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DescriptionProgrammable VME Filter Board
CompanyFrequency Devices, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Description Frequency Devices' Model VM8PF comprises a family of VMEbus filter boards offering eight channels of software programmable, precision linear analog filtering in a single width B-size (6U) VME form factor. VM8PF boards receive up to eight high level differential signal inputs through a shielded front panel connector and provide signal buffering and software programmable filtering with unity gain for each channel. A second connector is wired in parallel with the input connector to facilitate filter bypass. VM8PF boards may be configured with or 8-pole filters in any one of five standard factory set tuning ranges from to 102.4 kHz, and with high- or low-pass transfer functions allowing user to externally cascade filters into band-pass configurations. The boards conform to VME revision an A16/D16 Slave. Features/Benefits: Simultaneous sampling over 8 channels provides a low cost, versatile and convenient way to control filtering and gain scaling. Solves precision performance problems of design engineers, system integrators and OEM's. Broad range of transfer characteristics and corner frequencies are offered to meet a wide range of applications. Low harmonic distortion and wide signal-to-noise ratio to 16-bit resolution. Signal conditioning applications include: Engine test and simulation Automotive test cells Aerospace, navigation & sonar Laboratory & D Acoustic and vibration analysis Satellite & Telecommunications Automatic test equipment (ATE) Industrial process control


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8 CHANNEL PROGRAMMABLE FILTER BOARD Analog Input 1. Impedance 2. Input Range 3. Maximum Input 4. Common Mode Rejection Analog Output 5. Impedance 6. Linear Operating Range 7. Channel to Channel Crosstalk 8. Maximum Current 9. Offset Voltage 10. Short Circuit Protection MW +/-10V pk. linear 70 dB typ., 60dB min. to 1 kHz 1 W typ., 10 W max. +/-10V pk. -95 dB typ. to 100 kHz +/-2mA +/-2mV typ. trimmable to zero Short to Ground

Filter Characteristics 11. See 824 and 828 Series specifications 12. External 8-bit CMOS latches hold frequency data Gain 13. Low-pass High-pass VMEbus 14. Interface Power Supply 15. From VME Backplane Environmental 16. Operating 17. Storage 18. Humidity Mechanical 19. Card Size 20. No. of Input Channels 21. No. of Output Channels 22. Mating Connectors 23. Weight A16/D16, D08(EO) Slave only, VME Spec. Rev. +5V, 3.5A max. +85C 0-95% non-condensing VMEbus 6U single slot x 6.3 inches, x 160 mm) 8 Differential - DC coupled 8 Single Ended - DC coupled 25-pin "D", Quantity 3 lbs., (1.36 kg.)

We hope the information given here will be helpful. The information is based on data and our best knowledge, and we consider the information to be true and accurate. Please read all statements, recommendations or suggestions herein in conjunction with our conditions of sale which apply to all goods supplied by us. We assume no responsibility for the use of these statements, recommendations or suggestions, nor do we intend them as a recommendation for any use which would infringe any patent or copyright. PR-VM8PF-01


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