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CategoryDiscrete => Solid State relays
CompanyFujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
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Slim type relay for high density mounting Conforms to Bellcore specification and FCC Part 68 --Dielectric strength 1,500 VAC between coil and contacts --Surge strength 2,500 V between coil and contacts (at 10 s surge wave) q UL, CSA recognized q High sensitivity and low consumption power q Maximum switching A 700 VAC q High reliability--bifurcated contacts q DIL pitch terminals q Plastic sealed type

Series Name Operation Function Number of Coil Nominal Voltage Contact Enclosure

: NA Series Nil : Standard type L : Latching type Nil : Single winding type D : Double winding type Refer to the COIL DATA CHART W : Bifurcated type K : Plastic sealed type

1950, 478 (File No. E45026) C22.2 No. 0, No. 14, No. 950 (File No. LR35579) Only UL/CSA approval markings are marked on the cover.

Item Contact Arrangement Material Style Resistance (initial) Rating (resistive) Maximum Carrying Current Maximum Switching Power Maximum Switching Voltage Maximum Switching Current Minimum Switching Capacitance Coil Nominal Power (at 20C) Operate Power (at 20C) Operating Temperature Time Value Operate (at nominal voltage) Release (at nominal voltage) Insulation Resistance (at 500 VDC) between open contacts Dielectric Strength between adjacent contacts between coil and contacts between open contacts Surge Strength Life Mechanical Electrical Other Vibration Resistance Shock Resistance Weight Misoperation Endurance Misoperation Endurance between adjacent contacts between coil and contacts Load*1 Standard Type NA-( ) W-K 2 form C (DPDT) Gold overlay silver alloy Bifurcated Maximum 50 m (at A 6 VDC) A 125 VAC A 30 VDC 2A 62.5 AV, W 250 VAC, 220 VDC mA 10 mVDC Approximately 0.5 pF (between open contacts, adjacent contacts) Approximately 1.0 pF (between coil and contacts) 0.17 W Single Winding Latching Type Double Winding Latching Type NAL-( ) W-K NAL-D ( ) W-K

to +85C (no frost)(refer to the CHARACTERISTIC DATA) Maximum 6 ms Maximum 4 ms Minimum M 1,000 VAC 1 minute 1,000 VAC 1 minute 1,500 VAC 1 minute 1,500 V (at 700 s) 1,500 V (at 700 s) 2,500 V (at 10 s) 108 operations minimum 1,500 V (at 160 s) 107 operations minimum 1,000 VAC 1 minute Maximum 6 ms (set) Maximum 6 ms (reset)

105 ops. min. A 125 VAC), 105 ops. min. A 30 VDC) 55 Hz (double amplitude of 3.3 mm) 55 Hz (double amplitude of 5.0 mm) (11 1 ms) 6 1 ms) Approximately 1.5 g

*1 Minimum switching loads mentioned above are reference values. Please perform the confirmation test with the actual load before production since reference values may vary according to switching frequencies, environmental conditions and expected reliability levels.

MODEL NA-1.5 W-K NA- 3 W-K NA-4.5 W-K Standard Type NA- 5 W-K NA- 6 W-K NA- 9 W-K NA-12 W-K NA-18 W-K NA-24 W-K NA-48 W-K *1 Nominal voltage 1.5 VDC 3 VDC 4.5 VDC 5 VDC 6 VDC 9 VDC 12 VDC 18 VDC 24 VDC 48 VDC Coil resistance Must operate voltage*1 +1.13 VDC +2.25 VDC +3.38 VDC +3.75 VDC +4.5 VDC +6.75 VDC +9.0 VDC +13.5 VDC +18.0 VDC +36.0 VDC Must release voltage*1 +0.15 VDC +0.3 VDC +0.45 VDC +0.5 VDC +0.6 VDC +0.9 VDC +1.2 VDC +1.8 VDC +2.4 VDC +4.8 VDC Nominal power 300 mW

Note: Specified values are subject to pulse wave voltage. All values in the table are measured at 20C.

MODEL NAL-1.5W-K Single Winding Latching Type NAL- 3 W-K NAL-4.5W-K NAL- 5 W-K NAL- 6 W-K NAL- 9 W-K NAL-12 W-K NAL-18 W-K NAL-24 W-K NAL-D1.5W-K NAL-D 3 W-K NAL-D4.5W-K NAL-D 5 W-K NAL-D 6 W-K NAL-D 9 W-K NAL-D12 W-K NAL-D18 W-K NAL-D24 W-K

Note: *1 Specified values are subject to pulse wave voltage. All values in the table are measured at 20C.


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