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Low cost! High reliability! x 1" SMT or through-hole packages Gull-wing leads; Standard reflow Complete; No external components Outputs: 2.5V/2A, 3.3V/3A Inputs: 4.75-5.5V, 10.8-13.6V Guaranteed efficiencies to 87% Output noise as low as 40mVp-p Transient response as quick to +70C operation with no derating On/off control; EMC compliant IEC950/EN60950/UL1950 approvals Modifications and customs for OEM's

DATEL's 3.6-10W UNR Series consists of non-isolated, 5V-to-3.3V (3A), and 12V-to-3.3V (3A) DC/DC converters in miniature, x 1" surface-mount and through-hole packages. The "gull-wing" SMT packages (with metal shells and non-conductive plastic baseplates) weigh a mere 17 grams and can withstand lead temperatures to +230C. They are compatible with virtually all contemporary pick-and-place and solder-reflow processes. The true benefits of distributed power will ultimately be realized only when every low-voltage, high-current CPLD, ASIC, DSP, etc. has its own "power plant" right next to it. With isolated DC/DC converters inevitably residing at the edges of boards in proximity with backplanes and power buses, the "on-board" proliferation of distributed power will continue with more cost-effective, non-isolated devices. The low-cost, easy-to-use (no external components required), highly reliable (100% fully automated SMT construction) 3.6-10W UNR Series makes this power processing at the concluding point of use a practical reality today. These versatile DC/DC's are fully line and load regulated. They feature useroptional on/off control (for power-sequencing requirements), output current limiting, and short-circuit protection (foldback technique with auto-recovery). Additionally, the 12V-to-3.3V models offer input undervoltage lockout (at 9.6V). Their impressive guaranteed efficiencies enable all models to deliver their fully rated output power from to +65/70C (ambient) without heat sinking or forced-air cooling. If you've already considered and rejected the use of inefficient, step-down, linear regulators, take a look at one of these new switching buck regulators. Their high efficiency, ease-of-use, long-term reliability, and overall cost effectiveness will impress you. Safety agency approvals are currently in progress.


"D5" models do not have input undervoltage shutdown. "D5" models employ a more traditional buck-regulator design in which this FET is replaced with a power Schottky diode.

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Typical = +25C under nominal line voltage and full-load conditions, unless otherwise noted. The UNR-1.8/2-D5 and D5SM models require an external 15k pull-up resistor between +Input and On/Off Control for normal operation. See On/Off Control for details. Ripple/Noise (R/N) measured over a 20MHz bandwidth. The UNR-3.3/3-D12 and D12SM models are specified with an external 22F input capacitor. All other models are specified with no external I/O capacitors. Output noise on the D12 models can be reduced significantly with the addition of external output capacitors. See I/O Filtering.

D5/D5SM models require a minimum 300mA load current to maintain regulation. D12/D12SM models have no mimimum load requirement. Listed specs apply from 300mA to full load for D5/D5SM models and from no load to full load for D12/D12SM models. Nominal line voltage, no-load/full-load conditions. D5/D5SM models may experience start-up problems if voltages greater than 1.0V (for 3.3V models) or 1.2V (for 1.8/2.5V models) are present across the output pins during power-up.


I/O Connections Function P9 Logic Ground On/Off Control +Output Output Return Input Return +Input No Pin No Pin No Pin Function P24 N.C. Logic Ground On/Off Control N.C. +Output N.C. Output Return Input Return +Input

Output Configuration: U = Unipolar Non-Isolated Nominal Output Voltage: or 3.3 Volts Maximum Output Current in Amps Surface-Mount Packaging

Input Voltage Range: = 4.75-5.5 Volts (5V nominal) = 10.8-13.6 Volts (12V nominal)

Typical = +25C under nominal line voltage and full-load conditions with no external filtering. Specifications apply to both surface-mount and through-hole models, unless noted.

