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CategoryDiscrete => Transistors => FETs (Field Effect Transistors) => MOSFETs => Power MOSFETs
Description200V P-channel QFET
CompanyFairchild Semiconductor
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1N4750ATR : 27V, 1W Zener Diode

74ACT323 : CMOS/BiCMOS->AC/ACT Family 8-Bit Universal Shift/storage Register With Synchronous Reset And Common I/o Pins

FSTU3384WM : Bus Oriented Circuits 10-Bit Bus Switch With -2V Undershoot Protection

RMPA2451 : Ism Band pa (Partially Matched)

MC78L24ACPRPG : 3-terminal 0.1A Positive Voltage Regulator

FAN5701UC20X : Compact 6-Channel LED Driver For Mobile Handsets The FAN5701 is a highly integrated and efficient chargepump- based multi-LED driver. The device can drive up to six LEDs in parallel with a total output current of 180mA. The FAN5701 is capable of driving a primary display backlight requiring four

2N5962_D26Z : Transistor (bjt) - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 100mA 45V 625mW NPN; AMP GP NPN 45V 10MA TO-92 Specifications: Transistor Type: NPN ; Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max): 45V ; Current - Collector (Ic) (Max): 100mA ; Power - Max: 625mW ; DC Current Gain (hFE) (Min) @ Ic, Vce: 600 @ 10mA, 5V ; Vce Saturation (Max) @ Ib, Ic: 200mV @ 500A, 10mA ; Frequency - Transition: - ; Current - Co

MOC8102S : Optoisolator - Transistor, Photovoltaic Output Channel Surface Mount 6-SMD; OPTOCOUPLER TRANS-OUT 6-SMD Specifications: Voltage - Isolation: 5300Vrms ; Input Type: DC ; Output Type: Transistor ; Current - Output / Channel: 50mA ; Voltage - Output: 30V ; Vce Saturation (Max): 400mV ; Current Transfer Ratio (Min): 73% @ 10mA ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Package / Case: 6-SMD ; Packaging: Tube ; Lead

74LCX32245GX : Low Voltage 32-Bit Bidirectional Transceiver With 5V Tolerant Inputs And Outputs

KSP62TA : Transistor (bjt) - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 500mA 20V 625mW PNP - Darlington; TRANS DARL PNP 20V 500MA TO-92 Specifications: Transistor Type: PNP - Darlington ; Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max): 20V ; Current - Collector (Ic) (Max): 500mA ; Power - Max: 625mW ; DC Current Gain (hFE) (Min) @ Ic, Vce: 20000 @ 10mA, 5V ; Vce Saturation (Max) @ Ib, Ic: 1V @ 10A, 10mA ; Frequency - Transition: 125MH

FDP6644J69Z : 50 A, 30 V, 0.0105 ohm, N-CHANNEL, Si, POWER, MOSFET Specifications: Polarity: N-Channel ; MOSFET Operating Mode: Enhancement ; V(BR)DSS: 30 volts ; rDS(on): 0.0105 ohms ; Package Type: TO-220, TO-220, 3 PIN ; Number of units in IC: 1

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1N6461 : 500 W Axial Uni-junction Transient Voltage Suppressors. The 1N64xx series of transient voltage suppressors are designed to protect military and commercial electronic equipment from overvoltages caused by lightning, ESD, EFT, inductive load switching, and EMP. These devices are constructed using a p-n junction TVS diode in a hermetically sealed, voidless glass package. The hermetically sealed package provides.

2SD1328 : VCEO(V) = 20 ;; IC(A) = 0.5 ;; HFE(min) = 200 ;; HFE(max) = 800 ;; Package = Mini3-G1.

BC556-T : PNP,TO-92,65V,0.1A. Symbol Collector-Emmiter Voltage Collector-Emmitor Voltage Collector Base Voltage Emitter Base Voltage Collector current Continuous Peak Base Current - Peak Emitter Current - Peak Collector Power Dissapation 25 C Operating and Storage Junction THERMAL RESISTANCE Junction to ambient Rth(j-a) / W VCEO VCES VCBO VEBO IC ICM IBM TA Tj Tstg Ratings to +150).

BLF246 : Power. BLF246; VHF Power MOS Transistor;; Package: SOT121B. High power gain Low noise figure Easy power control Good thermal stability Withstands full load mismatch. APPLICATIONS Large signal amplifier applications in the VHF frequency range. PINNING - SOT121B PIN drain source gate source Silicon N-channel enhancement mode vertical D-MOS transistor encapsulated 4-lead, SOT121B flange package with a ceramic cap.

