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CategoryCommunication => Modems => Low-speed Modems
DescriptionFFSK Modem
CompanyConsumer Microcircuits Limited
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FX439DW FFSK Modem
FX439LG CML Semiconductor Products
FX439LQ FFSK Modem
FX439LS CML Semiconductor Products
FX465 Extended Code CTCSS Encoder/decoder
FX469 1200/2400/4800 Baud FFSK Modem
FX489 GMSK Modem
FX501 Tone Operated Bistable Andmonostable Switches
FX503A QTC Tone Encoder
FX503C Programmable Tone Generator
FX503CK Fx202 is an Obsolete Product - For Information Only -
FX503E Programmable Tone Generator
FX503ZK Fx202 is an Obsolete Product - For Information Only -
FX503ZS Programmable Tone Generator
FX506 Mobile Radio Audio Processor
FX5070A 5-Tone Encoder/decoder
FX507A 5-Tone Sequential Codetransceiver
FX529 FFSK Modem For Trunked Radio Systems
FX579 Half Duplex GMSK Modem
FX589 Low-voltage/high-speed GMSK Modem: App Note

FX429A : 1200/2400 Baud FFSK Modem For Trunked Radio Systems

FX602 : Calling Line Identifier

FX619 : 'eurocom' Delta Codec

FX631 : Low-voltage SPM Detector

FX709J : Voice Store Retrieve CVSD Codec

MX429AJ : 1200/2400bps MSK Modem For Trunked Radio Systems

MX803AJ : Audio Signaling Processor

MX828P : Ctcss/dcs/selcall Processor

MX839DW : Digitally Controlled Analog I/o Processor

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84221 : Transceiver/Repeater. Quad 100basetx/10baset Physical Layer Device. s Single Chip 100BaseTX/10BaseT Physical Layer Solution s Four Independent Channels in One s 3.3V Power Supply with 5V Tolerant I/O s Dual Speed - 10/100 Mbps s Half and Full Duplex s Reduced Pin Count MII (RMII) Interface to Ethernet Controller s MI Interface for Configuration and Status s Optional Repeater Interface s AutoNegotiation for 10/100, Full/Half.

ADC0858BIN : 8-bit Analog Data Acquisition And Monitoring Systems. The ADC0851 and ADC0858 are 2 and 8 input analog data acquisition systems They can function as conventional multiple input A D converters automatic scanning A D converters or programmable analog ``watchdog'' systems In ``watchdog'' mode they monitor analog inputs and determine whether these inputs are inside or outside user programmed window limits.

CXG1097EN : Low Noise Amplifier With Bypass Switch/mixer. The is a dual mode low noise amplifier with a bypass switch/ mixer MMIC for Japan CDMA cellular. This IC is designed using the Sony's GaAs J-FET process. Dual mode low noise amplifier with a bypass switch High gain Low noise amplifier high current mode: = 14.5dB (Typ.) Mixer: = 12.0dB (Typ.) Low noise Low noise amplifier high current mode: = 1.6dB (Typ.).

CYP15G0402DXB-BGC : 1 Gigabit Ethernet And Fibre Channel Serdes. Second-generation HOTLink® technology Fibre Channel- and Gigabit Ethernet-compliant ESCON®, DVB-ASI-compliant SMPTE-259M-compliant 10-bit unencoded data transport Aggregate throughput of 12 GBps Selectable parity check/generate Four independently controlled 10-bit channels Selectable input clocking options MultiFrameTM Receive Framer provides alignment.

GP2Y0D02YK : Long Distance Measuring Sensor.

ICS9250-08 : Frequency Generator & Integrated Buffers For Celeron & Pii/iii(tm). Frequency Generator & Integrated Buffers for Celeron & PII/IIITM Recommended Application: BX, Appollo Pro 133 type of chip set. Output : 3 - CPUs 17 - SDRAM 7 - PCI 2 - IOAPIC 48MHz, @3.3V fixed. 2 - REF @3.3V, 14.318MHz. : to 150MHz frequency support Support power management: CPU, PCI, stop and Power down Mode form I2C programming. Spread spectrum.

IRCC2.0 : Ircc 2.0 - Infrared Communications Controller.

MAX560 : 3.3V Transceiver With Two Eia Tia 562 Receivers Active in Shutdown.

MM1100 : Compander ic. This IC was developed for use in mobile communication equipment. is a compander IC incorporating compressor/expander circuits for a significant noise reduction effect without complicated external circuitry. On the transmission side, the dynamic range of audio signals is compressed by the compressor circuit; on the receiving side, the expander expands.

MSM7728 : Linear CODECs. Single Rail Linear Codec. This version: Aug. 1998 MSM7728 Previous version: Apr. 1997 The is a single-channel linear CODEC CMOS IC for voice signals that contains filters for A/D and D/A conversions. Designed especially for a single-power supply and low-power applications, the device is optimized for applications for the analog interfaces of audio signal processing DSPs and digital.

S2046/S2050 : Gigabit Ethernet Chipset. GIGABIT ETHERNET CHIPSET GIGABIT PECL ETHERNET CHIPSET BiCMOS CLOCK GENERATOR GENERAL Functionally compliant with the 802.3z S2046 transmitter incorporates phase-locked loop (PLL) providing clock synthesis from lowspeed reference S2050 receiver PLL configured for clock and data recovery 1250 Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet) operation or 20-bit parallel TTL compatible.

SAT-1312 : Transformer For Adsl Modem.

TEA1068 : Versatile Telephone Transmission Circuit With Dialler Interface. TEA1068 Versatile telephone transmission circuit with dialler interface Product Supersedes data of June 1990 File under Integrated Circuits, IC03 1996 Apr 23 Versatile telephone transmission circuit with dialler interface Voltage regulator with adjustable static resistance Provides supply for external circuitry Symmetrical high-impedance inputs (64 k) for dynamic,.

TLV320AD11A : HDSL. 3.3v Integrated Adsl Over Pots Codec. Complete Discrete Multitone (DMT)-Based Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Coder/Decoder (CODEC) Solution Complies With ANSI T1.413 Issue II and ITU G.992.1 Supports to 8 MBPS Downstream and 800 KBPS Upstream Duplex Integrated 14-Bit Converters for Transmitter/Echo-Canceller/Receiver (TX/EC/RX) Integrated 12-Bit DAC for VCXO Control Integrated.

ZL60101 : 12 Fiber Transmitters Modules. = 12 X 2.7 GBPS Parallel Fiber Optic Transmitter ;; Package Type = Elect & Opt ;; No. Of Pins = 100.

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