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CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => Zener Diodes
DescriptionZener Diode
CompanyFairchild Semiconductor
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Cross ref.Similar parts: BZX79-C4V3
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Features, Applications

Symbol PD Parameter Power Dissipation TL 75C, Lead Length = 3/8" Derate above 75C TJ, TSTG Operating and Storage Temperature Range

* These ratings are limiting values above which the serviceability of the diode may be impaired.

Notes: 1. Zener Voltage (VZ) The zener voltage is measured with the device junction in the thermal equilibrium at the lead temperature (TL) 1C and 3/8" lead length. 2. Maximum Zener Current Ratings (IZM) The maximum current handling capability on a worst case basis is limited by the actual zener voltage at the operation point and the power derating curve. 3. Maximum Voltage Change (VZ) Voltage change is equal to the difference between at 100A and at 10A.

1st line: F - Fairchild Logo 2nd line: Device Name to 5th characters of the device name. to 6th characters for BZXyy series 3rd line: Device Name to 7th characters of the device name. or Voltage rating for BZXyy series 4th line: Device Code or - Two Digit - Six Weeks Date Code. Date code plus or Two Digit - Six Weeks Date Code Large die identification plus Large die identification, "L"

1.0 Cathod Band 2.0 First Line: F - Fairchild Logo 3.0 Second Line: Device name - For 1Nxx series: to 5th characters of the device name. For BZxx series: to 6th characters of the device name. 4.0 Third Line: Device name - For 1Nxx series: to 7th characters of the device name. For BZXyy series: Voltage rating 5.0 Fourth Line: XY or XYL - Two Digit - Six Weeks Date Code Where: X represents the last digit of the calendar year Y represents the Six weeks numeric code L represents the Large die identification 6.0 Devices shall be marked as required in the device specification (PID or FSC Test Spec). 7.0 Maximum no. of marking lines: 4 8.0 Maximum no. of digits per line: 3 9.0 FSC logo must 20 % taller than the alphanumeric marking and should occupy the 2 characters of the specified line. 10.0 Marking Font: Arial (Except FSC Logo) 11.0 First character of each marking line must be aligned vertically


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1N4734A 5.6V, 1W Zener Diode
1N4735A 6.2V, 1W Zener Diode
1N4736A 6.8V, 1W Zener Diode
1N4737A 7.5V, 1W Zener Diode
1N4738A 8.2V, 1W Zener Diode
1N4739A 9.1V, 1W Zener Diode
1N473XA One Watt Zener
1N4740A 10V, 1W Zener Diode
1N4741A 11V, 1W Zener Diode
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1N4743A 13V, 1W Zener Diode

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