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CategoryCommunication => Wireless => CTCSS
DescriptionCTCSS Encoder/decoder
CompanyConsumer Microcircuits Limited
DatasheetDownload FX365A datasheet
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FX365ADW CTCSS Encoder/decoder
FX365C Low-voltage CTCSS Encoder/decoder
FX365J CTCSSEncoder/Decoder 
FX366 Amps/tacs Quad Filter Array
FX375 Private Squelch Circuit
FX401 Frequency Sensitive Switch
FX403 QTC Address And Dataencoder/decoder
FX403K Fx202 is an Obsolete Product - For Information Only -
FX406 Universal Analog Signal Processor
FX4070A 5-Tone Encoder/decoder
FX407A 5-Tone Sequential Codetransceiver
FX409 FFSK Modem
FX419 Single Chip CMOS Lsi Circuit Which Operates as a 1200 Baud FFSK Modem
FX429 Band Iii FFSK Modem For Trunked Radio Systems
FX429A 1200/2400 Baud FFSK Modem For Trunked Radio Systems
FX429J Band Iii FFSK Modem For Trunked Radio Systems
FX439 FFSK Modem
FX439LG CML Semiconductor Products
FX439LQ FFSK Modem
FX439LS CML Semiconductor Products
FX465 Extended Code CTCSS Encoder/decoder

EV1050 : Evaluation Kit User Manual

FX326LG : Audio Bandpass Filter

FX355L : CTCSS Encoder/decoder

FX609LG : PCM Line Card->Codec CVSD Codec

MX102 : Autocorrelating Signal Processor

MX165CTN : Low Voltage CTCSS Encoder/decoder With Tx/rx Filters

MX355P : CTCSS Encoder/decoder

MX589TN : High Speed GMSK Modem

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2741F2 : Magnetics. T1/E1 Transformer Hardened, High Freq T1/E1. Operates at the T1 rate of 1.544 Mb/s and the E1 rate of 2.048 Mb/s Winding (4-1) is hardened to handle a 6A surge current for 1 second Winding (4-1) is designed to handle simplex-feed remote powering current Maximum inductance unbalance of center-tapped winding is 0.1% Operating temperature range: +85° C Meets IEC 695, 2-2 flammability requirements.

A553-5006-KE : LAN Magnetic. XFMR Module, Token Ring. Designed to meet IEEE 802.5 Token Ring standards Rated 225° C peak IR refow temperature Operating temperature 70° C Impedance matching or isolation transformer application STP/UTP compatible impedances Integrated transformers and common mode chokes ©2000 Bel Fuse Inc. s subject to change without notice. 01.00 Bel Fuse Inc. 198 Van Vorst Street, Jersey.

BGY68 : Infrastructure CATV-HFC. BGY68; 75 Mhz, 30 DB Gain Reverse Amplifier;; Package: SOT115J.

KSM-1001TM2T : Optic Receiver Module. The KSM-100¡àTM2T consist of a PIN Photodiode of high speed and a preamplifier IC in the package as an receiver for Infrared remote control systems DIMENSIONS ¤ıOne mold large size package ¤ıSupply-voltage range to 5.5V ¤ıShielded against electrical field disturbance ¤ıHigh immunity against ambient light disturbances ¤ıAvailable for carrier frequencies.

MT8930C : CMOS St-bus Family Subscriber Network Interface Circuit Preliminary Information.

PCI4410 : PC Card And Ohci Controller.

PEB3456E : Channelized t3 Termination With Ds3 Framer, M13 Multiplexer, T1/ e1 Framers And 256 Channel Hdlc/ppp Controller.

PM5347 : ATM PHY Layer. 155 Mb/s Saturn User Network Interface For Wans. 155 Mb/s SATURN User Network Interface for WANs Monolithic SATURNTM-compatible Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network interface. Implements the ATM transmission convergence (TC) sublayer for ATM according to ATM Forum s and ITU-T recommendations using the SONET/SDH 155.52 Mb/s format. Also implements ATM Forum specified "Mid-range PHY" rates 51.52,.

S2048 : Bicmos Pecl Clock Generator High Performance Serial Interface Circuits.

S558-5999-83 : LAN Magnetic. XFMR Module, 10/100Base-TX. Dual, two-port designs provide excellent EMI and common mode noise suppression Optimized for board layouts utilizing single row and dual stack RJ-45 connectors Operating temperature 70° C Meets all IEEE 802.3 standards including 350µH with 8mA bias Low profile, surface mount packaging rated 225° C peak IR reflow temperature Minimum interwinding breakdown.

SP5658F : Frequency Synthesizers (50MHz to 3GHz). = 2.7GHz 3-Wire Bus Controlled Frequency Synthesizer ;; Package Type = SOIC(N) ;; No. Of Pins = 14.

TD7626F : 2.7ghz Frequency Synthesizer For Satellite TV.

H303 : 10/100Base-T Single Port Transformer Modules wtih 1:1 Transmit Turns Ratios For RoHS part add suffix NL3 Peak solder temperature rating per Table 5-2 in IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020C Compatible with Broadcom, Intel, Micrel, National Semiconductor, ICS, and TDK Transceivers Meets IEEE 802.3 specication.

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