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Description6 PIN DIP Phototransistor Photocoupler
CompanyEverlight Electronics Co., Ltd.
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4N2X series: 4N28 4N3X series: 4N38 H11AX series: H11A4, H11A5 High isolation voltage between input and output (Viso=5000 V rms) Creepage distance >7.62 mm Operating temperature to +110C Compact dual-in-line package Pb free and RoHS compliant. UL approved (No. E214129) VDE approved (No. 132249) SEMKO approved (No. 716108 /No. 716109) NEMKO approval (No. P06206747) DEMKO approval (No. 313924) FIMKO approval (No. FI 22807) CSA approved (No.1969132)


The 4N3X, H11AX series of devices each consist of an infrared emitting diode optically coupled to a phototransistor. They are packaged a 6-pin DIP package and available in wide-lead spacing and SMD option. Schematic

Power supply regulators Digital logic inputs Microprocessor inputs
1. Anode 2. Cathode 3. No Connection 4. Emitter 5. Collector 6. Base
Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. Document NoDPC-717-044 Rev. 3

Parameter Forward current Peak forward current = 10s) Input Reverse voltage Power dissipation (TA = 25C) Derating factor (above 100C) Collector-Emitter voltage Collector-Base voltage Output Emitter-Collector voltage Emitter-Base voltage Power dissipation (TA = 25C) Derating factor (above 100C) Total power dissipation Isolation voltage *1 Operating temperature Storage temperature Soldering temperature *2 VECO VEBO PC Symbol IF IFM VR PD

Notes *1 AC for 1 minute, R.H.= ~ 60% R.H. In this test, pins are shorted together, and pins are shorted together. *2 For 10 seconds.

Parameter Forward voltage Reverse current Input capacitance Symbol VF IR Cin Min. Typ.* 1.2 30 Max. 1.5 10 Unit A pF

Parameter Collector-Base dark current 4N2X Collector-Emitter H11AX dark current 4N3X Collector-Emitter breakdown voltage Collector-Base breakdown voltage Emitter-Collector breakdown voltage Emitter-Base breakdown voltage Collector-Emitter capacitance * Typical values = 25C ICEO BVCEO BVCBO BVECO BVEBO CCE pF Symbol ICBO Min. Typ.* Max. 50 nA VCE VCE=0V, f=1MHz Unit nA Condition VCB = 10V VCE 10V, IF=0mA


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