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CategoryCommunication => Telephony => Tone Decoder
DescriptionSelcall Tone Codec With Microprocessor Interface
CompanyConsumer Microcircuits Limited
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Selcall Tone Codec with Microprocessor Interface

Single-Chip Selcall Codec CCIR, EEA or ZVEI/SZVEI Versions On-Chip General Purpose Timer Separate General Purpose 4-bit input/2-bit Output Port

0 Mobile or Handheld Selcall 0 4-bit Microprocessor I/O Data Port 0 Powersave Facility. Uses Low-Cost 4MHz Xtal 0 Low-Power 5V CMOS Process

Brief Description The is a single-chip `N' tone Selective Call encoder-decoder peripheral intended for use with a host microprocessor. The device is available in 3 toneset formats, CCIR, EEA or ZVEIISZVEI. A 4-bitdata I/O bus, 2-bit address, CS, R/W and IRQ lines are provided for connection to the microprocessor. Separate general purpose 4-bit input and 2-bit output ports are available to allow external circuitry access to the microprocessor via this device. Functions such as `PTT,' `Rx Squelch,' `Alert Bleeps' and `Lamp Drivers' could operate through this facility. An on-chip general purpose timer is provided for such functions as Rx and TX tone period timing. Time periods of between 1 Oms and in 1 Oms steps may be programmed via the microprocessor interface. The FX203 reference oscillator utilizes a lowcost 4.0 MHz Xtal or externally derived clock. The divide 4 (1.O MHz) output may be used to drive the clock circuitry of other devices such as the FX365 CTCSS Encoder/ Decoder, FXO04 Voice Band Inverter, or the FX214 VSB Audio Scrambler. The FX203 requires a single 5volt supply and utilizes `chip enable'/`powersave' facilities for reduced current consumption in the Standby mode.


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