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Small size, x 0.45" Full 5 Watts output power No external components required Drop-in replacements for many standard, x 1" DC/DC's Wide input voltage ranges: or 36-72V Standard output voltages: ±12, ±15 Volts Guaranteed efficiencies to 80% Fully regulated and isolated (1000Vdc guaranteed) Output overvoltage protection and current limiting to +95oC operating temperature Shielded cases (5 sides) UL1950, CSA 22.2 No. 234, and IEC950 Modifications and customs for OEM's

The migration to distributed power is accelerating. The critical need for accurate voltages, tight regulation and rapid transient response is propelling the move to power processing at the "point-of-use" with low-power DC/DC converters physically located right at their loads. DATEL's miniature, full featured, 5 Watt BWR Models were specifically designed for today's demanding distributed power architectures in aerospace, marine, telecom and computer applications. The converters' small size x 0.45"), full 5 Watt output capability and low cost give system architects unprecedented design and layout flexibility. Occupying less than 0.5in3 total volume, these extremely compact, fully regulated and isolated (1000Vdc) modules are available with or ±15 Volt outputs. Input voltage ranges are either 18-36 Volts ("D24" models) or 36-72 Volts ("D48" models). Although their overall size is 50-75% smaller than many similarly rated power modules, these x 1" BWR Models are exact, drop-in, pin-for-pin replacements for many standard x 1" and 2", 5 Watt modules. They achieve their small size and low cost by exploiting a novel feedback approach that does not depend upon traditional optocoupler techniques. All models are 5-side shielded and have a non-conductive baseplate that permits pc-card runs to be placed beneath the package. Units are assembled using high-speed automated SMT techniques and are fully encapsulated with thermally conductive potting compound. Every unit is electrically tested before and after encapsulation, 100% burned-in under full load, hi-pot tested, and final-electrical tested prior to shipment. Every unit meets DATEL's traditional high standards for quality and long-term reliability.

DATEL, Inc., 11 Cabot Boulevard, Mansfield, MA 02048 (U.S.A.) Tel: (508)339-3000, (800)233-2765 Fax: (508)339-6356 Email:

Typical = +25°C under nominal line voltage and full-load conditions unless otherwise noted. Ripple/Noise (R/N) measured over a 20MHz bandwidth. Balanced loads, to 100% load. Nominal line voltage, no-load/full-load conditions.

Output Configuration: B = Bipolar Wide Range Input Voltage Range: = 18-36 Volts (24V nominal) = 36-72 Volts (48V nominal)

Maximum Output Current in mA from each output
I/O Connections Pin Function P4 1 +Input 2 ­Input 3 +Output 4 Common 5 No Pin 6 ­Output

For "D24" models, the case is connected to pin 2 (­VIN). For "D48" models, the case is connected to pin 1 (+VIN).

Typical = +25°C under nominal line voltage and full-load conditions, unless noted.

Input Voltage Range: "D24" Models "D48" Models Input Current Input Filter Type Reverse-Polarity Protection VOUT Accuracy (50% load): ±5V Outputs ±12/±15V Outputs Temperature Coefficient Ripple/Noise (20MHz BW) Line Regulation Load Regulation Efficiency Isolation Voltage Current Limiting Overvoltage Protection Transient Response (50% load step) Switching Frequency Operating Temperature (ambient): Without Derating With Derating Storage Temperature Dimensions Shielding Case Connection: "D24" Models "D48" Models Case Material Pin Material Weight 18-36 Volts (24V nominal) 36-72 Volts (48V nominal) See Ordering Guide on "D24" models on "D48" models Yes (Instantaneous, 6A maximum) Input Voltage: "D24" Models "D48" Models

44 Volts 88 Volts Current must be <6A. Brief duration only. Fusing recommended. 6.8 Volts, limited duration 15 Volts, limited duration 18 Volts, limited duration Current limited. Max. current and short-circuit duration are model dependent. +125°C +300°C

Input Reverse-Polarity Protection Output Overvoltage Protection ±5V Outputs ±12V Outputs ±15V Outputs Output Current

±1.5%, maximum ±1%, maximum ±0.02% per °C See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide 1000Vdc, minimum Auto-recovery Zener/transorb clamps

Storage Temperature Lead Temperature (soldering, 10 sec.)

These are stress ratings. Exposure of devices to any of these conditions may adversely affect long-term reliability. Proper operation under conditions other than those listed in the Performance/Functional Specifications Table is not implied.

Floating Outputs Since these are isolated DC/DC converters, their outputs are "floating." Any BWR model may be configured to produce an output or 30V (for or ±15V models, respectively) by applying the load across the +Output and ­Output (pins 3 and 6), with either output grounded. The Common (pin 4) should be left open. Minimum 20% loading is recommended under these conditions. Filtering and Noise Reduction All BWR 5 Watt DC/DC Converters achieve their rated ripple and noise specifications without the use of external input/output capacitors. In critical applications, input/output ripple and noise may be further reduced by installing low-ESR, tantalum or electrolytic capacitors across the input and/or output terminals. Output capacitors should be connected between their respective output pin (pin or 6) and Common (pin 4) as shown in Figure 2. The capacitors should be located as close to the power converters as possible. Typical values are listed below. In many applications, using values greater than those listed will yield better results. To Reduce Input Ripple "D24" Models "D48" Models To Reduce Output Ripple ±5V Outputs ±12/15V Outputs 47µF, 10V, Low ESR 33µF, 20V, Low ESR

11.4mm) 5-sided Pin 2 (­VIN) Pin 1 (+VIN) Corrosion resistant steel with epoxy-based enamel finish Brass, solder coated 0.7 ounces (20 grams)

These power converters require a minimum 20% loading to maintain specified regulation. Operation under no-load conditions will not damage these devices, however they may not meet all listed specifications. Application-specific internal input/output filtering can be recommended and perhaps added internally on request. Contact DATEL Applications Engineering for details. Units can be screened or modified for higher guaranteed isolation voltages. Contact DATEL Applications Engineering for details. Units can be screened for lower-temperature operation. Contact DATEL Applications Engineering for details.

In critical, space-sensitive applications, DATEL may be able to tailor the internal input/output filtering of these units to meet your specific requirements. Contact our Applications Engineering Group for additional details.


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