Details, datasheet, quote on part number: Industrial/Marine
CategoryRF & Microwaves
Description2.45ghz Mass Movement Sensor For Industrial, Marine And Port Security
CompanyDynex Semiconductor
Some Part number from the same manufacture Dynex Semiconductor
MA17501 Rad. Hard Mil-Std-1750A Execution Unit
MA17502 Rad. Hard Mil-Std-1750A Control Unit
MA17503 Rad. Hard Mil-Std-1750A Interrupt Unit
MA1916 Radiation Hard Reed Solomon And Convolution Encoder Databus
MA28139 Obdh Bus Terminal Databus
MA28140 Packet Telecommand Decoder Databus
MA28151 Radiation Hard Programmable Communication Interface
MA28155 Radiation Hard Programmable Peripheral Interface
MA31750 High Performance Mil-std-1750 Microprocessor
MA31751 Memory Management And Block Protection Unit
MA31753 Dma Controller (dmac) For And Ma31750 System
MA31755 16-bit Feedthrough Error Detection And Correction Unit (edac)
MA3690 1553b Bus Controller/remote Terminal
MA5114 Radiation Hard 1024 X 4-bit Static RAM
MA7001 512 X 9-bit Fifo Memory
MA9264 Radiation Hard 8192 X 8-bit Static RAM
MAC5114CB Radiation Hard 1024 X 4 Bit Static RAM

54QHSCT630FE : Radiation Hard 16-bit Parallel Error Detection & Correction

DCR1594SW27 : 3875a 2800v Disc Phase Control Thyristor

DSZ412SE : 219a 4400v Avalanche Disc Rectifier Diode

MAQ17502CB : Radiation Hard MIL-STD-1750A Control Unit

MAR28140FB : Packet Telecommand Decoder

MAS1916CL : Radiation Hard Reed-solomon & Convolution Encoder

MP04HBP490-26 : Thyristor (SCR) / Diode Modules - AIR Cooled

MP04TT500-XX-W3A : 480a 2800v Water Cooled Thyristor Module

TFA4118L : 1330a 2500v Disc Fast Switching Thyristor

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