a single-chip TV-A2-Stereosystem Coder. The circuit can be partitioned into two functional blocks: 1. Stereo Matrix a) Mono, Dual, Stereo signal processing 2. Pilottone Generator a) Line locked PLL for generating all necessary frequencies b) External identification tone filter for filtering the square wave identification output signal to sinusoidal.

TL592B : Preamp/Amp. Differential Video Amplifier. Adjustable Gain to 400 Typ No Frequency Compensation Required Low Noise. 3 µV Typ Vn This device is a monolithic two-stage video amplifier with differential inputs and differential outputs. It internal series-shunt feedback that provides wide bandwidth, low phase distortion, and excellent gain stability. Emitterfollower outputs enable the device to drive.

TVP3010M : Video InterfacE PALette. IMPORTANT NOTICE Texas Instruments (TI) reserves the right to make changes to its products or to discontinue any semiconductor product or service without notice, and advises its customers to obtain the latest version of relevant information to verify, before placing orders, that the information being relied on is current. TI warrants performance of its semiconductor.

AT83SND2CMP3 : Single-Chip MP3 Decoder with Full Audio Interface The AT83SND2CMP3 has been developped as a versatile remote controlled MP3 player for very fast MP3 feature implementation into most existing system. It perfectly fits needed in mobile phones and toys, but can also be used in any portable equipment and in industrial applications. Audio files and any other.

TDA7563B : A free-form text of the package type. Automotive Product Status of compliancy of the part number with the STMicroelectronics automotive quality requirements policy. For precisions about the part number detail status can be obtained by using Questions to Sales. General A free-form of a component. Operating Range The Field where the part will operate.

MAX98096 : Audio Hub With Wideband FlexSound Processor The MAX98096 is a full-featured high performance audio hub with low power consumption and advanced signal processing, making it ideal for a wide range of portable applications. Three differential analog microphone inputs and four 1-bit digital microphone inputs accept audio from main, accessory, and background.

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