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CategoryPower Management => AC-DC Controllers/Converters => Bridge Rectifiers
Description6 Amp Controlled Avalanche Silicon Bridge Rectifier
CompanyFuji Electric Corp. of America
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AKBPC606 6 Amp Controlled Avalanche Silicon Bridge Rectifier
AW02M 1.5 Amp Controlled Avalanche Silicon Bridge Rectifier
BA201 Fast Recovery Diode
CA201 Fast Recovery Diode
CS52-10A Fast Recovery High Voltage Silicon Rectifiers

M2DA-16M384-D100 :

MB89655APF : 8-bit Proprietary Microcontroller

MBM29DL164BE-90TN : Flash Memory CMOS 16M (2M X 8/1 X 16)bit Dual Operation

MBM29DL400TC-70PFTR : 512K * 8, 256K * 16

MBM29LV800TA-70 : 1M * 8, 512K * 16

MB91F345B : 32-bit Microcontroller CMOS FR60 Lite Mb91345 Series

FAR-F1DA-12M624-G201 : Timing Extraction Bandpass Filter (1.5 to 100mhz)

FTR-LYCA012V : Power Relay 1 POLE - 6A (medium Load Control) SLIM TYPE

MB85R1001 : Memory FRAM CMOS 1 M Bit (64 K 16)

MBM29DL164TE-90TR : 8M (1M X 8/512k X 16) BIT

MB89PV550A-202CF : 8-BIT, 12.5 MHz, MICROCONTROLLER, CDIP64 Specifications: Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Clock Speed: 12.5 MHz ; Supply Voltage: 3.5 to 5.5 volts ; I/O Ports: 53 ; Package Type: CDIP, Other, 1.778 MM PITCH, CERAMIC, DIP-64 ; Operating Range: Industrial ; Pin Count: 64 ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F) ; Features: PWM

MB90F952MDSPMC-GSE1 : 16-BIT, FLASH, 32 MHz, MICROCONTROLLER, PQFP100 Specifications: Data Bus: 16 Bit ; Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Clock Speed: 32 MHz ; ROM Type: Flash ; Supply Voltage: 3 to 5.5 volts ; I/O Ports: 80 ; Package Type: QFP, Other, 14 X 20 MM, 3.35 MM HEIGHT, 0.65 MM PITCH, PLASTIC, QFP-100 ; Operating Range: Industrial ; Pin Count: 100 ; Operating Temp

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5962-90538012A : Schottky Diode Arrays. ti UC1611, Quad Schottky Diode Array. D Matched, Four-Diode Monolithic Array D High Peak Current D Low-Cost MINIDIP Package D Low-Forward Voltage D Parallelable for Lower VF or Higher IF D Fast Recovery Time D Military Temperature Range Available This four-diode array is designed for general purpose use as individual diodes as a high-speed, high-current bridge. It is particularly useful.

BA00CC0WFPWT-V5 : 35v Max Variable Output LDO Regulator. is a variable output LDO regulator IC with the output current of 1A and C pin voltage accuracy of 2%. Output voltage can be set 15V) by external resistor. Over-current protection circuit, over-voltage protection circuit and thermal protection circuit are incorporated in this IC. BA00CC0WFP/WT(-V5) incorporates shutdown switch to control output ON/OFF.

CJSE012 : Fixed. = Fixed Output Voltage Regulators in 2 Pin To-3 Case 3Amp And 5 Amp Types.

ET1 : Various Motor And Heater Control. The new NEC ET2/ET1 series is PC-board mount type automotive relay suitable for various motor and heater control applications that require a high quality and performance. The ET2/ET1 series is the relay that succeeds fundamental structure and performance of the NEC EP2/EP1 series that has the high share with a motor control usage of the automobile of the world.

LMS5258 : Positive Voltage->Fixed. LMS5258 - 150mA, µCap, Low Dropout Voltage Regulator With Power Good, Package: SOT-23, Pin Nb=5.

NML0509S : ISOlated 2W Single Output DC/DC Converters.

P6123A : iq = 500µA ;; Vin Min. = 3V ;; Vin Max. = 7V ;; Fixed Outputs = N/a ;; Output Range = 0.8V-5.0V ;; Frequency (kHz) = Fixed 300, 500 ;; Efficiency = 95% ;; Package = 8 Pin Nsoic.

