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DescriptionProcess Sealed Subminiature Rockers
CompanyNihon Kaiheiki Industry
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Features, Applications

Subminiature size saves space on PC boards. Specifically developed for logic-level applications. Totally sealed body construction prevents contact contamination and allows time- and moneysaving automated soldering and cleaning. Award-winning STC contact mechanism with benefits unavailable in conventional mechanisms: smoother, positive detent actuation, increased contact stability and unparalleled logic-level reliability. (Additional STC details in Terms & Acronyms; see Supplement section.) Molded-in, epoxy sealed or ultrasonically welded terminals lock out flux, solvents, and other x 2.54mm) terminal spacing conforms to standard PC board grid spacing. Matching indicators available and shown at the end of Section M.

Logic Level: 0.4VA maximum @ 28V AC/DC maximum (Applicable Range ~ 28V) Note: Find additional explanation of operating range in Supplement section.

Contact Resistance: Insulation Resistance: Dielectric Strength: Mechanical Life:
Electrical Life: Nominal Operating Force: Contact Timing: Angle of Throw:

50 milliohms maximum 500 megohms minimum 500V AC minimum for 1 minute minimum 100,000 operations minimum for On-None-On & On-Off-On 50,000 operations minimum for other circuits 50,000 operations minimum 2.73N (momentary); 1.84N (maintained) Nonshorting (break-before-make) 26°

Actuator or Toggle: Case Housing: Support Bracket: Movable Contact: Stationary Contacts: Terminals:

Nickel plated brass Glass fiber reinforced polyamide Tin plated phosphor bronze Phosphor bronze with gold plating Brass with gold plating Brass with gold plating

Operating Temperature Range: Humidity: Vibration: Shock:

­30°C through +85°C (­22°F through ~ 95% humidity for 240 hours ~ 55Hz with peak-to-peak amplitude of 1.5mm traversing the frequency range & returning in 1 minute; 3 right angled directions for 2 hours 50G (490m/s2) acceleration (tested in 6 right angled directions, with 5 shocks in each direction)

Wave Soldering Recommended: See Profile A in Supplement section. Manual Soldering: See Profile B in Supplement section. Automated cleaning. See Cleaning specifications in Supplement section.

UL Recognition or CSA Certification: The A Series rockers have not been tested for UL recognition or CSA certification. These switches are designed for use in a low-voltage, low-current, logic-level circuit. When used as intended in a logic-level circuit, the results do not produce hazardous energy.

Straight with Bracket Straight with Inline Bracket (Single Pole only) Right Angle with Bracket Vertical with Bracket Vertical with Inline Bracket (Single Pole only)

Snap Top for Rocker Code C Snap Top for Rockers Codes

Rocker DESCRIPTION FOR TYPICAL ORDERING EXAMPLE Rockers & E Black White Red Yellow Green Blue Gray B C

DPDT ON-NONE-ON Circuit Right Angle PC Terminals


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