Input Voltage Range: D5 Models D12 Models Overvoltage Shutdown Start-Up Threshold: D12 Models Undervoltage Shutdown: D12 Models Input Current: Normal Operating Conditions Standby Mode (Off or undervoltage): 3.3VOUT D5 Models 3.3VOUT D12 Models Output Short-Circuit Condition Input Ripple Current: 3.3VOUT D12 Models 3.3VOUT D5 Models Input Filter Type Reverse-Polarity Protection On/Off Control 4.75-5.5 Volts (5V nominal) 10.8-13.6 Volts (12V nominal) None 10.2V typical, 10.8V maximum 9.6V typical, 8.2V minimum See Ordering Guide 20mA typical, 30mA maximum 11mA typical, 20mA maximum 5mA typical, 10mA maximum 50mAp-p 150mAp-p Capacitive None TTL high (or open) = on, low = off 1.5V typical logic threshold Through Hole Package Pin Material: Surface Mount Package Through Hole Package Weight Dimensions: Surface Mount Package Through Hole Package Shielding: Surface Mount Package Through Hole Package Case Connection (Surface Mount) Case Material: Surface Mount Package

11.4mm) 5-sided None Input/output return Corrosion-resistant steel with non-conductive, epoxy-based, black enamel finish and plastic baseplate Diallyl phthalate, UL94V-0 rated Copper, tin plated Brass, solder coated 0.6 ounces (17 grams)

VOUT Accuracy (50% load): 1.8VOUT Models 2.5VOUT Models 3.3VOUT D5 Models 3.3VOUT D12 Models Temperature Coefficient Ripple/Noise (20MHz BW) Line/Load Regulation Efficiency Current Limiting Transient Response (50% load step): 1.8VOUT Models 3.3VOUT D12 Models 3.3VOUT D5 Models Start-Up Time: VIN to VOUT : D5 Models D12 Models On/Off to VOUT: D5 Models D12 Models Switching Frequency Operating Temperature (Ambient): Without Derating With Derating Storage Temperature 1.75% (32mV) maximum 1.75% (44mV) maximum 1.5% (50mV) maximum 1% (33mV) maximum 0.02% per C See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide Auto-recovery

D5 models require a minimum 300mA load current to maintain specified regulation. D12 models have no minimum load requirement. Operating D5 models under no-load conditions will not damage these devices, however they may not meet all listed specifications. The UNR-1.8/2-D5 and D5SM require an external 15 pull-up resistor between +Input and On/Off Control for normal operation. See On/Off Control for details. The UNR-3.3/3-D12 and D12SM are specifiied with an external 22F input capacitor. See I/O Filtering for details. See Startup Threshold and Undervoltage Shutdown for details. See On/Off Control for details. The 22F external input capacitor required for the UNR-3.3/3-D12 and D12SM should be minimally rated for 1.5Arms ripple current and 125m ESR. Output noise for all models can be further reduced with the installation of external output capacitors. See I/O Filtering for details. Current limiting initiates at approximately 30% above rated load. Under short-circuit conditions, output current folds back to approximately 150mA and input current drops to approximtely 50mA. Both remain at those levels until the short is removed. See Start-Up Time for details. D5/D5SM models may experience start-up problems if voltages greater than 1.0V (for 3.3V models) or 1.2V (for 1.8/2.5V models) are present across the output pins during power-up.

Input Voltage: Continuous: D5 Models D12 Models Transient (100msec): D5 Models D12 Models Input Reverse-Polarity Protection Output Overvoltage Protection Output Current

1% of final value 1% of final value 1% of final value 100msec typical, 120msec maximum 13msec typical, 20msec maximum 60msec typical, 120msec maximum 13msec typical, 20msec maximum (30kHz) 7 Volts 15 Volts 15 Volts 24 Volts None Current limited. Devices can withstand a sustained output short circuit without damage. +300C +230C

Storage Temperature to +100C (See Derating Curves) to +105C Lead Temperature Selective soldering (10 sec.) Reflow soldering (75 sec.)

These are stress ratings. Exposure of devices to any of these conditions may adversely affect long-term reliability. Proper operation under conditions other than those listed in the Performance/Functional Specifications Table is not implied.


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