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CategoryMultimedia => Audio
DescriptionOne Chip AM/FM Radio With Audio Power Amplifier
CompanyATMEL Corporation
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Features, Applications
One Chip AM/FM Radio with Audio Power Amplifier

The integrated circuit TDA1083 includes, with exception of the FM front end, a complete AM-/FM-radio-circuit with audio power amplifier. An internal Z-diode stabilizes the supply voltage 13 V, which allows with the aid of a resistor and a rectifier, the circuit to be driven by a higher external supply voltage. D AFC-connection for VHF-tuner D AM-FM switching without high frequency voltages


D Large supply voltage range V D High AM-Sensitivity D Limiting threshold voltage mV D Audio output power 0.7 W


Reference points Pin 3 and 11, unless otherwise specified Parameters Supply voltage range Pin 13 Supply current when using the integrated stabilization circuit, 14.3 V Pin 13 Power dissipation Tamb = 65C Junction temperature Storage temperature range Symbol Vs IS Ptot Tj Tstg Value to +125 Unit mW C

Parameters Junction ambient Symbol RthJA Maximum 100 Unit K/W
9 V, reference points Pin 3 and 11, Tamb = 25C, unless otherwise specified

Parameters AF amplifier AF voltage amplification Input impedance Output power Test Conditions / Pin = 1 kHz Symbol Ri Po Min Typ 150 300 Max Unit kW mW

Figures 4 and = 10% AM-IF amplifier, = 1 MHz, fIF = 455 kHz, fmod = 1 kHz, 0.3 DC voltages at AM mode 3 V Pin 10 V10 without signal Pin 12 V12 Pin 13 V13 Pin 16 V16 Pin 42 mA (VS to14.3 V) Pin 12 Pin 13 Pin 16 VoAF/VoAF 10 dB Pin 6 Pin V13 V16

DVi AF voltage at demodulator VoAF output FM-IF amplifier, fIF = 10.7 MHz, = "22.5 kHz, fmod = 1 kHz DC voltages at FM mode 3 V Pin 10 V10 without signal Pin 12 V12 Pin 13 V13 Pin 42 mA Pin 10 (VS 14.3 V) Pin 12 Pin 13 Pin 16 Pin 2 Pin V16 Vi VoAF

Different dc voltages are developed at Pin 16 due to gain spread of AM-IF-amplifier. To determine the value of parallel resistance R8, at the output of the demodulator Pin 8 for V, AM mode without signal, dc voltage should be selected at Pin 16.


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