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CompanyFreescale Semiconductor
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Life Cycle StageACTIVE
Clock Speed16 MHz
ROM TypeFlash
Supply Voltage2.7 to 5.5 volts
I/O Ports16
Package TypeTSSOP, Other, TSSOP-20
Operating RangeIndustrial
Pin Count20
Operating Temperature-40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F)


Features, Applications

40-MHz HCS08 CPU (central processor unit) HC08 instruction set with added BGND instruction Support for to 32 interrupt/reset sources

ADC 16-channel, 10-bit resolution, 2.5 s conversion time, automatic compare function, temperature sensor, internal bandgap reference channel; runs in stop3 ACMPx Two analog comparators with selectable interrupt on rising, falling, or either edge of comparator output; compare option to fixed internal bandgap reference voltage; output can optionally be routed to TPM module; runs in stop3 SCI Full duplex non-return to zero (NRZ); LIN master extended break generation; LIN slave extended break detection; wake-up on active edge SLIC Supports LIN 2.0 and SAE J2602 protocols; to 120 kbps, full LIN message buffering, automatic bit rate and frame synchronization, checksum generation and verification, UART-like byte transfer mode SPI Full-duplex or single-wire bidirectional; double-buffered transmit and receive; master or slave mode; MSB-first or LSB-first shifting IIC to 100 kbps with maximum bus loading; Multi-master operation; Programmable slave address; Interrupt driven byte-by-byte data transfer TPMx One 4-channel (TPM1) and one 2-channel (TPM2); selectable input capture, output compare, or buffered edge- or center-aligned PWM on each channel RTC 8-bit modulus real-time counter with binary or decimal based prescaler; external clock source for precise time base, time-of-day, calendar, or task scheduling functions; free running on-chip low power oscillator (1 kHz) for cyclic wake-up without external components

FLASH read/program/erase over full operating voltage and temperature EEPROM in-circuit programmable memory; program and erase while executing FLASH; erase abort Random-access memory (RAM) Security circuitry to prevent unauthorized access to RAM and NVM contents

Two very low-power stop modes Reduced power wait mode Very low-power real-time interrupt for use in run, wait, and stop

Oscillator (XOSC) Loop-control Pierce oscillator; Crystal or ceramic resonator range of 31.25 kHz to 38.4 kHz or 1 MHz to 16 MHz Internal clock source (ICS) Contains a frequency-locked loop (FLL) controlled by internal or external reference; precision trimming of internal reference allows 0.2% resolution and 2% deviation over temperature and voltage; supports bus frequencies from 220 MHz

Watchdog computer operating properly (COP) reset with option to run from dedicated 1-kHz internal clock source or bus clock Low-voltage detection with reset or interrupt; selectable trip points Illegal opcode detection with reset Illegal address detection with reset FLASH and EEPROM block protect

22 general purpose I/O pins 16 interrupt pins with selectable polarity Hysteresis and configurable pull up device on all input pins; Configurable slew rate and drive strength on all output pins.

Single-wire background debug interface Breakpoint capability allows single breakpoint setting during in-circuit debugging (plus two more breakpoints in the on-chip debug module) In-circuit emulation (ICE) debug module contains two comparators and nine trigger modes; eight-deep FIFO for storing change-of-flow address and event-only data; supports both tag and force breakpoints

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