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DescriptionTwo-wire Serial Interface 8k Eeprom (1-kword 8-bit)/16k Eeprom (2-kword 8-bit) 32k Eeprom (4-kword 8-bit)/64k Eeprom (8-kword 8-bit)
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Features, Applications

Two-wire serial interface 8k EEPROM 8-bit)/16k EEPROM 8-bit) 32k EEPROM 8-bit)/64k EEPROM 8-bit)


HN58X24xxI series are two-wire serial interface EEPROM (Electrically Erasable and Programmable ROM). They realize high speed, low power consumption and a high level of reliability by employing advanced MNOS memory technology and CMOS process and low voltage circuitry technology. They also have a 32-byte page programming function to make their write operation faster. Note: Renesas Technology's serial EEPROM are authorized for using consumer applications such as cellular phone, camcorders, audio equipment. Therefore, please contact Renesas Technology's sales office before using industrial applications such as automotive systems, embedded controllers, and meters.


Single supply: 5.5 V Two-wire serial interface (I2CTM serial bus*1) Clock frequency: 400 kHz Power dissipation: Standby: 3 A (max) Active (Read): 1 mA (max) Active (Write): 3 mA (max) Automatic page write: 32-byte/page Write cycle time: 2.7 V) Endurance: 105 Cycles (Page write mode) Data retention: 10 Years

HN58X2408I/HN58X2416I/HN58X2432I/HN58X2464I Small size packages: , SOP-8pin Shipping tape and reel TSSOP 8-pin: 3,000 IC/reel SOP 8-pin: 2,500 IC/reel Temperature range: to +85C Lead free products. Note: is a trademark of Philips Corporation.

Type No. HN58X2432TIE HN58X2464TIE Internal organization Operating voltage Frequency Package 8k bit 8-bit) 16k bit 8-bit) 32k bit 8-bit) 64k bit 8-bit) 8k bit 8-bit) 16k bit 8-bit) 32k bit 8-bit) 64k bit V 400 kHz 8-pin plastic TSSOP (TTP-8DAV) Lead free V 400 kHz 150 mil 8-pin plastic SOP (FP-8DBV) Lead free

Pin name to A2 SCL SDA WP VCC VSS Function Device address Serial clock input Serial data input/output Write protect Power supply Ground

Parameter Supply voltage relative to VSS Input voltage relative to VSS Operating temperature range*1 Storage temperature range Symbol VCC Vin Topr Tstg Value to +125 Unit V C

Notes: 1. Including electrical characteristics and data retention. 2. Vin (min): -3.0 V for pulse width 50 ns. 3. Should not exceed VCC 1.0 V.


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