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CategoryPower Management => DC-DC Converters
Description12V 3W, Dual Output DC/DC Converter
CompanyDatel, Inc.
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Low cost! High quality! Highly reliable, 100% SMT construction Standard DIP package and pinout No external components required or ±15 Volt outputs Choice of 3 wide input ranges: 4.5-9 Volts 9-18 Volts 18-72 Volts Guaranteed efficiencies to 75% Fully isolated, 500Vdc guaranteed Internal input/output filtering Output current limiting to +75°C operation with no derating UL1950/C22.2 No. 950/IEC950 certified Modifications and customs for OEM's

The proven cost-effectiveness, quality and long-term reliability that has come to define DATEL's standard, 3W, dual-output, DIP-packaged DC/DC converters (see BST 3W Models) is now available in the "other standard pinout" (see next page) made popular by off-shore suppliers. These newly designed BWP Models exploit totally automated SMT assembly techniques and do not contain any trimpots, "wet" aluminum electrolytic capacitors, or manually soldered "flying" leads. Their made-inthe-USA quality and affordable pricing are rapidly making them the converters of choice in many existing applications. BWP DC/DC converters bring true component-like convenience to designers of modern distributed power systems. Exploiting an efficient, high-frequency (170200kHz), flyback topology and high-density SMT assembly techniques, BWP DC/ DC's have enough space to include input (pi type) and output filters within their package. They are fully isolated (500Vdc guaranteed) and do not require any external components to meet published specifications. They operate, without derating, over the full to +75°C temperature range. Output voltages are either or ±15 Volts. Input voltage ranges are either 4.5-9V ("D5" models), 9-18V ("D12" models) or an ultra-wide 18-72V ("D48" models). Output transient response time is a quick 200µsec, and output ripple and noise are typically 75mVp-p. All models are certified to UL1950, CSA 22.2 No. 950 and IEC950. Full EMI/EMC characterizations are currently in progress. DATEL's BWP Model 3W DC/DC's are ideal replacements for other more costly, less reliable power converters as well as excellent choices for new design-ins in systems demanding small size, low cost and high reliability.

DATEL, Inc., Mansfield, MA 02048 (USA) Tel: (508)339-3000, (800)233-2765 Fax: (508)339-6356 Email: Internet:

Typical = +25°C under nominal line voltage and full-load conditions unless otherwise noted. Ripple/Noise (R/N) measured over a 20MHz bandwidth. Balanced loads, to 100% load. Nominal line voltage, no-load/full-load conditions.

Output Configuration: B = Bipolar Wide Range Input Alternate pinout Nominal Output Voltages: or ±15 Volts

Input Voltage Range: = 4.5-9 Volts (5V nominal) = 9-18 Volts (12V nominal) = 18-72 Volts (48V nominal) Maximum Output Current in mA from each output

Output Power vs. Ambient Temperature VIN Nominal, Natural Convection

Function P20 +Input ­Output Common +Output ­Input
Function P20 ­Input +Output Common ­Output +Input
Typical = +25°C under nominal line voltage and full-load conditions unless noted.

Input Voltage Range: "D5" Models "D12" Models "D48" Models Input Current Input Filter Type Reverse-Polarity Protection VOUT Accuracy (50% load) Temperature Coefficient Ripple/Noise (20MHz BW) Line/Load Regulation Efficiency Isolation Voltage Current Limiting: "D5" Models "D12" and "D48" Models Transient Response (50% load step) Switching Frequency: "D48" Models "D5" and "D12" Models Operating Temperature (Ambient, no derating) Storage Temperature Dimensions Case Material Pin Material Weight 4.5-9 Volts (5V nominal) 9-18 Volts (12V nominal) 18-72 Volts (48V nominal) See Ordering Guide Pi Yes (Instantaneous, 2A maximum) Input Voltage: "D5" Models "D12" Models "D48" Models

12 Volts 20 Volts 80 Volts Current must be <2A. Brief duration only. Fusing recommended. None Current limited. Max. current and short-circuit duration are model dependent. "D12" and "D48" models can withstand sustained output short circuits. +100°C +300°C

Input Reverse-Polarity Protection Output Overvoltage Protection Output Current

±1%, maximum ±0.02% per °C See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide 500Vdc, minimum Power-limiting technique, auto-recovery Hiccup technique, auto-recovery

Storage Temperature Lead Temperature (soldering, 10 sec.)

These are stress ratings. Exposure of devices to any of these conditions may adversely affect long-term reliability. Proper operation under conditions other than those listed in the Performance/Functional Specifications Table is not implied.

Since these are isolated DC/DC converters, their outputs are "floating." Any BWP model may be configured to produce an output or 30V (for or ±15V models, respectively) by applying the load across the +Output (pins 11 and 14) and ­Output pins (pins 2 and 23), with either output grounded. The Common (pins 3, 10,15 and 22) should be left open. Minimum 20% loading is recommended under these conditions. Filtering and Noise Reduction All BWP 3 Watt DC/DC Converters achieve their rated ripple and noise specifications without the use of external input/output capacitors. In critical applications, input/output ripple and noise may be further reduced by installing electrolytic capacitors across the input terminals and/or low-ESR tantalum or electrolytic capacitors across the output terminals. Output capacitors should be connected between their respective output pin (pins 11, 14 and 23) and Common (pins 10, 15 and 22) as shown in Figure 2. The caps should be located as close to the power converters as possible. Typical values are listed in the tables below. In many applications, using values greater than those listed will yield better results. To Reduce Input Ripple "D5" Models "D12" Models "D48" Models To Reduce Output Ripple ±5V Outputs ±12/15V Outputs 47µF, 10V, Low ESR 22µF, 20V, Low ESR

x 11.4mm) Diallyl phthalate, UL94V-0 rated Brass, solder coated 0.5 ounces (14.2 grams)

These power converters require a minimum 10% loading to maintain specified regulation. Operation under no-load conditions will not damage these devices; however they may not meet all listed specifications. Application-specific internal input/output filtering can be recommended and perhaps added internally upon request. Contact DATEL Applications Engineering for details. Devices can be screened or modified for higher guaranteed isolation voltages. Contact DATEL Applications Engineering for details or see DATEL's BST 3W DC/DC's for guaranteed 1000Vdc isolation.

In critical, space-sensitive applications, DATEL may be able to tailor the internal input/output filtering of these units to meet your specific requirements. Contact our Applications Engineering Group for additional details.


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