PT5026 : Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters. Positive Input/Negative Output Integrated Switching Regulator Negative Output Input Voltage Range: to +7 Volts Laser-Trimmed Small Footprint Soft Start 5-Pin Mount Option (Suffixes & M) The PT5020 series of integrated switching regulators (ISRs) convert a positive input voltage, typically to a negative output voltage for a wide range of analog and datacom.

PT7747 : Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters. 15 Amp Current Booster For Pt7750 Series.

TC1108 : The TC1108 is a Fixed Output, High Accuracy (typically ±0. Extremely Low Supply Current (50A, Typ.) Very Low Dropout Voltage 300mA Output Current High Output Voltage Accuracy Standard or Custom Output Voltages Over Current and Over Temperature Protection The is a fixed output, high accuracy (typically 0.5%) CMOS low dropout regulator. Total supply current is typically 50A at full load to 60 times lower than.

TPS3619-50DGK : ti TPS3619-50, Battery-backup Supervisors For RAM Retention. D Supply Current 40 A (Max) D Battery-Supply Current 100 nA (Max) D Precision Supply Voltage Monitor 5 V, Other Options on Request Backup-Battery Voltage Can Exceed VDD Power On Reset Generator With Fixed 100-ms Reset Delay Time Voltage Monitor For Power-Fail or Low-Battery Monitoring Battery Freshness Seal Pin-For-Pin Compatible With MAX819, MAX703,.

TPS3809K33DBVR : ti TPS3809K33, 3-Pin Supply Voltage Supervisor. 3-Pin SOT-23 Package Supply Current 9 A (Typical) Precision Supply Voltage Monitor 5 V Power-On Reset Generator With Fixed Delay Time 200 ms Pin-For-Pin Compatible With MAX 809 Temperature Range. to 85C The TPS3809 family of supervisory circuits provides circuit initialization and timing supervision, primarily for DSPs and processor-based systems.

TPS61027DRCR : Switching DC/DC Converters, Integrated Switch. ti TPS61027, 5-V Output, 1.5-A Switch, 96% Efficient Boost Converter w/ LDO Down-Mode, QFN-10.

UCC283T-5 : ti UCC283-5, Low Power 3 Ampere Low Dropout (LDO) Regulator. Voltage Regulation 0.45 V Dropout 50 mV Dropout 10 mA Quiescent Current Under 650 A Irrespective of Load Adjustable (5-Lead) Output Voltage Version Fixed (3-Lead) Versions for 3.3-V and 5-V Outputs Logic Shutdown Capability Short-Circuit Power Limit (3% VIN ISHORT) Low VOUT to VIN Reverse Leakage Thermal Shutdown The UCC2833/5/ADJ family of positive.

X46402 : Watchdog. Dual Voltage Monitoring Cpu Supervisor With Power-on-reset, Low Voltage Reset, Watchdog Timer, Battery Failure Detect, 128-byte Otp, And 2-wire Serial Password Protected EePROM.

HT7727A : PFM Step-up DC/DC Converter General The HT77XXA series is a set of PFM step-up DC/DC converter with high efficiency and low ripple. The series extremely low start-up voltage and high output voltage accuracy. They require only three external components to provide a fixed output voltage of 2.7V, 3.0V, 3.3V or 5.0V. CMOS technology ensures ultra low supply.

NJM2836 : Low Dropout Voltage Regulator The NJM2836 is a 500mA output low dropout voltage regulator.Advanced Bipolar technology achieves low noise, high ripple rejection and high supply voltage.2.1V to 15.5V output voltage range, 2.2F small decoupling capacitor, built-in noise bypass capacitor make the NJM2835 suitable for various applications..

MAX17480 : AMD 2-/3-Output Mobile Serial VID Controller The MAX17480 is a triple-output, step-down, fixed-frequency controller for AMDs serial VID interface (SVI) CPU and northbridge (NB) core supplies. The MAX17480 consists of two high-current SMPSs for the CPU cores and one 4A internal switch SMPS for the NB core. The two CPU core SMPSs run 180 out-of-phase.

TPS658621C : Multi-channel Power Management Unit With Li-Ion Battery Charger The TPS658621C provides an easy to use, fully integrated solution for handheld devices, integrating charge management, multiple regulated power supplies, system management and display functions in a small package. The I2C interface enables control of a wide range of subsystem parameters.

BQ29442 : Voltage Protection For Two, Three, Or Four-Cell Li-Ion Batteries(4.45V) The bq2944x is a secondary overvoltage protection IC for 2-series, 3-series, or 4-series cell Li-Ion battery packs that incorporates a high-accuracy precision overvoltage detection circuit..

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