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DescriptionFAN1540 - 1.3A Low Quiescent Current LDO
CompanyFairchild Semiconductor
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Very Low Ground Current (IGND = 1mA) Excellent Line Regulation Excellent Load Regulation Very Low Transient Overshoot Stable with low ESR output capacitor (RESR = 0) Thermal Shutdown Current Limit


The FAN1539/FAN1540 series of 3.3V high current LDO's (1.0A and 1.3A respectively) has been developed for portable applications where low quiescent current is an important requirement. The device features excellent line and load transient response which does not exceed 10% of nominal output value for full operating temperature range even during power ON cycle and short circuit removal. Internally trimmed, temperature compensated bandgap reference guarantees 2.5% accuracy for full range of input voltage, output current and temperature. Included on the chip are accurate current limit and thermal shutdown protection. Device stability is achieved with only two external low ESR ceramic capacitors. The FAN1539 is available in thermally enhanced 3mmx3mm 6-lead MLP package. The FAN1540 is also available 5mmx6mm 8-lead MLP package and 3-lead TO252 package. The 5x6 MLP package version features separate Kelvin sense pin for high precision applications.


Disk Drive Circuits Desktop Computers Laptop, Notebook Computers General purpose Three Terminal Regulator

Symbol VIN GND VOUT VSEN Name And Function Input pin Ground Pin (Tab) Output pin: fixed (3.3V) output voltage Output sense pin. Connect VO if Kelvin sensing is not required.

Parameter Operating Input Voltage Range Power Dissipation Short Circuit Output Current Operating Junction Temperature Range Thermal Resistance Junction to Tab, TO-252 Thermal Resistance Junction to Tab, 3mmx3mm 6-lead MLP (Note 1) Thermal Resistance Junction to Tab, 5mmx6mm 8-lead MLP (Note 1) Storage Temperature Range Lead Temperature (I.R. Reflow) 30 Sec. (Note 2) Lead Temperature (Soldering) 10 Sec. (Note 2) Electrostatic Discharge Protection Symbol VIN PD IOSH TJ JC TSTG TLEAD ESD Value 10 Internally Limited Internally Limited 0 to Units A C C/W C V

Notes: 1. Juction to ambient thermal resistance, JA, is a strong function of PCB material, board thickness, thickness and number of copper plains, number of via used, diameter of via used, available copper surface, and attached heat sink characteristics. Thermal resistance (JA), VIN, IOUT must be chosen not to exceed 150C 2. Soldering temperature should be 260C for 10 second after 240C for 30 second in I.R. reflow using 60/40 solder. Maximum rate of temperature rise 3C/SEC to within 100C of the final temperature.


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