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Output voltages: or ±15 Volts Input voltage ranges: or 36-75V Small packages, x 0.48" Industry-standard pinouts Low cost; Highly reliable Proven SMT-on-pcb construction Qual tested; HALT tested; EMC tested Designed to meet UL60950 and EN60950 mark available (75V-input models) Fully isolated, 1500Vdc guaranteed Guaranteed efficiencies to +100°C operating temperature Modifications and customs for OEM's

For your mid-range power requirements, it's hard to beat the combination of small packaging, low cost, proven reliability and outstanding electrical performance offered by the 15-17W, dual-output models of DATEL's new A-Series DC/DC converters. These highly efficient, rugged converters combine straightforward circuit topologies, the newest components, proven SMT-on-pcb construction methods, and highly repeatable automatic-assembly techniques. Their superior durability is substantiated by a rigorous in-house qualification program that includes HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing). The input voltage ranges of the BWR 15-17 Bipolar Series (10-18V for "D12A" models, 18-36V for "D24A" models and 36-75V for "D48A" models) make them excellent candidates for telecommunication system line drivers, or distributed power architectures. Their or ±15 Volt outputs cover virtually all standard applications. These popular power converters are fully isolated (1500Vdc guaranteed) and display excellent line and load regulation (±0.5% max. for line and load). They are completely I/O protected (input overvoltage shutdown and reverse-polarity protection, output current limiting and overvoltage protection) and contain input (pi type) and output filtering to reduce noise. These extremely reliable, cost-effective power converters are housed in standard 0.48" UL94V-0 rated plastic packages. They offer industry-standard pinouts and are ideally suited for high-volume computer, telecom/datacom, instrumentation and ATE applications.

DATEL, Inc., Mansfield, MA 02048 (USA) Tel: (508)339-3000, (800)233-2765 Fax: (508)339-6356 Email: Internet:

Typical = +25°C under nominal line voltage and full-load conditions unless otherwise noted. Ripple/Noise (R/N) measured over a 20MHz bandwidth. Balanced loads, to 100% load. Nominal line voltage, no-load/full-load conditions.

Output Configuration: B = Bipolar Wide Range Input Nominal Output Voltages: or ±15 Volts Maximum Output Current in mA from each output Add or N suffix as desired. See below. A-Series High Reliability Input Voltage Range: = 10-18 Volts (12V nominal) = 18-36 Volts (24V nominal) = 36-75 Volts (48V nominal)

BWR 15-17 Watt DC/DC's are designed so an On/Off Control function with either positive polarity ("C" suffix) or negative polarity ("N" suffix) can be added to the pin 3 position. Models ordered without On/Off control (without or N suffix) will not have pin 3 installed. No Suffix Pin 3 not installed C N Positive On/Off control function (pin 3) Negative On/Off control function (pin 3)

I/O Connections Pin Function P43 1 +Input 2 ­Input 3 On/Off Control* 4 +Output 5 Output Return 6 ­Output * Pin is optional

Typical = +25°C under nominal line voltage and full-load conditions, unless noted.

Transient Response: (50-100% load step to 2% VOUT) Start-Up Time: VIN to VOUT On/Off to VOUT Switching Frequency MTBF Operating Temperature (ambient): ±5V Models ±12V Models ±15V Models Thermal Shutdown Storage Temperature Dimensions Case Material Pin Material Weight 200µsec maximum TBD 300kHz (±30kHz)

Input Voltage Range: D12A Models D24A Models D48A Models

Overvoltage Shutdown: D12A Models D24A Models D48A Models Start-Up Threshold: D12A Models D24A Models D48A Models Undervoltage Shutdown: D12A Models D24A Models D48A Models Input Current Normal Operating Conditions Standby Mode (Off, OV, UV) Input Reflected Ripple Current Input Filter Type Reverse-Polarity Protection On/Off Control: C Models N Models 10-18 Volts (12V nominal) 18-36 Volts (24V nominal) 36-75 Volts (48V nominal) 18.5-21 Volts (20V typical) 37-40 Volts (38V typical) 77-81 Volts (79V typical) 9.4-9.8 Volts (9.6V typical) 16.5-18 Volts (17V typical) 34-36 Volts (35V typical) 7-8.5 Volts (8V typical) 15.5-17.5 Volts (17.2V typical) 32.5-35.5 Volts (34.5V typical) See Ordering Guide TBD mA 12µH source impedance 20MHz bandwidth, TBD mAp-p Pi Brief duration, 5A maximum. On = open or 13V- +VIN, IIN = TBD max. Off = 0-0.8V, IIN = TBD max. = 0-0.5V, IIN = TBD max. Off = open or TBD- +VIN, IIN = TBD max.

Bellcore, ground fixed, fullpower 25°C ambient, TBD million hours TBD to +120°C
x 12.19mm) Diallyl Phthalate Brass, solder coated TBD ounces (TBD grams)

All models are specified with no external I/O capacitors. See Technical Notes/Graphs for details. Applying a voltage to the On/Off Control (pin 3) when no input power is applied to the converter can cause permanent damage to the converter. Output noise may be further reduced with the addition of additional external output capacitors. See Technical Notes. The On/Off Control is designed to be driven with open-coolector logic or the application of appropriate voltage levels. Voltages may be referenced to the ­Input (pin 2). Demonstrated MTBF available on request. For conditions with less than minimum loading, outputs remain stable. However, regulation performance may degrade.

VOUT Accuracy (full load) Minimum Loading for Stability Ripple/Noise (20MHz BW) Line/Load Regulation Efficiency Isolation Voltage Isolation Capacitance Isolation Resistance Current Limit Inception 98% VOUT) ±5V Models ±12V Models ±15V Models Average Short-Circuit Current ±5V Models ±12V Models ±15V Models Overvoltage protection ±5V Models ±12V Models ±15V Models Maximum Capacitive Loading ±5V Models ±12V Models ±15V Models Temperature Coefficient ±1.0%, maximum No load See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide 1500Vdc, minimum 1.75-2.25A (2A typical) 0.9-1.1A (1A typical) 0.73-0.93A (0.83A typical) TBD 700mA maximum 700mA maximum Output voltage comparator TBD 13-15.8 Volts 16.2-19.8 Volts TBD ±0.02% per °C Minimum Loading for Specification 10%

Input Voltage: Continuous: D12A Models D24A Models D48A Models Transient (100msec): D12A Models D24A Models D48A Models On/Off Control (pin 3) Max. Voltages Referenced to ­Input (pin 2) "C" Suffix "N" Suffix Input Reverse-Polarity Protection Output Current

23 Volts 42 Volts 81 Volts 50 Volts 50 Volts 100 Volts

+VIN +7 Volts Current must be <5 Amps. Brief duration only. Fusing recommended. Current limited. Devices can withstand sustained output short circuits without damage. +120°C +300°C

Case Temperature Storage Temperature Lead Temperature (soldering, 10 sec.)

These are stress ratings. Exposure of devices to any of these conditions may adversely affect long-term reliability. Proper operation under conditions other than those listed in the Performance/Functional Specifications Table is not implied.


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