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DescriptionArithmetic Controller Engine (ACEx) For Low Power Applications
CompanyFairchild Semiconductor
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Features, Applications
ACE1202 Product Family Arithmetic Controller Engine (ACExTM) for Low Power Applications

The ACE1202 (Arithmetic Controller Engine) family of microcontrollers is a dedicated programmable monolithic integrated circuit for applications requiring high performance, low power, and small size. is a fully static part fabricated using CMOS technology. The ACE1202 product family has an 8-bit microcontroller core, 64 bytes of RAM, 64 bytes of data EEPROM and 2K bytes of code EEPROM. Its on-chip peripherals include a multi-function 16-bit timer, watchdog/idle timer, and programmable undervoltage detection circuitry. The on-chip clock and reset functions reduce the number of required external components. The ACE1202 product family is available in 8- and 14-pin SOIC and DIP packages. I Hardware Bit - Coder (HBC) (ACE1202-2 only) I On-chip oscillator No external components 1µs instruction cycle time I On-chip Power-on Reset I Programmable read and write disable functions I Memory mapped I/O I Multilevel Low Voltage Detection I Brown-out Reset I Software selectable I/O option Push-pull outputs with tri-state option Weak pull-up or high impedance I Fully static CMOS Low power HALT mode @ 3.3V) Power saving IDLE mode I Single supply operation 1.8-5.5V (P.N. ACE1202L) 2.2-5.5V (P.N. ACE12022) 2.7-5.5V (P.N. I 40 years data retention I 1,000,000 data changes I 8 and 14-pin SOIC, 8 and 14-pin DIP packages. (CSP package available upon request) I In-circuit programming


I Arithmetic Controller Engine I 2K bytes on-board code EEPROM I 64 bytes data EEPROM I 64 bytes RAM I Instruction set geared for block encryption I Watchdog I Multi-input wake-up on all I/O pins I 16-bit multifunction timer with difference capture I 12-bit idle timer

GPORT general purpose I/O with multiinput wakeup ACE1202 core (4 interrupt sources and vectors) 16-bit Multi-function Timer1 with Difference Capture Hardware Bit-Coder3 Programming Interface 2K bytes of Code EEPROM 64 bytes of RAM 64 bytes of Data EEPROM Power-on Reset Brown-out Reset/Low Battery Detect HALT & IDLE Power Saving Modes 12-bit Timer0 with Watchdog Timer

1. 100nf Decoupling capacitor recommended 2. Available only in the 14-pin package option 3. Available only on the ACE1202-2 device

© 2001 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation ACE1202 Product Family Rev. B.1
Figure 2: ACEx Application Example (Remote Keyless Entry)
Figure ACE1202/ACE1202-2 8-pin Device Pinout a) Normal Mode Operation b) Programming Mode Operation
Figure ACE1202/ACE1202-2 14-pin Device Pinout a) Normal Mode Operation

Ambient Storage Temperature Input Voltage not including G3 Input Voltage Lead Temperature (10s max) Electrostatic Discharge on all pins +300°C 2000V min

Relative Humidity (non-condensing) EEPROM write limits 95% See DC Electrical Characteristics
Part Number Operating Voltage Ambient Operating Temperature


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