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TitleSingle Channel
DescriptionLow Current Preamplifier With Output Limiting
CompanyGennum Corporation
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Features, Applications

FEATURES designed to drive Class D integrated receivers adjustable peak clipper low current drain low noise and distortion low external parts count two low noise preamplifiers transconductance output stage mid supply referenced output preamp A for Gain Trim or Telecoil STANDARD PACKAGING 10 pin MICROpac 10 pin PLID 10 pin SLT Chip x 84 mils) Au Bump DESCRIPTION The GK504 is Gennum's proprietary low current preamplifier designed to drive the Class D series receivers. It consists of two independent single-ended, low noise inverting amplifiers, a symmetrical peak clipping, mid-supply referenced, transconductance output stage, and an on-chip microphone decoupling resistor. Blocks A and B typically have an open loop voltage gain of 53 dB, with the closed loop gain set by the ratio of the feedback resistor to source impedance. It is recommended that the maximum closed loop gain 20 dB lower than the open loop gain. All blocks of the device are internally bias compensated preventing any DC current flow via external feedback resistors. Without this compensation, audible scratchiness would be present during changes in Volume Control settings. It is acceptable to DC-couple blocks A and B of the device, however the third stage must be AC coupled in order to maintain DC bias requirements. The major advantage of the GK504 over other preamplifiers is the electronic MPO adjustment. Since conventional MPO is not possible in the class D receivers, it is provided electronically. The maximum output swing is easily set using an RMPO resistor. The receiver output level is thus limited, preventing it from exceeding the discomfort level.

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Supply Voltage Power Dissipation Operating Temperature Storage Temperature

Positive Current corresponds to current INTO the pin, Negative Current corresponds to current OUT of the pin, Conditions: Frequency = 1 kHz, VP - Pin voltage measured with conditions as shown in Test Circuit. Temperature 25o C.

PARAMETER Supply Current Input Referred Noise Distortion On-Chip Microphone Resistance

Input Bias Current Input Bias Voltage Output Swing Lo Max Output Current Capability Open Loop Voltage Gain

OUTPUT STAGE Voltage Gain (Pin 8 to Pin 5) Gain Loss (Pin 8 to Pin 5) Maximum Output Level MPO Range Output Impedance AV GAIN MPO ZOUT VINAC = -52 dBV, RMPO= 0 VIN = -62 dBV, RMPO 50k,Note 3 VINAC = -22 dBV, RMPO = 0 VINAC = -22 dBV,RMPO 10k) dB dBV dB K

All parameters and conditions remain as shown in Test Circuit unless otherwise specified in Conditions column. NOTES: 1. IBIAS )[RF=1M])/1M 2. VOL = VBIAS -Vp(1,9) [VIN DC=+1A,RF=1M,IL=+15A] 3. GAIN = (V OUT / VIN [VIN =-62dBV, RMPO=0] (VOUT / VIN [VIN =-62dBV, RMPO=50k]

All resistors in ohms, all capacitors in F, unless otherwise stated.


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