Details, datasheet, quote on part number: AKBPC3502
CategoryPower Management => AC-DC Controllers/Converters => Bridge Rectifiers
Description35 Amp Controlled Avalanche Silicon Bridge Rectifier
CompanyFuji Electric Corp. of America
DatasheetDownload AKBPC3502 datasheet
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AKBPC3503 35 Amp Controlled Avalanche Silicon Bridge Rectifier
AKBPC602 6 Amp Controlled Avalanche Silicon Bridge Rectifier
AW02M 1.5 Amp Controlled Avalanche Silicon Bridge Rectifier
BA201 Fast Recovery Diode
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5962-8670403DA : Current Mode. ti UC1844, Current Mode PWM Controller. Optimized For Off-line And To DC Converters Low Start Up Current (<1mA) Automatic Feed Forward Compensation Pulse-by-pulse Current Limiting Enhanced Load Response Characteristics Under-voltage Lockout With Hysteresis Double Pulse Suppression High Current Totem Pole Output Internally Trimmed Bandgap Reference 500khz Operation Low RO Error Amp The UC1842/3/4/5.

HV20320 : Switch/Multiplexer. High Voltage Analog Switch/multiplexer. HV20220 HV20320 Low Charge Injection 8-Channel High Voltage Analog Switch Package Options VPP VNN 200V 28-lead plastic chip carrier HV20320PJ 48-lead TQFP HV20220FG HVCMOS technology for high performance Very low quiescent power dissipation 10A Output On-resistance typically 22 ohms Low parasitic capacitances to 10MHz analog signal frequency -60dB.

KA378R05 : 3A Fixed 5V Low Dropout Voltage Regulator (LDO). / 5V Output low dropout voltage regulator TO220 Full-Mold package (4PIN) Overcurrent protection, Thermal shutdown Overvoltage protection, Short-Circuit protection With output disable function The is a low-dropout voltage regulator suitable for various electronic equipments. It provides constant voltage power source with TO-220 4 lead full mold package.

LMS5258 : Positive Voltage->Fixed. LMS5258 - 150mA, µCap, Low Dropout Voltage Regulator With Power Good, Package: SOT-23, Pin Nb=5.

LTC1733 : Linear Chargers. LTC1733, 1.5A Monolithic Linear Lithium-ion Battery Charger With Thermal Regulation.

LTC4211 : LTC4211, 2.5V to 16.5V, Msop, Multifunction Current Control. LTC4211 Hot Swap Controller with Multifunction Current Control Allows Safe Board Insertion and Removal from a Live Backplane Controls Supply Voltages from to 16.5V Programmable Soft-Start with Inrush Current Limiting, No External Gate Capacitor Required Faster Turn-Off Time Because No External Gate Capacitor is Required Dual Level Overcurrent Fault.

PBPC803 : 200V; 8.0A Bridge Rectifier. Diffused Junction High Current Capability Surge Overload Rating to 150A Peak High Case Dielectric Strength of 1500V Ideal for Printed Circuit Board Application Plastic Material - UL Flammability Classification 94V-0 UL Listed Under Recognized Component Index, File Number E94661 Case: Molded Plastic Terminals: Plated Leads Solderable per MIL-STD-202,.

PT6526 : Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters. 8A Rated Output Current Single Device: 3.3V/5V Input High Efficiency (92% for PT6521) Small Footprint (0.75 in, Suffix `P') Output On/Off Standby Control Output Short-Circuit Protection Adjustable Output Voltage Soft Startup 16-pin Mount Option (Suffixes & F) PT6526 PT6527 Volts 1.5 Volts 2.5 Volts 2.1 Volts 1.8 Volts 1.2 Volts Note: Back surface.

RT9701 : Switchers. Input Voltage(V) = 2.2~6 ;; Enable = Yes ;; Flag = no ;; Io Max (A) = 1.1 ;; Programmable Ilim = no ;; Rds(on) = 100mOhm ;; Packages = SOT-25 ;;.

TPIC44L01DB : Control and Monitoring->Power+ Control. ti TPIC44L01, 4-Channel Serial/parallel Low-side Pre-FET Driver.

TPS3707-30 : . Power-On Reset Generator with Fixed Delay Time of 200 ms, no External Capacitor Needed Precision Supply Voltage Monitor 3.3 V, and 5 V Pin-For-Pin Compatible with the MAX705 through MAX708 Series Integrated Watchdog Timer (TPS3705 only) Voltage Monitor for Power-Fail or Low-Battery Warning Maximum Supply Current A MSOP-8 and SO-8 Packages Temperature.

TPS61011 : . Highest Power Conversion Efficiency (>95%) Start-Up Into Full Load With Supply Voltages as Low 0.9 V, Operating Down V 200-mA Output Current From 0.9-V Supply Powersave-Mode for Improved Efficiency at Low Output Currents Autodischarge Allows to Discharge Output Capacitor During Shutdown Device Quiescent Current Less Than 50 A Ease-of-Use Through.

TPS70451 : . TPS70458, TPS70402 DUAL-OUTPUT LOW-DROPOUT VOLTAGE REGULATORS WITH INTEGRATED SVS FOR SPLIT VOLTAGE SYSTEMS D Ultralow 185 A (typ) Quiescent Current Applications 2 A Input Current During Standby Independent Enable Functions (See Part D Low Noise: 78 VRMS Without Bypass Number TPS703xx for Sequenced Outputs) Capacitor Output Current Range on D Quick.

NCP5050 : 4.5 W Inductive Boost LED Driver For Flash And LCD Backlight The NCP5050 is a high powered fixed frequency PWM boost converter optimized for constant current applications such as driving high powered white LEDs. This high efficiency device has been designed for use in portable applications and is capable of driving up to 5 high power LEDs in series.

A6282 : 16-Channel Constant-Current LED Driver The A6282 device is designed for LED display applications. This CMOS device includes an input shift register, accompanying data latches, and 16 MOS constant current sink drivers. The CMOS shift registers and latches allow direct interfacing with microprocessor-based systems. With a 3.3 or 5 V logic supply, typical.

IR3507MPBF : The IR3507 Phase IC Combined With An IR XPhase3 Control IC Provides A Full Featured And Flexible Way To Implement Power Solutions For The Latest High Performance CPUs And ASICs. * Power State Indicator (PSI) interface provides the capability to maximize the efficiency at light loads. * 7V/2A gate drivers (4A GATEL sink current) * Converter output voltage.

PT7M7823MTA : P Supervisor Circuits The PT7M7xxx family microprocessor (P) supervisory circuits are targeted to improve reliability and accuracy of power-supply circuitry in P systems. These devices reduce the complexity and number of components required to monitor power-supply and battery functions..

TPS542951 : 4.5V To 18V Input, 2A/3A Dual Channel Synchronous Step-Down Converter The TPS542951 is a dual, adaptive on-time D-CAP2 mode synchronous buck converter. The TPS542951 enables system designers to complete the suite of various end equipments power bus regulators with a cost effective, low component count, and low standby current solution. The main control.

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