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Details, datasheet, quote on part number: PSA-1509U
Part numberPSA-1509U
DescriptionSingle Output Adaptor Switching Power Supply
CompanyPhihong USA
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Specifications, Features, Applications

Single Output Adaptor Switching Power Supply

Features· Universal Input from 90-264VAC· Overvoltage and Short Circuit Protection· Built-in Class B EMI filter· Light Weight Applications· Microcomputers· Desktop Peripherals Safety Approvals· UL 1950· CSA or 1402C Level 3· Printers· Instruments· TUV EN 60950 (IEC 950)

Mechanical Characteristics Dimensions:· Length: 166mm (6.54in)· Width: 80mm (3.15in) Output Specifications

Model DC Output Voltage Min. Load Max.

(1) *Suffix(P) for output connector center polarity positive. (2) Black color is standard, other colors, please contact us. (3) 2.5mm inner diameter connector is alternative.

Characteristics Ac Input Voltage 90VAC-264VAC AC Frequency 63Hz AC Input Current 1.0A(rms) for 120VAC 0.5A(rms) for 240VAC AC Inrush Current 40A at cold start (230V) Humidity 20-90% Non-condensing Efficiency 70% min. at max. load Hold-up Time 16msec. min. at full load @110V Overcurrent Protection Output is equipped with short circuit protection Operation Temperature to +40°C Storage Temperature to +70°C Temporature Coefficient 0.05% per °C MTBF Calculated Greater than 100,000 hours, (MIL-HDBK-217) EMI Requirements FCC Class B rules VDE 0871 Class B rules AC Connector IEC EN60302/C13 DC Connector 2.1mm Coaxial power plug

16, Lane 530, Chung Cheng N. Rd. Sanchung City, Taipei Taiwan 24103, R.O.C. Phone: 886-2-988-2126 886-2-980-5255 Fax: 886-2-981-7086 886-2-983-3222

Switching Frequency 25KHz typical Overvoltage Protection 110-130% of rated voltage

48607 Warm Springs Blvd. Fremont, CA 94539 Phone: (510) 445-0100 Fax: (510) 445-1678 Email: usasales@phihongusa.com Internet: http://www.phihongusa.com

3325 Cochran St., Suite 200 Simi Valley, CA 93063 Phone: (805) 520-8177 Fax: 520-3907 *2.5mm available on special order. Consult PHIHONG for alternate connectors.

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