Details, datasheet, quote on part number: FAN1951
Description1.5A Low Voltage LDO
CompanyFairchild Semiconductor
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Features, Applications


1.5A minimum guaranteed output current 500mV maximum dropout at 1.5A Ideal for or 1.65V conversion Ideal for to 2.5V conversion Current Limiting and Thermal shutdown External Shut-down control (FAN1951 only) Error flag output (FAN1951 only) Fast transient response Low ground current

The FAN1950 and FAN1951 are 1.5A low-dropout linear regulators that provide a low voltage, high current output with a minimum of external components. Both of these devices use a PNP output pass element achieving a maximum 500mV dropout at 1.5A load current. In addition these devices offer overcurrent limit and thermal shutdown features to ensure full protection. The FAN1951 offers a logic level enable pin and an error flag output to indicate undervoltage and over-current conditions. 1.8V and 2.5V fixed output versions are available. 3.3V, 1.65V and 1.5V options are available upon request.


General purpose conversion for low-voltage CPUs, DSP and FPGAs SMPS post regulator Cable/Satellite set-top boxes PCI Graphics adapter cards

Pin Number NA FAN1951 Pin Name EN IN GND OUT FLAG Pin Function Description Enable (Input) TTL/CMOS compatible input. Logic HIGH enables the output Input Supply Voltage Ground. This pin and TAB are ground. Output Voltage Error Flag (Output). Open-collector output. Active-low indicates an output fault condition.

Absolute maximum ratings are the values beyond which the device may be damaged or have its useful life impaired. Functional operation under these conditions is not implied. Parameter Supply Voltage: IN Enable Voltage: EN FLAG voltage: FLAG Junction Temperature (TJ) Storage Temperature Lead Soldering Temperature, 10 seconds Power Dissipation (PD) Min. Typ. Max. Internally Limited Units C W

Parameter Supply Voltage Package Thermal Resistance (JC) Junction Operating Temperature TO-252 -40 Conditions Min. 3 125 Typ. Max. 14 Units V C/W C

(VIN = VOUT + 1V, VEN = +25C unless specified otherwise) The denotes specifications which apply over the full operating temperature range. Parameter Output Voltage (VOUT) Tolerance Conditions 10mA IOUT 1.0A, 10mA IOUT 1.5A, VOUT + 1V VIN 8V IOUT = 10mA, VOUT + 1V VIN 14V VIN = VOUT 1V, 10mA IOUT 1.5A IOUT = 1.5A, VOUT = -1% Ground Current Minimum Load Current Limit EN Input Voltage (FAN1951 only) EN Input Current (FAN1951 only) FLAG Threshold Voltage (FAN1951 only) FLAG Output Leakage (FAN1951 only) Current4 IOUT = 750mA IOUT = 1.5A VOUT + 1V VIN 8V VOUT = 0V, VIN = VOUT + 1V VIH (On) VIL (Off) IIH, VEN = 2.25V IIL, VEN = 0.8V Low threshold, % VOUT High threshold, % VOUT Hysteresis VFLAG = 14V IOL = 250A Min. A mV Typ. Max. Units %


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SCC1300-D04DEMO : Eval Board - Sensor Programmers, Development System; DEMO KIT WITH SCC1300-D04. s: Sensor Type: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, 3 Axis ; Sensing Range: 6g;, 300/sec ; Sensitivity: Gyro 18 LSB/(/s), 0.1 (/s)/g Accel 650LSB/g ; Interface: SPI ; Voltage - Supply: - ; Supplied Contents: - ; Utilized IC / Part: SCC1300-D04 ; Embedded: No ; Lead Free Status:.

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