DCR806SG : 844a 2800v Disc Phase Control Thyristor. s Double Side Cooling s High Surge Capability s High Mean Current KEY PARAMETERS VDRM IT(AV) ITSM dVdt* dI/dt 1000V/s 500A/s APPLICATIONS s High Power Drives s High Voltage Power Supplies s DC Motor Control s Power Supplies Type Number Repetitive Peak Voltages VDRM VRRM V Conditions Tvj to 125C, IDRM = IRRM = 50mA, VDRM, VRRM = 10ms, VDSM & VRSM.

IRHM8250 : Repetitive Avalanche And Dv/dt Rated HexFET(r) Transistors 200v 26a. Part Number Radiation Level IRHM7250 100K Rads (Si) IRHM3250 300K Rads (Si) IRHM8250 600K Rads (Si) RDS(on) ID 26A International Rectifier's RADHard technology provides high performance power MOSFETs for space applications. This technology has over a decade of proven performance and reliability in satellite applications. These devices have been characterized.

UPA1717 : Switching P-channel Power MOSFET Industrial Use. The PA1717 is P-Channel MOS Field Effect Transistor designed for power management applications of notebook computers. Low Ciss : Ciss 830 pF TYP. Built-in G-S protection diode Small and surface mount package (Power SOP8) Drain to Source Voltage (VGS 0 V) Gate to Source Voltage (VDS 0 V) Drain Current (DC) Drain Current (pulse) Total Power Dissipation.

Z1015 : 250 Watt. Peak pulse power: 250 watt x 1,000 msec) 3.03 KWatt x 20 msec) Steady state power dissipation: 500 mWatts Operating and storage temperature: to 150C 27.51 3.60.3 Type No. & Lot No. Cathode mark 60.3 Epoxy resin 0.8f Soldered copper wire Peak pulse power: 600 Watt (10/1,000msec) 7.28 KWatt (8/20msec) Steady state power dissipation: 1 Watt Operating.

ZVP0545G : P-channel MOSFET. PARAMETER Drain-Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current T amb=25C Pulsed Drain Current Gate Source Voltage Power Dissipation T amb=25C Operating and Storage Temperature Range SYMBOL GS P tot j :T stg VALUE to +150 UNIT W C ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (at Tamb = 25C unless otherwise stated). PARAMETER Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate-Source Threshold.

A06683F0.07 : RES NET,THICK FILM,68K OHMS,200WV,1% +/-TOL,-100,100PPM TC,4112 CASE. s: Configuration: Chip Array ; Category / Application: General Use.

BDX88R1 : 12 A, 45 V, PNP, Si, POWER TRANSISTOR, TO-204AA. s: Polarity: PNP ; Package Type: TO-3, HERMETIC SEALED, METAL, TO-3, 2 PIN.

C44PFGR6200AA0K : CAPACITOR, METALLIZED FILM, POLYPROPYLENE, 400 V, 200 uF, CHASSIS MOUNT. s: Technology: Film Capacitors ; Applications: General Purpose ; Electrostatic Capacitors: Polypropylene ; Capacitance Range: 200 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 10 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 400 volts ; Mounting Style: CHASSIS MOUNT ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 70 C (-40 to 158 F).


NMC2225NPO101F100TRPF : CAPACITOR, CERAMIC, MULTILAYER, 100 V, C0G, 0.0001 uF, SURFACE MOUNT, 2225. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Chip Capacitor ; Technology: Multilayer ; Dielectric: Ceramic Composition ; RoHS Compliant: Yes ; Capacitance Range: 1.00E-4 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 1 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 100 volts ; Temperature Coefficient: 30 ppm/°C ; Mounting Style: Surface.

12FR100B : 12 A, 1000 V, SILICON, RECTIFIER DIODE, DO-203AA. s: Number of Diodes: 1 ; VRRM: 1000 volts ; IF: 12000 mA.

2N3904G-BP : 200 mA, 40 V, NPN, Si, SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR, TO-92. s: Polarity: NPN ; Package Type: PLASTIC PACKAGE-3.

5EQ100PBF : 8 A, 100 V, SILICON, RECTIFIER DIODE. s: Rectifier Configuration / Technology: Schottky ; Package: HERMETIC SEALED, CERAMIC, LCC-18 ; Number of Diodes: 1 ; VRRM: 100 volts ; IF: 8000 mA ; RoHS Compliant: RoHS.

84320 : POWER TRANSFORMER. s: Category: Power ; Other Transformer Types / Applications: STANDARD ; Mounting: Chip Transformer ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 130 C (-67 to 266 F).

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