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Details, datasheet, quote on part number: XR8038A
Part numberXR8038A
CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Functions Generator
DescriptionPrecision Waveform Generator
CompanyExar Corporation
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Specifications, Features, Applications

FEATURES D Low Frequency Drift, 50ppm/C, Typical D Simultaneous Sine, Triangle, and Square Wave Outputs D Low Sine Wave Distortion - THD 1% D High FM and Triangle Linearity D Wide Frequency Range 200KHz D Variable Duty Cycle, 98% D Low Distortion Variation with Temperature

APPLICATIONS D Precision Waveform Generation D Sweep and FM Generation D Tone Generation D Instrumentation and Test Equipment Design D Precision PLL Design

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The is a precision waveform generator IC capable of producing sine, square, triangular, sawtooth, and pulse waveforms, with a minimum number of external components and adjustments. The XR-8038A allows the elimination of the external distortion adjusting resistor which greatly improves the temperature drift of distortion, as well as lowering external parts count. Its operating frequency can be selected over eight decades of frequency, from 200kHz, by the choice of external R-C components. The frequency of oscillation is highly stable over a wide range of temperature and supply voltage changes. Both full frequency sweeping as well as smaller frequency variations (FM) can be accomplished with an external control voltage. Each of the three basic waveform outputs, (i.e., sine, triangle and square) are simultaneously available from independent output terminals. The XR-8038A monolithic waveform generator uses advanced processing technology and Schottky-barrier diodes to enhance its frequency performance.

Sine Adjust 1 12 Sine Wave Output 2 9 Square Wave Output

Pin Symbol SA1 SWO TWO Type Description Wave Form Adjust Input 1. Sine Wave Output. Triangle Wave Output. DCA1 DCA2 VCC FMBI FMSI SQO TC VEE NC Duty Cycle Adjustment Input. Duty Cycle Adjustment Input. Positive Power Supply. Frequency Modulation Input. Frequency Sweep Input. Square Wave Output. Timing Capacitor Input. O Negative Power Supply. No Connect. No Connect. SA2 Wave Form Adjust Input 2.

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