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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Regulators => LDO (Low Drop Out)
DescriptionDual 1A Adjustable Low Dropout Voltage Linear Regulator With Uvlo And Soft-start
CompanyFairchild Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

Dual Channel 1A Low Dropout Linear Regulator with UVLO and Soft-start

Two independent outputs Load regulation: 0.05% typical Under-voltage lockout and softstart Over Temperature protection T0-252 DPAK, 5-lead SPAK packages Fixed 3.3V and adjustable or fixed 2.5V output

The FAN1538 provides two output voltages: a fixed 3.3V ouput and either a fixed 2.5V or adjustable output with 1A output current capability. Refer to Ordering Information for details. Current limit protects against short circuit currents and on chip over temperature circuitry limits the maximum die temperature. Under voltage lockout and softstart circuitry protects against unregulated output voltages when the input voltage is below specification.

Hard Disk Drives, CD-Roms Set-top Boxes ADSL line cards Motherboards with multiple supplies

Pin Name VIN NC/FB V1 V2 GND SPAK DPAK Pin Function Input supply voltage For V2 fixed, no connect. For V2 adjustable, feedback voltage. Output #1 Output #2 Ground

Parameter VIN Storage Temperature Range Lead Soldering Temperature, 10 seconds Min. -65 Max. 150 300 Units V C

Parameter VIN Ambient Operating Temperature (TA) Conditions Vin to GND Min. 4.75 0 Typ. 5 Max. 5.25 125 Units V C

(Operating Conditions: VIN 5V, TJ=25C unless otherwise specified) The denotes specifications which apply over the full operating temperature range. Parameter V1 Output Voltage V2 Output Voltage (FAN1538A) V2 Minimum Output Voltage (FAN1538B) Reference Voltage (FAN1538B) (FB) FB Pin Bias Current Line Regulation (Both Outputs) Load Regulation (Both Outputs) Current Limit (Both Outputs) Minimum Load Current (Both Outputs) Quiescent Current Ripple Rejection (Both Outputs) VIN Rising threshold VIN Falling threshold & V2 delay start time V1 softstart slew rate V2 softstart slew rate & V2 Thermal Shutdown Shut down Temperature Thermal hysteresis = 250 ohms VIN < 3.4 VIN > UVLO Rising Threshold 4.50V VIN 7V Iout VIN=5.0V 10mA Iout 1A VIN 5V 4.50V VIN 7V VIN = 60Hz, Cout = 22F VIN = 5V, Iout =100mA 60 Conditions 10mA Iout 1A 4.50V VIN 7V 10mA Iout 1A 4.50V VIN 7V 10mA Iout 1A 4.50V VIN 10mA<Iout<1A 4.50V VIN 7V Min. Typ. Max. Units mA dB


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