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CompanyDatel, Inc.
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5V and 3.3V, Independent Dual Output 30 Watt, DC/DC Converters

Independently regulated 5V/ 3.3V outputs @ 4.25A simultaneously delivered Independent VOUT Trim pins for margining Independent On/Off Control pins 88% efficiency; 75mV ripple/noise Input ranges: UL 1950 and EN60950 safety approvals Fully isolated, 1500Vdc guaranteed Input under and overvoltage shutdown Independent OVP; short circuit protection Thermal shutdown

DATEL's BWR series of DC/DC converters now includes two independent converters in one x 2" package. The BWR-5/3-3.3/4.25 family provides both at 3 Amps and at 4.25 Amps for a combined output power of 30 Watts from input ranges 75V (-D48A). Each output is regulated by its own control loop to provide ±1% load and ±0.5% line regulation. Individual trim pins and a negative or positive on/off control pin allow independent adjustment of output voltages and any combination of power-on sequencing between the 5V and 3.3V outputs. A high efficiency of 88% allows full load operation to +65°C ambient temperature in a still air environment. Although functionally independent, both outputs are driven from synchronized PWMs to prevent asynchronously generated beat frequencies. Housed in a plastic case, all models include input Pi filtering, input overvoltage protection, independent output short circuit and current limiting protection and independent output overvoltage protection as well as thermal shutdown. These devices meet IEC950, UL1950 and EN6950 safety standards. CB reports are available upon request. "D48A" models are CE marked (meet LVD requirements).


DATEL, Inc., Mansfield, MA 02048 (USA) Tel: (508)339-3000, (800)233-2765 Fax: (508)339-6356 Email: Internet:

Typical = +25°C under nominal line voltage and "full-load" conditions. Any combination of 5V/3.3V current, not to exceed the published IOUT specification (30 Watts). Ripple/Noise (R/N) measured over a 20MHz bandwidth with 0.47µF ceramic output capacitors. Tested from 10% load to 100% load. Nominal line voltage, no load/full load condition.

Dual Output/ Mixed-Voltage Series V1 Nominal Output Voltage: 5 Volts I1 Maximum Output Current: 3 Amps V2 Nominal Output Voltage: 3.3 Volts Optional Functions A-Series High Reliability Input Voltage Range: = 10-18 Volts (12V nominal) = 18-36 Volts (24V nominal) = 36-75 Volts (48V nominal) I2 Maximum Output Current: 4.25 Amps

BWR 30 Watt DC/DC's are designed so a negative logic on/off control ("N" suffix) can be added in the pins 3 and 4 position. Blank L1 L2

Negative polarity on/off control Pin length: 0.110 in. (2.79mm) ±0.010 Pin length: 0.145 in. (3.68mm) ±0.010

I/O Connections Pin Function P42 +Input ­Input +5V On/Off +3.3V On/Off +5V Output +5V Return +5V Trim +3.3V Return +3.3V Output +3.3V Trim

Typical = +25°C under nominal line voltage, balanced "full-load" conditions, unless noted.

Input Voltage Range: D12A Models D24A Models D48A Models Overvoltage Shutdown: D12A Models D24A Models D48A Models Start-Up Threshold: D12A Models D24A Models D48A Models Undervoltage Shutdown: D12A Models D24A Models D48A Models Input Current: Normal Operating Conditions Standby Mode: Off, OV, UV, Thermal Shutdown Input Reflected Ripple Current: Source Impedance D12A Models D24A/D48A Models Internal Input Filter Type Reverse-Polarity Protection: D12A Models D24A Models D48A Models On/Off Control (Pins & D48A Models 10-18 Volts (12V nominal) 18-36 Volts (24V nominal) 36-75 Volts (48V nominal) 18.5-21 Volts (20V nominal) 37-40 Volts (38V typical) 77-81 Volts (79V typical) 9.4-10 Volts (9.6V typical) 16.5-18 Volts (17V typical) 34-36 Volts (35V typical) 7-8.5 Volts (8V typical) 16-17.5 Volts (16.5V typical) 32.5-34.5 Volts (33.5V typical) See Ordering Guide 10mA typical <0.1, no external input filtering TBD 2.46µF) 1 minute duration, 6A maximum 1 minute duration, 4A maximum 1 minute duration, 2A maximum On = open 13V to +VIN, IIN @ 13V Off = 0-0.8V, IIN = 0-1.2V, IIN @ 0V Off = open. Overvoltage Protection: 5V Output 3.3V Output Maximum Capacitive Loading D12A Models D24A, D48A Models 3.3V 5V Temperature Coefficient

Dynamic Load Response: 5V (50-100% load step to 1% VOUT) 3.3V (50-100% load step to 1% VOUT) Start-Up Time: VIN to VOUT On/Off to VOUT Switching Frequency MTBF D12A Models D24A Models D48A Models Operating Temperature (Ambient): Without Derating: D12A Models & D48A Models With Derating Case Temperature: Maximum Operational For Thermal Shutdown Storage Temperature Dimensions Case Material Pin Material Weight: 200µsec maximum 200µsec maximum 10ms TBD 355kHz (±35kHz)

Bellcore, ground fixed, full power 25°C ambient 873.9 thousand hours 1.32 million hours 1.23 million hours

x 12.7mm) Diallyl phthalate, UL94V-0 rated Brass, solder coated 2.7 ounces (76.5 grams)

VOUT Accuracy 5V Output 3.3V Output Minimum Loading Per Specification Minimum Loading For Stability Ripple/Noise (20MHz BW) Line/Load Regulation Efficiency Trim Range Isolation Voltage: Input-to-Output Isolation Resistance Isolation Capacitance Current Limit Inception: @ 98.5% VOUT @ 98.5% VOUT Short Circuit Current: 5V Output 3.3V Output ±1.5% maximum ±1.5% maximum 10% of IOUT maximum No load See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide ±5% 1500Vdc minimum 470pF 3.8-5.1 Amps 5.4-6.8 Amps 3.0 Amps average current 3.0 Amps average current

All models are specified with external 0.47µF ceramic output capacitors. See Technical Notes/Graphs for details. Applying a voltage to On/Off Control (pins & 4) when no input power is applied to the converter can cause permanent damage. Output noise may be further reduced with the installation of additional external output capacitors. See Technical Notes. On/Off control is designed to be driven with open collector or by appropriate voltage levels. Voltages must be referenced to the ­Input (pin 2). Demonstrated MTBF available on request. For conditions with less than minimum loading, outputs remain stable. However, regulation performance will degrade. Maximum applied voltage to On/Off pin (N suffix) less than 19.0V.


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