Details, datasheet, quote on part number: SSW4N90A
CategoryDiscrete => Transistors => FETs (Field Effect Transistors) => MOSFETs => N-Channel
DescriptionAdvanced Power MOSFET
CompanyFairchild Semiconductor
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SSW4N90AS Advanced Power MOSFET
SSW6N70A N-channel Power MOSFET
SSW7N60A Advanced Power MOSFET
SSW7N60B 600V N-channel B-FET / Substitute of SSW7N60A
ST5771 PNP Switching Transistor
ST5771-1 Small Signal Transistor
ST57711 1 - PNP Switching Transistor
TDA1170 TV Vertical Deflection Systems
TDA2002 8 Watt Audio Power Amplifiers
TDC1044A 25MSPS 4-Bit Video A/D Converter
TIL111 6-Pin Phototransistor Coupler
TIL111M TIL111M - 6-Pin White Package Phototransistor 6-PIN, Dip
TIL113 6-pin Photodarlington Coupler

74ACT04PC : CMOS/BiCMOS->AC/ACT Family Hex Inverter

74VCX16722MTD : Low Voltage 22-Bit Register With 3.6V Tolerant Inputs And Outputs

DM74LS259M : Bipolar->LS Family 8-Bit Serial in to Parallel Out Addressable Latches

FQP1P50 : 500V P-channel QFET

NC7SV05L6X : NC7SV05 - Tinylogic Ulp-a Inverter (Open Drain Output)

74ABT373CSCQB : Octal D-type Flip-flop with 3-state Outputs

FAN73901M : Half Bridge Gate Driver The FAN73901 is a monolithic high- and low-side gate-drive IC, which can drive high speed MOSFETs and IGBTs that operate up to +600V. It has a buffered output stage with all NMOS transistors designed for high pulse current driving capability and minimum cross-conduction.

CNX39U.3SDL : 1 CHANNEL TRANSISTOR OUTPUT OPTOCOUPLER Specifications: Output: Phototransistor ; Isolation Voltage: 5300 volts ; Collector Emitter Breakdown Voltage: 30 volts

FAN7631SJX : SWITCHING CONTROLLER, 600 kHz SWITCHING FREQ-MAX, PDSO16 Specifications: Configuration / Function: PUSH-PULL ; Package Type: Other, EIAJ, SOP-16 ; Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; VIN: 17 volts ; fsw: 600 kHz

FDMS6673BZ : MOSFET P-CH 30V 15.2A POWER56 Fairchild Semiconductor PowerTrench® MOSFET technology enables high power density for high-efficiency solutions providing the lowest RDS(ON) available, improved FOM and lower power dissipation. Features Superior switching performance and low switching noise Lower switch node

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