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CategorySensors => Magnetic Sensors
DescriptionMagnetic Shield Cases
CompanyHamamatsu Photonic Systems
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E989-02 Magnetic Shield Cases


C8366 :

H7732P-01 : Side-on PMT

H8569-02 : PMT Modules

R759 : Photomultiplier Tubes

S5990 : Si-based Photodiodes

R259 : Flame Sensor


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3425 : Magnetics/Hall-Effect Sensors. DUAL, CHOPPER-STABILIZED, ULTRA-SENSITIVE, BIPOLAR HALL-EFFECT SWITCH The A3425LK dual Hall-effect switch is an extremely temperature-stable and stress-resistant sensor especially suited for use in digital-encoder systems in the harsh environments of automotive or industrial applications over extended temperature ranges to +150°C. Superior high-temperature.

AVIIVAM2CL0514 : Cameras (& Camera Modules). 512 Active Pixels, 14 µm Pixel, From 20 MHZ to 60 MHZ Data Rate Camera Link Interface.

C7169 : . C7169 is the power supply unit which can be used for various photosensor module produced by Hamamatsu commonly. The unit can provide both the driving voltage and the control voltage. Type No. H7710 SERIES H7711/H7712 SERIES H6779 SERIES H6780 SERIES H5773 SERIES H5783 SERIES H5784 SERIES H7826 SERIES H7732 SERIES Effective Area Built-in Parts Driving.

E8F2 : E8F2 Pressure Sensor Data Sheet. "Cube-Type" Pressure Sensor, with LED Display, Offers High-Precision Sensing H New psi version available H Compact style: 29 mm H Easy-to-read LEDs H Displays both analog bar and digital Type Positive pressure Digital output NPN open collector (independent, two outputs) Analog output 5 V Pressure range to 100 kPa to 1 MPa to 14.5 psi to 145 psi PNP open.

F811CPL : SAW Devices. For Audio Visual Equipments. Standard IF Filter for TV(PIF+SIF) M/N DATE Version 1.2 Sep. 09 2002 FUJITSU MEDIA DEVICES LIMITED Video Channel Items Insertion Loss Conditions Min. fp-3.58 (55.25 MHz) fp-3.0 (55.83 MHz) (56.83 MHz) (57.83 MHz) (58.83 MHz) ( 1.0 MHz) ( 1.0 MHz) Pin Configuration Pin No. Table 2 Symbol IN GND OUT(S) OUT(V) Function Input Ground Output(Sound) Output(Video).

HV7131D : CMOS Image Sensor With 8-bit ADC.

ILX553B : B/W Image Sensor. CCD Image Sensor 5150-pixel CCD Linear Sensor (b/w).

LS6511 : PIR Sensor Interface.

MAX6633 : 12-Bit Plus Sign Temperature Sensors With SMBus/I2C-Compatible Serial Interface.

MAX8211CPA-2 : Ic-micropower Sensor. Microprocessor Voltage Monitors with Programmable Voltage Detection Maxim's MAX8211 and MAX8212 are CMOS micropower voltage detectors that warn microprocessors (µPs) of power failures. Each contains a comparator, a 1.5V bandgap reference, and an open-drain N-channel output driver. Two external resistors are used in conjunction with the internal reference.

MC145012 : Photoelectric Smoke Detector ic With I/o And Temporal Pattern Horn Driver.

MPX5999D : Integrated Silicon Pressure Sensor On-Chip Signal Conditioned, Temperature Compensated And Calibrated The MPX5999D piezoresistive transducer is a state-of-the-art pressure sensor designed for a wide range of applications, but particularly for those employing a microcontroller or microprocessor with A/D inputs. This patented, single element transducer.

CY8C20121 : ApSense® Express™ - One Button And Two Button Capacitive Controllers The CapSense Express™ controllers support two capacitive sensing (CapSense) buttons and two general purpose outputs in CY8C20121 and one CapSense button and one general purpose output in CY8C20111. The device functionality is configured through the I2C port and can be stored in on-board.

LM96511 : Ultrasound Receive Analog Front End (AFE) The LM96511 is an 8-channel integrated analog front end (AFE) module for multi-channel applications, particularly medical ultrasound. Each of the 8 signal paths consists of a low noise amplifier (LNA), a digitally programmable variable gain amplifier (DVGA) and a 12-bit, 40 to 50 Mega Samples Per Second (MSPS).

GS100502 : Speed Sensors M12-1 ALUM BARREL. » » » Speed Sensors Speed Sensors A position sensor is any device that permits position measurement. It can either be an absolute position sensor or a relative one. Position sensors can be either linear or angular. Positioning Sensors are finding their way into more handheld, medical and industrial.

SCCP15ASMTP : Board Mount Pressure Sensors 0 to 15psia 1.5mA UNAMP ABSOLUTE 4kOhm. » » » Pressure / Force Sensors Pressure / Force Sensors A pressure sensor transducer generates an electronic signal as a function of the pressure imposed. Pressure sensors are used for control and monitoring in thousands of everyday applications. s: Manufacturer:.

MK23-87-B-2 : Proximity Sensors SPST-NO 1 Form A Surf Mnt 10mm. The MK23 Series Open Reed Sensors for SMD Mounting from Meder electronic are magnetically operated with open reed proximity switches. Meder electronic 's MK23 Series Open Reed Sensors for SMD Mounting feature reed switches without moulding case, flat or round leads in three different designs, a tape.

32208727 : Industrial Temperature Sensors M310 Pt 100 ClassA clad Ni- wire. s: Manufacturer: Heraeus ; Function: Resistance Temperature Detector ; Temperature Range: - 50 C to + 300 C ; Supply Current: 0.1 mA to 0.3 mA ; Mounting Style: Through Hole ; Packaging: Bulk ; Product: Temperature Sensors ; Resistance: 1 kOhms.

TSL2584TSV : Light to Digital Converters 33000 Max Lux I2C-1.8, 2.7V. ams TSL2584TSV Light-to-Digital Converter is offered as a 1.145mm x 1.66mm digital device in a through-silicon via (TSV) package for next-generation thinner wearable products. This high sensitivity light-to-digital converter transforms light intensity into a digital signal output capable of direct.

KXG03-1034-FR : IMUs - Inertial Measurement Units Tri-axis Gyrscpe/Acl I2C, SPI 1.8V-3.3V. Kionix KXG03 Tri-Axis Gyroscope/ Tri-Axis Accelerometer is an advanced 6-axis accelerometer/gyroscope combination device. The KXG03 a low-power architecture with 2mA maximum operating current. The device also an I2C/SPI digital communications, an auxiliary bus to control and buffer.

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