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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Regulators => LDO (Low Drop Out)
Description1A Fixed 15V Low Dropout Voltage Regulator (LDO)
CompanyFairchild Semiconductor
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12V, 15V output low dropout voltage regulator TO-220 full-mold package (4pin) Overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown Overvoltage protection, short circuit protection With output disable function


The is a low-dropout voltage regulator suitable for various electronic equipments. It provides constant voltage power source with TO-220-4 lead full mold package. Dropout voltage KA78RXXC is below 0.5V in full rated current(1A). This regulator has various functions such as peak current protection, thermal shut down, overvoltage protection and output disable function.

Parameter Input voltage Disable voltage Output current Power dissipation 1 Power dissipation 2 Junction temperature Operating temperature Thermal resistance, junction-to case (Note2) Thermal resistance, junction-to-air (Note2) Symbol Vin Vdis Pd2 Tj Topr Rjc Rja Value Unit C C/W Remark No heatsink With heatsink -

(Vin = 25C, unless otherwise specified) Parameter KA78R33C KA78R05C Output voltage KA78R12C KA78R15C Load regulation Line regulation Ripple rejection ratio Dropout voltage Disable voltage high Disable voltage low Disable bias current high Disable bias current low Quiescent current Rload Rline RR Vdrop VdisH VdisL IdisH IdisL = 1A Output active Output disabled Vdis = 2.7V Vdis 0A Vo Symbol Conditions < 1A Min. Typ. Max. mA V Unit

Note: 1.These parameters, although guaranteed, are not 100% tested in production. 2. Junction -to -case thermal resistance test environments. Pneumatic heat sink fixture. Clamping pressure 60psi through 12mm diameter cylinder. Thermal grease applied between PKG and heat sink fixture. 3. KA78R33C :Vin KA78R05C : Vin KA78R08C : Vin KA78R09C : Vin KA78R12C : Vin KA78R15C : Vin 4. KA78R33C :Vin KA78R05C : Vin KA78R08C : Vin KA78R09C : Vin KA78R12C : Vin KA78R15C : Vin to 30V


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S-1111 : = RR 70dB LDO ;; Input Voltage = 6.5V Max. ;; Output Voltage = 1.5-5.5V ;; Output Current = 150 ma ;; Accuracy = ±1% ;; Current Consumption Typ. = 35 µA ;; Current Consumption Standby = 0.1 µA ;; Dropout Voltage = 200mV @100mA ;; Condition = Vout=3.0V, Vin=4V ;; Package (Power Dissipation) = SOT-23-5 (300mW) 5-pin SON(A) (150mW) ;; Note.

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SP6832 : iq = 700µA ;; Vin Min. = 1.15V ;; Vin Max. = 5V ;; Output Current = 25mA ;; Output Range = -1.15V to -5.0V ;; Freq. (kHz) = 500 ;; Efficiency = 99.90% ;; Package = 5 Pin SOT-23.

UCC381-3 : Low Dropout 1 Ampere Linear Regulator Family. Precision Positive Linear Voltage Regulation 0.5V Dropout at 1A Guaranteed Reverse Input/ Output Voltage Isolation with Low Leakage Low Quiescent Current Irrespective of Load Adjustable Output Voltage Version Fixed Versions for 3.3V and 5V Outputs Logic Shutdown Capability Short Circuit Power Limit of 3% VIN Current Limit Remote Load Voltage for Accurate.

SSM3K124TU : The ever-increasing functionality of portable devices like cell phone, DSC and portable audio device is increasing their battery loading. In order to realize longer set operation, we are trying to decrease the system power consumption by lowering the internal operating voltage. Especially, lowering the voltage of the power supply and decreasing the internal.

MAX8633 : Dual 300mA Pin-Programmable Low-Dropout Linear Regulators With Reset Or Low-Noise Output In A Tiny 2mm X 2mm DFN Package The MAX8633MAX8636 offer low-dropout (LDO) voltage and ultra-low-power regulation in a subminiaturized 2mm x 2mm DFN package. The devices operate from a 2.7V to 5.5V supply and deliver up to 300mA from each output, with a typical.

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