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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Regulators => LDO (Low Drop Out)
Description0.5A Adjustable/fixed Low Dropout Linear Regulator
CompanyFairchild Semiconductor
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Features, Applications


Low dropout voltage Load regulation: 0.05% typical Current limit On-chip thermal limiting Standard SOT-223 and TO-252 packages Three-terminal adjustable or fixed or 5V Specified from to +125C


The -2.5, -3.3 and -5 are low dropout three-terminal regulators with 0.5A output current capability. These devices have been optimized for applications where transient response and minimum dropout voltage are critical. The 5V version is designed also to be used in USB Hub and Motherboard applications. On-chip thermal limiting provides protection against any combination of overload and ambient temperature that would create excessive junction temperatures. Unlike PNP type regulators where 10% of the output current is wasted as quiescent current, the bias current of the FAN1616A flows into the load, increasing efficiency. The FAN1616A series regulators are available in the industry-standard SOT-223 and TO-252 power packages.


USB Controlled Power Supply High efficiency linear regulators for Mixed Voltage Logic, ASIC, FPGA based systems Post regulators for switching supplies Battery chargers 1.8V, or adj linear regulators Motherboard clock supplies SDRAM Module supplies

Typical Applications

FAN1616AS (Variable) FAN1616AS-X (Fixed) Front View 3 Tab is VOUT 1 IN OUT ADJ/GND 1 4-Lead Plastic 3 FAN1616AD (Variable) FAN1616AD-X (Fixed) Front View

*With package soldered to 0.5 square inch copper area over backside ground plane or internal power plane, JA can vary from to >50C/W. Other mounting techniques may provide better power dissipation than 30C/W.

Parameter VIN (VINVOUT) * IOUT Operating Junction Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec.) -40 -65 Min. Max. 18 See Figure C Unit V

Figure 1. Absolute Maximum Safe Operating Area

Operating Conditions: VIN = 25C unless otherwise specified. The denotes specifications which apply over the specified operating temperature range. Parameter Reference Voltage3 Conditions 1.5V (VIN - VOUT) 5.75V, 10mA IOUT 0.5A 10mA IOUT FAN1616A-1.8, 3.3V VIN FAN1616A-2.5, 4.0V VIN FAN1616A-3.3, 4.5V VIN FAN1616A-5, 6.2V VIN 12V (VOUT + 1.5V) VIN 12V, IOUT = 10mA (VIN VOUT) 2V, 10mA IOUT 0.5A VREF = 1%, IOUT = 0.5A

Line Regulation1,2 Load Regulation Dropout Voltage Adjust Pin Current3

Adjust Pin Current 4 1.5V (VIN VOUT) 12V, 10mA IOUT 0.5A Minimum Load Current Quiescent Current Ripple Rejection Thermal Regulation Temperature Stability Long-Term Stability RMS Output Noise of VOUT) Thermal Resistance, Juncation to Case Thermal Shutdown TO-252 1.5V (VIN VOUT) 12V VIN = VOUT = 120Hz, COUT = 22F Tantalum, (VIN VOUT) = 3V, IOUT 25C, 30ms pulse

Notes: 1. See thermal regulation specifications for changes in output voltage due to heating effects. Load and line regulation are measured at a constant junction temperature by low duty cycle pulse testing. 2. Line and load regulation are guaranteed up to the maximum power dissipation. Power dissipation is determined by input/ output differential and the output current. Guaranteed maximum output power will not be available over the full input/output voltage range. 3. FAN1616A only. 4. Output current must be limited to meet the absolute maximum ratings of the part.


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