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CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => General Purpose Diodes
Description50 V, 4 A, Silicon Bridge Rectifier
CompanyEIC Semiconductor Incorporated
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Features, Applications

High current capability High surge current capability High reliability Low reverse current Low forward voltage drop Ideal for printed circuit board

* Case : Molded plastic * Epoxy : UL94V-O rate flame retardant * Terminals : Plated lead solderable per MIL-STD-202, Method 208 guaranteed * Polarity : Polarity symbols marked on case * Mounting position : Any * Weight : 5.15 grams

Rating 25 C ambient temperature unless otherwise specified. Single phase, half wave, 60 Hz, resistive or inductive load. For capacitive load, derate current by 20%.

Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage Maximum RMS Voltage Maximum DC Blocking Voltage Maximum Average Forward Current Tc=50C Peak Forward Surge Current Single half sine wave Superimposed on rated load (JEDEC Method) Rating for fusing < 8.3 ms. 100 C

Maximum Forward Voltage per Diode = 4 Amps. Maximum DC Reverse Current at Rated DC Blocking Voltage

Typical Thermal Resistance ( Note 1 ) Operating Junction Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range

1 ) Thermal resistance from Junction to Ambient with units mounted X 0.11" THK 0.3cm ) Cu. plate.


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