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The is a multi-chip module for remote control and contactless ID systems. It consists of the M44C092 microcontroller and U3280M transponder interface circuit with EEPROM. A coil connected to the transponder interface serves as wireless bidirectional communication interface as well as power supply for the C and the interface. As transponder, the device is supplied by a magnetic RF field applied at the coil. For IRor RF-transmitter applications, it can be supplied by a battery. The C supports with its built-in timers a wide range of IR- and RF-transmission modes such as burst-modulation modes, PWM-, NRZ-, Manchester- and Biphase coding.


4-bit HARVARD architecture 4K 8-bit application ROM 256 4-bit RAM 32 16-bit EEPROM 10 bidirectional I/Os 4 external interrupt inputs (SSO20) 8 interrupt levels 2 8-bit multifunction timer/counter Interval timer with watchdog Two-wire serial interface Voltage supervisor On-chip RC oscillator On-chip crystal oscillator

D Contactless power supply and communication interface D Power management for contactless- and batterypower supply D Shift-register-supported modulator and demodulator stages D Low power consumption D Active mode 2 V and 1 MHz system clock frequency (2 s instruction cycle) D Power-down mode A D Supply voltage V D High-level language programming in qFORTH D Operating speed: 10 s instruction cycle s @ VDD 2 V)

Damping stage Field/GAP detect Coil 1 Rectifier 512-bit EEPROM memory Serial interface Biphase modulator

Reset voltage monitor Oscillators clock management

Name VSS UBatt VDD Pin 3 4 Function / Alternate Function Coil1 Coil2 NGAP MOD OSC1/Rosc OSC2 Circuit ground Power-supply voltage input to connect a battery Power-supply voltage for the C and EEPROM. At this pin a capacitor to 10F) must be connected to buffer the voltage during field supply and to block the VDD of the C. Coil input 1. Pin to connect a LC antenna for communication and field supply Coil input 2 see above Gap detect output front end. Must be connected to the demodulator input Pin T3I. Modulation input front end. Must be connected to the modulator output Pin T2O. Field clock output of the clock extractor Bidirectional I/O-line / Timer 3 output/ modulator output I/O-port line / INT5 interrupt input / Timer 3 input / demodulator input I/O-port line / INT6 interrupt input (falling or rising edge sensitive) I/O-port line / INT3 interrupt input (falling or rising edge sensitive) I/O-port line / serial clock line / INT3 input (falling edge sensitive) I/O-port line / Voltage monitor input / Timer 2 input I/O-port line / Timer 2 output / modulator output I/O-port line / serial data line / INT3 input (falling edge sensitive) BP20-I/O-port line / test mode input. This input is used to control the test modes. During POR it must not be connected with a low impedance to VDD. I/O-port line Oscillator- or external system-clock input / input for RC-oscillator resistor Oscillator output 2 (20) Rev. A2, 04-Oct-00

1 Functional Description. M44C092. 1.2 The U3280M Transponder Interface. 1.3 Modulation. 1.4 Field Clock. 1.5 Gap Detect. 1.6 Wake-up Signal. 1.7 U3280M Signals and Timing. 1.8 Power Supply. 1.8.1 Automatical Power Management. 1.8.2 Controlling the Power Management via the Serial Interface. 1.8.3 Buffer Capacitor CB. 1.9 Serial Interface. 1.9.1 Serial Protocol. 1.10 EEPROM. 1.10.1 EEPROM Operating Modes. 1.10.2 Write Operations. 1.10.3 Read Operations. 1.10.4 Initialization after a Reset Condition. 1.10.5 Special Modes. 1.11 Power-on Reset. Electrical Characteristics. 2.1 Common Features U9280M-H. 2.2 Absolute Maximum Ratings. 2.3 Thermal Resistance. 2.4 Common DC Characteristics. 2.5 DC Characteristics Microcontroller 2.6 AC Characteristics. 2.7 DC Characteristics Transponder Interface 2.8 AC Characteristics Transponder Interface U3280M. Package Information. Ordering Information. 4.1 Order Number.


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