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Do you need to standardize on a single touch screen product for multiple programmable controller platforms? Are you looking for a high-quality touch screen alternative to your current touch screen solution? Would you like to simplify the translation of screen text into multiple languages? Omron's NT31 and NT631 multi-vendor driver touch screens are the solution for you. These Omron touch screens can communicate with the largest programmable controller vendors (AB, GE, Omron, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and Modicon) and use a Windows-based programming tool, NTST, that converts existing projects from one vendor to the next. NTST includes a translation utility that simplifies the process of creating and maintaining touch screen programs in multiple languages. Omron truly is a global company with global solutions, providing the tools you need to reduce the cost of selling to customers world-wide. Omron's experience in creating efficient, high qualtity products is reflected in the NT31 and NT631. These robust screens meet NEMA 4 requirements for wash down, offer wide angles of view, powerful programming options and occupy minimal panel space. Even the largest 11.3" diagonal screen is only 1.8" deep.

Standardize on Omron as your touch screen vendor. Screens available in: - 11.3" STN color - 10.4" TFT color - 10.4" Electroluminescent - 5.7" STN color - 5.7" Monochrome LCD Communication Drivers provided for: - Allen-Bradley SLC Allen-Bradley & 90-30 Series - Mitsubishi & FX Series - Siemens & S7-400 Series - Modicon TSX Micro, Premium, and Quantum PLCs Windows-based programming tool (NTST) provides an easy to use, dragand-drop programming environment. Translation Support Utility simplifies the creation and management of screens in different languages.

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Multi-vendor Drivers for Omron Touch Screens Product Overview POV09 08/01

Selecting the Omron NT product to support your multi-vendor application is easy. Since all NT31 and NT631 products share the same functionality, the choice simply comes down to screen size, screen type, and front bezel color. Use the following table to select the Omron NT product for your application:


5.7" Color STN LCD Screen x 240 pixel resolution 192 touch cells 5.7" Monochrome STN LCD Screen x 240 pixel resolution 192 touch cells 10.4" Color TFT LCD Screen x 480 pixel resolution 768 touch cells 11.3" Color STN LCD Screen x 480 pixel resolution 768 touch cells 10.4" Electroluminescent Screen x 480 pixel resolution 768 touch cells

A flash memory data transfer module is available for the NT31/631 hardware platform. The module can upload and download screen data and the operating system (communications driver). Two separate memory banks each have 1MB of capacity. Dip switches configure different operating modes. Data transfer can be set for manual or automatic transfer. Automatic transfer is particularly useful when updating a remote customer's screen data or operating system. The memory module will be preferred by: Users of the multi-vendor drivers - This module is convenient when configuring the NT31/631 hardware for the different multi-vendor drivers. Changing the communications driver in the NT31/631 requires a system program download. The flash memory module transfers data much more quickly than a serial connection, and no PC and download cable is needed. OEMs with remote customers - The remote customers can load the program error free, without the need for a computer and software. OEMs who must download the same screen data to multiple pieces of equipment.

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Use the diagrams on the following pages to select the hardware required to create a multi-vendor driver connection. Omron's NT31 and NT631 drivers only support the PLC models listed below. PLCs not listed are not officially supported by the Omron NT31 and NT631 products at this time.

Communications use the DF1 protocol from AB. The Omron cable will connect from the RS-232 on the NT to the 8 pin Mini-DIN connector on the MicroLogix 1000/1200/1500 PLC.

An alternative cable configuration uses a custom RS-232 9-to-9 PIN cable connecting to the AllenBradley 1767-CBL-PM02(Series C). The diagram below shows the pinouts for the custom RS-232 cable:

Connects to Omron NT -1 TXD -2 RXD GND -9 9-PIN Male DB9 Connector Connects AB 1761 Cable 9-RI 9-PIN Male DB9 Connector

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