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Title32K X 8 EEPROM 5V, 100 ns, PDSO28
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Density262 kbits
Number of Words32 k
Bits per Word8 bits
Bus TypeParallel
Production StatusFull Production
Access Time100 ns
Logic FamilyCMOS
Supply Voltage5V
Package Type0.400 INCH, LEAD FREE, PLASTIC, SOP-28, SOP
Operating RangeCommercial
Operating Temperature0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F)


Features, Applications


Renesas Technology's HN58C256A and HN58C257A are electrically erasable and programmable ROMs organized 8-bit. They have realized high speed low power consumption and high reliability by employing advanced MNOS memory technology and CMOS process and circuitry technology. They also have a 64-byte page programming function to make their write operations faster.


Single 5 V supply: V 10% Access time: ns/100 ns (max) Power dissipation Active: 20 mW/MHz, (typ) Standby: 110 W (max) On-chip latches: address, data, CE, OE, WE Automatic byte write: 10 ms max Automatic page write (64 bytes): 10 ms max Ready/Busy (only the HN58C257A series) Data polling and Toggle bit Data protection circuit on power on/off Conforms to JEDEC byte-wide standard Reliable CMOS with MNOS cell technology 105 erase/write cycles (in page mode) 10 years data retention Software data protection Write protection by RES pin (only the HN58C257A series) Industrial versions (Temperatur range: to 85C and to 85C) are also available. There are also lead free products.

Type No. HN58C256AP-85E HN58C256AP-10E Access time 100 ns Package 600 mil 28-pin plastic DIP (DP-28) 400 mil 28-pin plastic SOP (FP-28D) 28-pin plastic TSOP (TFP-28DB) 32-pin plastic TSOP (TFP-32DA) 600 mil 28-pin plastic DIP PRDP0028AB-A (DP-28V) Lead free 400 mil 28-pin plastic SOP PRSP0028DC-A (FP-28DV) Lead free 28-pin plastic TSOP PTSA0028ZB-A (TFP-28DBV) Lead free 32-pin plastic TSOP PTSA0032KD-A (TFP-32DAV) Lead free

HN58C256AP/AFP Series I/O1 I/O2 VSS (Top view) VCC I/O1 I/O2 VSS CE A10 (Top view) HN58C257AT Series I/O1 I/O2 VSS CE A10 (Top view) A12 A14 RDY/Busy VCC RES OE HN58C256AT Series A12 A14 VCC A11 OE


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