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Description2”± X 2”± Oscillators: Dual Channel & Quadrature
CompanyFrequency Devices, Inc.
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The SPPOSC Series is a compact, dual channel, phase continuous, DSP based, programmable sine wave generator with analog outputs and or 9 bits of frequency selection. All SPPOSC-01 platforms are small, low profile, easy to use signal generators, which require no external components and can cover the audio/ultrasonic bandwidth from to 102.4 kHz in several standard and custom frequency ranges. SPPOSC's use a fixed point DSP with 32-bit math, 24bits of resolution and dual channel DACs. Noise floor and distortion are typically to 20 kHz and to 100 kHz.

Available in a single, dual or quadrature (0.1° phase stability) form factor, SPPOSC oscillators with to 512 tuning steps insure design flexibility in a compact x 2" footprint while minimizing board space requirements. This plug-in, turnkey signal source, with a standard or custom algorithm, allows product designers to incorporate various precision onboard programmable signal generators in a standard pin-out and form factor thereby reducing design time while maximizing design flexibility. When used in conjunction with the SPPDB-01 development board, SPPOCS signal generators require minimal set-up time to provide low noise and distortion signals for laboratory evaluation or precision field installations.

Dual Chl. Prog. Osc. - 256 Hz, 1 Hz Steps Dual Chl. Prog. Osc. - 2.56 kHz, 10 Hz Steps Quadrature Prog. Osc. - 512 Hz, 1 Hz Steps Quadrature Prog. Osc. - 5.12 kHz, 10 Hz Steps Same Prog. Dual Chl. Osc. - 512 Hz, 1 Hz Steps Same Prog. Dual Chl. Osc. - 5.12 kHz, 10 Hz Steps


Low distortion signal source for ATE systems Sound and vibration testing Quadrature signal generator: sine / cosine, standard or custom. Tone generation in speech and hearing analysis, research, pathology

Analog Filters Dual D/A Converters Digital Filters

Dual Chl. Prog. Osc. kHz,100 Hz Steps Dual Chl. Prog. Osc. - 51.2 kHz, 200 Hz Steps Dual Chl. Prog. Osc. - 102.4 kHz, 400 Hz Steps Quadrature Prog. Osc. - 51.2 kHz, 100 Hz Steps Quadrature Prog. Osc. - 102.4 kHz, 200 Hz Steps Same Prog. Dual Chl. Osc. - 51.2 kHz, 100 Hz Steps Same Prog. Dual Chl. Osc. - 102.4 kHz, 200 Hz Steps

Custom Dual Chl. Prog. Oscillator Custom Quadrature Prog. Oscillator Custom Same Prog. Dual Chl. Oscillator

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Frequency Selection Data Port Data Format Logic "0" Logic "1"

Bit Weighting (Binary Coded) LSB D0 MSB or D8 (for 9-bits) Frequency: 256:1 (8-bit dual), 512:1 (9-bit single) 1. The frequency selection data word bus consists to D7 for 8-bit programming and to D8 for 9-bit programming. 2. For dual Channel 8-Bit programming D8 is Channel Select and requires a minimum of 21 µsecs set-up time at a logic "1", 5volts for channel 2 or logic "0", 0 volts, for Channel 1 3. For an 8-bit dual channel unit, the Program enable or "Latch pin" D9. To enable a program change, this pin must be pulled to a logic high or 5 volts. If the pin is low, a frequency change will not be read and the channels will continue to run the previous values.

4. The ­ D9 bus data are checked simultaneously. New frequency selection data must be present or updated at the time Channel select occurs to be valid. The Program enable or "Latch" pin must be high. While the latch pin is high, the Frequency data must remain on the bus until the user applies the next frequency change. The pins do not float during programming! The frequency ports are polled by the system every 21 µseconds. Within 21 µsecs of programming, if the latch goes low, the programmed values are retained and the pins may float.


(@25°C and = ±15 Vdc) Analog Output Characteristics Minimum load Impedance 10 k Maximum capacitive load 50 pF. Output voltage 5 V peak (sine wave) Offset Voltage 2 mV Typ. 10mV Max. Power Supply (±Vs) Analog Vs range ±10Vdc Min to ±15 Vdc Max. Analog supply current at Max. 17 mA Typ. Digital PS Voltage +5 Vdc Digital supply current 150 mA Typ. Power consumption at Max. Vs 1.5 watts Max.

Frequency Accuracy Amplitude Accuracy Total Broad Band Noise

Channel to Channel phase tracking to 05) Cross talk dual channel version with different frequencies on each channel.

Care must be taken to stay above the minimum Vs in order to maintain the linearity and distortion performance of the oscillator.

There are three software configurations available for these / ­02 oscillators. Software Options: to ­05: Dual channel with independently selectable frequencies. to ­04: Dual Channel, same output and same frequency selection. to ­04: Quadrature, single frequency selection and Sine/Cosine outputs. All configurations are available with custom frequency selections. Consult factory for a quotation. These special programs will be assigned a custom suffix (CXX) at the time of order.

A socketed development board (SPPDB-01) can double as an oscillator mounting assembly, to facilitate product evaluation or laboratory use. The SPPDB-01 development board is specified and sold separately.


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