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Description3 1/2 Digit Lcd/led Display A/D Converter
CompanyBay Linear
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The ICL7106 and ICL 7107 are high performance, low power 3-1/2 digit A/D converters. Included are seven segment decoders, Display drivers, a reference and a clock. The ICL 7106 is designed to interface with a liquid crystal display (LCD and includes a multiplexed backplane drive; the ICL 7107 will directly drive an instrument size light emitting diode (LED) display. The ICL7106 and ICL 7107 bring together a combination of high accuracy, versatility and true economy. True differential inputs and reference are useful in all systems, but give the designer advantage when measuring load cells, strain gauges, and other Bridge type transducers. By providing the true economy of a single power supply operation, the ICL7106 enables a high performance panel meter to be built with the addition of only 10 passive components and a display.


Guaranteed Zero Reading for OV Input on All Scales True Polarity at Zero for Precise Null Detection True Differential Input and Reference, Direct Display Drive Low Noise less than 15Vp-p On chip clock and reference Low Power Dissipation, 10mW (typ.) No Additional Active Circuits Required Available in Small Outline Surface Mount Package, 44MQFP

7106 for LCD 7107 for LED Measuring Bridge Type Transducers Instrumentation Digital Thermometers

Input Supply Voltage V+ to GND V- to GND Analog Input Voltage (Either Input) (Note 1) Reference Input Voltage (Either Input) V+ to VV+ to V-

Max. Storage Temperature Range Max. Lead Temperature (Soldering 10S) MQFP Lead Tips Only Operating Temperature Range

(TA 25C , FCLOCK = 48kHz unless otherwise specified, see Note 2) Parameter Conditions MIN System Performance

Zero Input Reading Ratiometric Reading Rollover Error Linearity Common Mode Rejection Ratio End Power Supply Character V+ Supply Current End Power Supply Character V- Supply Current Common Pin Analog Common Voltage

VIN = 0.0V, Full Scale = 200mV VIN = VREF, VREF = 100mV -VIN = +VIN 200Mv Difference In Reading for Equal Positive and Negative Inputs Near Full Scale Full Scale 200mV or Full Scale = 2V Maximum Deviation from Best straight Line fit (Note 3) VCM = 1V, VIN = 0V, Full Scale = 200mV (Note 3) VIN = 0 (Does Not Include LED Current for ICL7107) ICL7107 Only 25 k Between Common and Positive Supply ( With Respect to + Supply = 9V

Pk-Pk Segment Drive Voltage Pk-Pk Backplane Drive Voltage
Segment Sinking Current (Except Pin 19 and 20) Pin 19 Only Pin 20 Only

Notes: 1. Input voltages may exceed the supply voltages provided the input current is limited 100A. 2. Unless otherwise noted, specifications apply to both the ICL7106 and = +25C, fCLOCK ICL7107 is tested in the circuit of Figure ICL7107 is tested in the circuit of Figure 2. 3. Not Tested, guaranteed by design

Figure 1. ICL7106 test circuit and typical application with LCD display components selected for 200mV full scale.

Figure 2. ICL7107 test circuit and typical application with LED display components selected for 200mV full scale.


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