Details, datasheet, quote on part number: AKBPC3504
CategoryPower Management => AC-DC Controllers/Converters => Bridge Rectifiers
Description35 Amp Controlled Avalanche Silicon Bridge Rectifier
CompanyFuji Electric Corp. of America
DatasheetDownload AKBPC3504 datasheet
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AKBPC3505 35 Amp Controlled Avalanche Silicon Bridge Rectifier
AKBPC602 6 Amp Controlled Avalanche Silicon Bridge Rectifier
AW02M 1.5 Amp Controlled Avalanche Silicon Bridge Rectifier
BA201 Fast Recovery Diode
CA201 Fast Recovery Diode
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AD401M96RBB-5 : Low Voltage Operation is More Suitable to be Used on Battery Backup, Portable Electronic.

AMS2931-1 : LDO. 100ma Low Dropout Voltage Regulator. Fixed and Ajustable Versions Available Output Current in excess of 100mA Very Low Quiescent Current Reverse Battery Protection Input-output Differential less than 0.6V Short Circuit protection Internal Thermal Overload Protection 60V Load Dump Protection -50V Reverse Transient Protection Mirror Image Insertion Protection APPLICATIONS Battery Powered.

BA6238 : 2-channel Reversible Motor Driver. The BA6238AN, BA6239A, and BA6239AN are monolithic ICs incorporating two reversible-motor drivers that are suitable for driving small DC brush motors. The logic input section for controlling each motor can be easily connected with CMOSs and other control logic outputs. The torque during loading can be varied by controlling the voltage supplied to the motor.

BMR-0401 : System Reset ic. IMENSIONS BMR °©0401 is the low reset type of IC that guarantee set Dto again micro computers or logic systems by detecting the intermittent of fluctuating power supply voltage during normal use or switching on/off of the equipments. A comparator type of hysteresis transistor developed by KODENSHI is built in the IC,so that BMR°©0401 is very cost effective.

GS20AC-12-2 : 20 Watt Ac-dc Converter. The is an AC-DC switching power supply able to deliver 20W output power (12V/1.7A). Two versions of the INPUT PLUG ADAPTOR are available: EUROPEAN VERSION GS20AC-12-1 (ORDERING NUMBER) UK VERSION: GS20AC-12-2 (ORDERING NUMBER) (See page 2 for mechanical drawings) ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tamb = 25°C unless otherwise specified) Symbol Vo Io Iol Iosc.

L292 : Power Controllers & Motor Drivers. Switch-mode Driver For DC Motors. DRIVING CAPABILITY V, 30 KHz 2 LOGIC CHIP ENABLE EXTERNAL LOOP GAIN ADJUSTEMENT SINGLE POWER SUPPLY 36 V) INPUT SIGNAL SYMMETRIC TO GROUND THERMAL PROTECTION The is a monolithic LSI circuit in 15-lead Multiwatt ® package. It is intended for use, together with L290 and as a complete 3-chip motor positioning system for applications such as carriage/daisy-wheel.

L4710 : Very Low Drop Voltage Regulators.

LTC1644 : LTC1644, Compactpci Bus Hot Swap Controller, 3V, 5V, +/-12V. The is a Hot SwapTM controller that allows a board to be safely inserted and removed from a CompactPCI bus slot. External N-channel transistors control the 3.3V/5V supplies, while on-chip switches control the ­12V and 12V supplies. The 3.3V and 5V supplies can be ramped at a programmable rate. Electronic circuit breakers protect all four supplies against.

MAX1687 : Step-up DC-DC Converters With Precise, Adaptive Current Limit For GSM.

TC371AL/CL : High Noise Immunity Logic. High Noise Immunity Logic, Package : See_factory.

TK11320BMCB : Voltage Regulator With On/off Switch. VOLTAGE REGULATOR WITH ON/OFF SWITCH High Voltage Precision ± 2.0% Active Low On/Off Control Very Low Dropout Voltage 30 mA Very Low Noise Very Small or SOT-89-5 Surface Mount Packages s Internal Thermal Shutdown Short Circuit Protection APPLICATIONS Battery Powered Systems Cellular Telephones Pagers Personal Communications Equipment Portable Instrumentation.

UCC3806DW : Current Mode. ti UCC3806, Low Power, Dual Output, Current Mode PWM Controller.

XC62FPSeries : Input Voltage = 10Vmax ;; Output Voltage = 1.1 to 6.0V ;; Max Output Current = 250mA ;; Accu Racy = 2% (1%) ;; Quiescent Current Typ. = 2.0A ;; Quiescent Current Standby = - ;; Dropout Voltage = 200mV @100mA 380mV @200mA ;; Conditions = Vout=5.0V ;; Package = SOT-23 (150mW) SOT-89 (500mW) ;; Note =.

ISL88550A : Synchronous Step Down Controller with Sourcing and Sinking LDO Regulator ISL88550A integrates a synchronous buck PWM controller to generate VDDQ, a sourcing and sinking LDO linear regulator to generate VTT, and a 10mA reference output buffer to generate VTTR. The buck controller drives two external N-Channel MOSFETs to generate output voltages down.

V7AH-03E500 : NON-ISOLATED DC/DC CONVERTERS The Bel x7AH-03Exx0 Series are part of the low cost non-isolated DC/DC power converters. The modules use a surface mount package or vertical package for ease of layout and space savings, with a low profile of only 7.82mm. The output is closely regulated and the efficiency of 5V output module is typically 95% at full load.

MAX14569 : Dual-Pair LLT With Charge Pump And High-ESD Protection The MAX14569 is a dedicated dual-pair unidirectional logic-level translator that is ideal for industrial and metering applications. Voltages VCC and VL set the logic levels on either side of the device. Logic-high signals present on the VL side of the device appear as high-voltage logic signals.

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