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CategoryFPGAs/PLDs => PLDs (Programmable Logic Devices) => SPLDs (Simple PLD)
DescriptionElectrically Erasable Industry Standard SPLD
CompanyCypress Semiconductor Corp.
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This is an abbreviated datasheet. Contact a Cypress representative for complete specifications. For new designs, please refer to the PALCE22V10


Advanced second generation PAL architecture Low power 90 mA max. standard 100 mA max. military CMOS EPROM technology for reprogrammability Variable product terms x (8 through 16) product terms User-programmable macrocell Output polarity control Individually selectable for registered or combinatorial operation 15 ns commercial and industrial 10 ns tCO 15 ns tPD 50 MHz 15 ns and "20 ns" military 10/15 ns tCO 15/20 ns tPD 50/31 MHz to 22 input terms and 10 outputs Enhanced test features Phantom array Top test Bottom test Preload High reliability Proven EPROM technology 100% programming and functional testing Windowed DIP, windowed LCC, DIP, LCC, PLCC available

The Cypress is a CMOS second-generation programmable logic array device. It is implemented with the familiar sum-of-products (AND-OR) logic structure and a new concept, the "Programmable Macrocell." The PALC22V10B is executed 24-pin 300-mil molded DIP, a 300-mil windowed cerDIP, a 28-lead square ceramic leadless chip carrier, a 28-lead square plastic leaded chip carrier, and provides to 22 inputs and 10 outputs. When the windowed cerDIP is exposed to UV light, the 22V10B is erased and can then be reprogrammed. The programmable macrocell provides the capability of defining the architecture of each output individually. Each of the 10 potential outputs may be specified as "registered" or "combinatorial." Polarity of each output may also be individually

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Document Title: PALC22V10B Reprogrammable CMOS PAL® Device Document Number: 38-03018 REV. ECN NO. 106318 Issue Date 05/08/01 Orig. of Change SZV Description of Change from Spec number: to 38-03018


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