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CategoryPower Management => DC-DC Converters => Single Output
DescriptionSingle Output Unr Series Non-isolated, 5v-to-2.5v 12 Amp, DC/DC Converters
CompanyDatel, Inc.
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Low cost! to +5.5V input (25mV), 12 Amp output 200kHz, synchronous-rectifier topology High efficiency, 87% Low output noise, 40mVp-p Quick transient response, to +50C operation with no derating Highly reliable, 100% SMT construction Remote on/off control Output short-circuit protection x 2" metal package; EMC compliant IEC950/EN60950/UL1950 pending Modifications and customs for OEM's

As supply voltages trend lower and load currents increase, centralized power becomes more impractical. The tight accuracy, low noise and quick transient response demanded by today's low-voltage CPU's, ASIC's and DSP's make power processing at the "point of use" the only viable solution. As voltages decrease much below 3.3V, the task of designing your own circuit to efficiently derive low-voltage power from higher-voltage buses 12V, 48V, etc.) becomes significantly more challenging. When you are designing power-hungry 2.5V partitions or boards, consider DATEL's new UNR-2.5/12-D5. This non-isolated, 5V-to-2.5V DC/DC delivers a full 12 Amps at an impressive 87% efficiency. Packaged x 0.44" metal case, the converter exploits synchronous rectification, planar magnetics and 100% automatic SMT assembly to bring you an incomparable 30 Watts of 2.5V power. The UNR-2.5/12-D5 delivers full power over the to +50C temperature range without heat sinking or forced-air cooling. It is fully line (0.1%) and load (0.5%) regulated and features low noise (40mVp-p) and quick (30sec) transient response. The unit offers remote on/off control, and it can withstand a sustained output short circuit with full recovery to rated accuracy. Designing your own 2.5V step-down buck regulator may be practical for lowpower applications. When you need 12 Amps, the task becomes significantly more time consuming. Consider that the high efficiency, ease-of-use, and overall cost effectiveness of DATEL's new 2.5V UNR Series make the quick solution the best solution.


Signals applied to the On/Off Control are referenced to Logic Ground which is internally connected to Input/Output Return. The Logic Ground pin is not designed to carry heavy current. Do not install units with the Return pins open or connected via high-impedance runs.

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Typical = +25C under nominal line voltage and full-load conditions, unless noted.

Input Voltage Output Current 7 Volts Current limited. Devices can withstand a sustained output short circuit without damage. +105C +300C

Input Voltage Range Input Current Input Filter Type Overvoltage Protection Reverse-Polarity Protection On/Off Control (Pin 2) VOUT Accuracy (50% load) Temperature Coefficient Ripple/Noise (20MHz BW) Line/Load Regulation Efficiency Current Limiting Transient Response (50% load step) Switching Frequency Operating Temperature (Ambient): Without Derating With Derating Storage Temperature Dimensions Shielding Case Connection Case Material 4.75-5.5 Volts (5V nominal) 0.15/6.9 Amps Capacitive None TTL high (or open) = on, low = off

Storage Temperature Lead Temperature (soldering, 10 sec.)

These are stress ratings. Exposure of devices to any of these conditions may adversely affect long-term reliability. Proper operation under conditions other than those listed in the Performance/Functional Specifications Table is not implied.

1% (25mV) maximum 0.02% per C 40mVp-p typical, 80mVp-p maximum 0.1% maximum/0.5% maximum 87% typical, 84% minimum Auto-recovery

The On/Off Control pin has an internal 5kW pull-up resistor to +VIN. It can be driven with any logic circuit capable of meeting the following drive requirements. Logic to +0.8V. Logic +2.0V to +VIN. IIH (@VIN = 0.7mA. IIL (@VIN = 1.1mA. Open collector logic or a single NPN drive transistor can be used. The drive circuit should be rated for more than 5.5V. Applying a voltage to pin 2 when no input power is applied to the converter can cause permanent damage to the converter.

11.2mm) 5-sided Pin 5 (Input Return) Corrosion resistant steel with non-conductive, epoxy-based, black enamel finish and plastic baseplate Brass, solder coated 1.6 ounces (45.4 grams)

These devices have no minimum load requirements and will regulate under no-load conditions. Achieving specified performance requires the installation of an external 470F input capacitor with an ESR of 20mW and an rms ripple current rating of 6 Amps, as well as an external 22F output capacitor with an ESR 200mW or less. No-load/full-load conditions. When the unit is off, the input "standby" current is typically 10mA. See On/Off Control Functionality. Output noise may be reduced by installing additional external capacitors across the output terminals. Caps should be selected for low ESR (typically 60mW) and located as close to the unit as possible. Current limiting initiates at approximately 30% above rated load. Under short-circuit conditions, output current folds back to approximately 1A and remains there until the short is removed.

I/O Connections Pin Function P9 Logic Ground On/Off Control +Output Output Return Input Return +Input

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DATEL makes no representation that the use of its products in the circuits described herein, or the use of other technical information contained herein, will not infringe upon existing or future patent rights. The descriptions contained herein do not imply the granting of licenses to make, use, or sell equipment constructed in accordance therewith. Specifications are subject to change without notice. The DATEL logo is a registered DATEL, Inc. trademark.

UNR, 5W UNR, 20/25W UNR, 20/25W UNR, 20/25W UNR, 20/25W UNR, 30W Contact DATEL

Listed specifications are typical = +25C under nominal line voltage and full-load conditions, unless noted. See individual product data sheets for mechanical specifications and pinouts. Ripple/Noise is specified over a 20MHz bandwidth. Listed specifications for these products are preliminary. 10-pin SIP package. 10-pin DIP package. Listed specification is a typical. Output voltage is user adjustable from to 6V. Output voltage is user adjustable from to 3.6V. Industry-standard, 11-pin SIP package.

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