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DescriptionTriac Medium Power Use
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IT (RMS) 8 A VDRM 1000 V IFGTI, IRGTI, IRGT 30 mA Viso 2000 V Insulated Type Planar Passivation Type UL Recognized : Yellow Card No. E223904 File No. E80271


Switching mode power supply, washing machine, motor control, heater control, and other general controlling devices

Parameter Repetitive peak off-state voltage Non-repetitive peak off-state voltageNote1

Parameter RMS on-state current Surge on-state current I2t for fusing Peak gate power dissipation Average gate power dissipation Peak gate voltage Peak gate current Junction temperature Storage temperature Mass Isolation voltage Notes: 1. Gate open. Symbol IT (RMS) ITSM I2 t PGM PG (AV) VGM IGM Tj Tstg Viso Ratings 2.0 2000 Unit g V Conditions Commercial frequency, sine full wave 360 conduction, 89C 60Hz sinewave 1 full cycle, peak value, non-repetitive Value corresponding to 1 cycle of half wave 60Hz, surge on-state current

Parameter Repetitive peak off-state current On-state voltage Gate trigger voltageNote2 Symbol IDRM VTM VFGT VRGT IFGT IRGT VGD Rth (j-c) (dv/dt)c Min. 0.2 10 Typ. Max. Unit mA V C/W V/s Test conditions = 125C, VDRM applied = 25C, ITM 12 A, Instantaneous measurement = 330

Gate non-trigger voltage = 1/2 VDRM Thermal resistance Junction to caseNote3 Critical-rate of rise of off-state = 125C commutating voltageNote4 Notes: 2. Measurement using the gate trigger characteristics measurement circuit. 3. The contact thermal resistance Rth (c-f) in case of greasing 0.5C/W. 4. Test conditions of the critical-rate of rise of off-state commutating voltage is shown in the table below. Commutating voltage and current waveforms (inductive load)

Test conditions 1. Junction temperature 125C 2. Rate of decay of on-state commutating current (di/dt)c 4 A/ms 3. Peak off-state voltage 400 V

Gate Trigger Current (Tj = tC) 100 Gate Trigger Current (Tj = 25C)
Gate Trigger Voltage (Tj = tC) 100 Gate Trigger Voltage (Tj = 25C)
Maximum Transient Thermal Impedance Characteristics (Junction to case)


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