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Input ranges or 10.8-13.6V Output voltages 1.8/2.5/3.3V 8 and 10 Amp output current models VOUT user-trimmable from to 3.6V Non-isolated, full synchronous topology x 2" through-hole or SMT package Gull-wing leads/standard reflow for SMT High efficiency to 91%; Low noise 200kHz switching; Planar magnetics to +40/50/60C ambient operation with no derating Remote on/off control; Output overcurrent detection IEC950/EN60950/UL1950 approval

As supply voltages trend lower and load currents increase, centralized power becomes more impractical. The tight accuracy, low noise and quick transient response demanded by today's low voltage CPU's, ASIC's and DSP's make power processing at the point of use the only viable solution. The UNR 18-33W series provides a complete line of non-isolated DC/DC converters to satisfy this requirement. With input voltages 5V (-D5 models) and 12V (-D12 models) these converters offer standard output voltages 1.8, 2.5 and 3.3 Volts and to 10 Amps of output current in both through-hole and surface-mount x 2" metal cases. With on/off control and output voltage trim capability as standard features, these non-isolated converters exploit full synchronous rectification, planar magnetics, and 100% automated assembly to deliver high efficiencies (to 91%) and low noise at low cost. These versatile DC/DC's are fully line and load regulated. They feature quick transient response (50sec), user-optional on/off control (for power sequencing), and output overcurrent detection and shutdown ("hiccup" technique with autorecovery). Their impressive guaranteed efficiencies enable them to deliver fully rated output power from to +50/55C (ambient) without supplemental cooling. If your high current requirements have made the use of inefficient linear regulators impractical, take a look at one of DATEL's new switching buck regulators. Their high efficiency, ease-of-use, long-term reliability, and overall cost effectiveness will impress you. Safety agency approvals and EMC characterizations are currently in progress.


DATEL, Inc., Mansfield, MA 02048 (USA) Tel: (508)339-3000, (800)233-2765 Fax: (508)339-6356 Email: Internet:

Typical = +25C under nominal line voltage and full-load conditions, unless otherwise noted. All models are tested and specified with an external 22F output capacitor with a 200m ESR and a 470F input capacitor with 6Arms ripple-current rating and 20m ESR. See I/O Filtering and Noise Reduction for more details.

Ripple/Noise (R/N) is tested/specified over a 20MHz bandwidth. Output noise may be further reduced by installing additional external output caps. See I/O Filtering and Noise Reduction. These devices have no minimum-load requirements and will regulate under no-load conditions. Nominal line voltage, no-load/full-load conditions.

Output Configuration: U = Unipolar Non-Isolated Packaging: T = Through-Hole Package SM = Surface-Mount Package Input Voltage Range: to 5.5 Volts (5V nominal) to 13.6 Volts (12V nominal)

I/O Connections Pin Function P23 Logic Ground On/Off Control +Output Trim Output Return Input Return +Input No Pin No Pin Function P25 Logic Ground On/Off Control N.C. +Output Trim Output Return Input Return +Input

Typical = +25C under nominal line voltage and full-load conditions unless noted.

Shielding Case Connection Case Material 5 sided Input/Output Return Corrosion-resistant steel with non-conductive, epoxy-based, black enamel finish and plastic baseplate Copper, tin plated

Input Voltage Range D5 Models D12 Models Input Current: Normal Operating Conditions Standby/Off Mode Input Ripple Current: 1.8/2.5V Models 3.3/8 -D5 Models 3.3/10 -D5 Models 3.3/8 -D12 Models 3/3/10 -D12 Models Input Filter Type Overvoltage Protection Reverse-Polarity Protection On/Off Control: Functionality Logic Threshold VOUT Accuracy (50% load): 1.8VOUT Models 2.5/3.3VOUT Models VOUT Trim Range Trim pin tied to +Output: Trim pin tied to Output Return Temperature Coefficient Ripple/Noise (20MHz BW) Line/Load Regulation Efficiency Overcurrent Protection: Technique Overcurrent Detection Point Average Short Circuit Current: D5 Models D12 Models Transient Response (50-100% load): 1.8/2.5VOUT Models 3.3VOUT -D5 Models 3.3/8 -D12 Models 3.3/10 -D12 Models Start-Up Time: VIN to VOUT On/Off to VOUT Switching Frequency Operating Temperature (Ambient): Without Derating With Derating Storage Temperature Dimensions: D5 Through-Hole Models D5 Surface-Mount Models D12 Through-Hole Models D12 Surface-Mount Models to 3.6 Volts (3.3V nominal) 4.75-5.5 Volts (5V nominal) 10.8-13.6 Volts (12V nominal) See Ordering Guide 3.6mA typical 110mAp-p 250mAp-p Capacitive None TTL high (or open) = on, low = off +0.8-2.0 Volts (1.5V typical)

All models are tested and specified with an external 470F input capacitor with a 20m ESR and a 6Arms ripple-current rating, as well a 22F output capacitor with a 200m ESR. See I/O Filtering and Noise Reduction for more details. These devices have no minimum-load requirements and will regulate under no-load conditions. Listed specifications apply for both "T" and "SM" models as appropriate. See Output Overcurrent Detection for details. See On/Off Control for details. See Output Voltage Trimming for details. For all models, output noise can be further reduced with the installation of additional external output capacitors. See I/O Filtering and Noise Reduction for details. See Start-Up Time for details. See Temperature Derating for details.

Input Voltage: Continuous: D5 Models D12 Models Transient (100msec) Input Reverse-Polarity Protection Input/Output Overvoltage Protection Output Current

2% of VOUT maximum 1% of VOUT maximum VOUT = 1.52 Volts or less VOUT = 3.6 Volts or greater 0.02% per C See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide "Hiccup" with auto-recovery 110-180% of rated current 1 Amp typical, 3 Amps maximum 4 Amp typical, 6 Amps maximum

7 Volts 15 Volts 15 Volts None Current limited. Devices can withstand a sustained output short circuit without damage. +105C +300C

Storage Temperature Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec.)

These are stress ratings. Exposure of devices to any of these conditions may adversely affect long-term reliability. Proper operation under conditions other than those listed in the Performance/Functional Specifications Table is not implied.

2.5% of final value 2.5% of final value 1% of final value 2.5% of final value 25/30msec (1.8/2.5VOUT models) 25/30msec (1.8/2.5VOUT models) 300kHz (30kHz)

Return Current Paths These are non-isolated DC/DC converters. The Input Return, Output Return and Logic Ground pins are all connected together internally. To the extent possible, all input and load currents should be returned through the Input Return and Output Return, respectively (via low-impedance runs). Any control signals applied to the On/Off Control pin should be referenced to Logic Ground. The internal trace leading to Logic Ground is not designed to carry high current. Consequently, devices should never be installed in a manner that results in high current flow through Logic Ground (i.e., the Input/Output Return pins should never be left open or connected via high-impedance paths).

All UNR 18-33W Series converters are tested and specified with external 470F input capacitors (20m ESR, 6Arms ripple-current rating) and external 22F output capacitors (200m ESR). External input capacitance is required and must be rated to handle the input ripple current as follows:

In critical applications, input/output ripple/noise may be further reduced by installing additional I/O caps.


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